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What apartment at your bachelor?

the Apartment of the single man, as a rule, is a show extremely deplorable - abundance of whims and a lack of taste. Reminds sale of unnecessary things: bank of raspberry jam, a military belt, pollyution, bruises, Svetka from the top floor, philosophical reflections about eternal, the first kiss, soccer, a gasoline smell, the first lighter, a beautiful lighter, the idle lighter presented by the sister of the father of the grandfather a lighter, a petrol lighter, a lighter with the girl, the playboy and still a set of trifles expensive to heart which, generally, are also not necessary but also it is a pity to throw out. Here they are also stored, becoming covered with dust, a mold, and after and the first signs of decomposition. Such plyushnichestvo is characteristic of many dwellings and dens of bachelors, differences are shown in another.

Bachelor ordinary

General impression . And den, it that, more conveniently Repair of moderate severity. The furniture is collected chaotically, but the aspiration to a cosiness is visible. At windows shtorochka and zanavesochka meet. Near the computer - a cactus Vasya. Existence of a chair, the TV is obligatory. The iron is bought the same firm, as the mobile phone. A convenient chair for a computer. Sometimes the quite good library meets. To cleaning in such dwelling treat as unpleasant, but necessary process. The rule is sacredly followed: from eyes down with and an order. To crumple the scattered things - in a case, to curtail dirty socks a snail - into a corner, the largest garbage - in the scoop which remained - under a carpet or under a bed.

Kitchen . The coffee grinder, an electric kettle, a microwave surely is present. In the refrigerator on the lower shelf it is hidden a floor - vodka liter, and a champagne bottle just in case. On a table the dirty plate bashfully hides.

Bathroom . From frequent use of acid for bleaching the surface of a bathtub reminds pumice. Is present: means for shaving, the razor, soap, sometimes and shampoo. On a floor there is a sodden package of laundry detergent. On the battery socks dry.

Bed. the Sofa in folded form is lovely and innocent. Not noisy, with good it is elastic - dynamic qualities. Bed linen rather pure.

What to count on . The poor creature absolutely ran wild without female care. You will clean the remains of hair a bathroom, you liquidate an easy barchelor disorder. And forward, on storm of the REGISTRY OFFICE.

Pedantic bore

General impression.
All for the solution of household problems. Each thing has the rational mission. You remember, how in an animated cartoon: And from this picture big advantage - it closes a hole in wall-paper . Furniture minimum, scope maximum. The equipment is picked carefully up - the iron which is not burning slightly with autoswitching off, the washing machine - the automatic machine, the switch with tension regulator in a bulb at the level of 63 centimeters from a floor and other. On a floor a carpet - the vacuum cleaner is more practical. Things, even house, hang on a coat hanger, and socks on clothespegs. The library is especially specialized. Under a pillow it is stored Adventure of the gallant soldier Shveyk . Cleaning is made in a certain day of week.

Kitchen. Washing machine, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, toaster, dishwasher. The refrigerator with the big freezer and the dryer. Minimum set of kitchen utensils. Eight towels: intra pan, vneshnekastryulny, cup, spoon etc. hang in a certain order on special hooks

the Bathroom. it is simple, but decently and conveniently. Everything costs on shelves. Soap children`s and economic. The razor - the last achievement of Zhilett. Means to / for / after shaving.

Bed . The spacious bed shows that the owner likes to have a rest comfortably, and it is ideal, on a thread, the laid cover - the army past.

what to count on
. It is not necessary to touch anything! Otherwise the guy will have a heart attack, a stroke and a hysterics rolled into one. Try to relax him. You will act otherwise as the invader, but not the welcome guest that will not promote achievement of definite purposes at all.


General impression.
Ukhtyshka! European-quality repair, two - a three-level ceiling. An interior it is emphasized man`s, rigid, without pink bows and love affairs with a separate laundry and a large number of places of storage of things. By all means a mirror in a frame with monograms. Stylish furniture, two - three books, modern writers. Home theater and karaoke. Everything is sustained in one color scale. Does not like to move away the dandy, for this purpose there is a housemaid.

Kitchen. Electric kettle, coffee maker, microwave. There is practically no ware. The kitchen represents peculiar " mechanism; for cooking. More precisely, for its storage and a warming up - the dandy prepares extremely seldom and prefers to eat outdoors. In the refrigerator sausage for sandwiches and couple of fruit for juice. In the bar of steam of bottles of excellent wine and cognac, whisky and martini.

Bathroom . Besides a gentlemen`s set for to have a shave there is still a shower gel, a face milk, body lotion, bath foam, body oil, the gel moisturizing the gel refreshing, the gel toning, gel in the right frame of mind: yellow, red, green, seroburomalinovy in a speck. And any laundry soap.

Ideally - the huge bed, around gilded florid columns, and the parties are veiled by light transparent fabric. And candles, candles, candles Existence of mirrors in all wall and on a ceiling is possible.

What to count on. Gloss of the apartment blinds and bewitches. Try to take the initiative, perhaps you will wake up in the morning, and already late - Mendelssohn ceased.


General impression.
Ruin you, ruin. There is something unnatural to self-preservation instincts. Chilly, gloomy, from dirty windows the sun dimly makes the way, lighting a heap of the things scattered on the dwelling, and in corners balls dust gathers. A musty smell, a crunch under legs, a lonely bulb, instead of a hanger - a nail. Cleaning is not made in principle.

the Left half of kitchen is forced by full plastic bags with garbage, and right empty bottles from - under various alcoholic beverages. For the right of possession of all this right-bank treasure many collectors of bottles would agree to spend the first half of day for carrying out of garbage. The second half would leave on carrying out of bottles. In a deep freeze there was a vodka, and on shelves five potatoes and the dried-up bread crust. Cups, plates chipped with a yellow raid. Coffee maker. The mountain of dirty ware in a sink. On an oven the remains of the week menu.

Bathroom . In a corner the piece of hairy soap lonely hid.

Bed . Very creaking sofa which got by inheritance from the grandfather.

What it is necessary to make that it remained .

Leave immediately! Also do not forget to leave in a huff. Any woman, even with a pronounced maternal instinct for hygienic reasons in such bedlam longer will not be late than five minutes. And if is late, then only to make clear-out. It is necessary to you?