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Whether the cosmetics possesses magic properties?

Magic get into all spheres of human life, main of which - beauty: spiritual and physical. For a long time the cosmetics possessed not only decorative, but also magic properties.

Whether you noticed, - I address women, - feel after drawing a morning make-up how more surely? When finally from a mirror any more not that looks at you old, sick (and sick it is possible to look old also in 17), the broken and pale being what you got up, and a beautiful young fallow deer, with a speaking glance of the sparkling moist eyes, with bright, brilliant lips, tightened besides in a fashionable fighting armor? Isn`t that so, there is a wish to jump up and depart the striking arrow, sweeping away all insuperable barriers on the way?!

About! The make-up is a magic, this sacrament and magic updating not only appearance, but also I smother. And here you already not only feel, but also think, and act in a different way. The cosmetics by the nature possesses magic properties. Imposing of a make-up as part of magic rituals, was considered necessary for protection of a body. The cosmetics was used also for treatment of patients, without allowing the forces of evil to put on weight of the person, protected from dangerous animals, increased physical force and did not allow soul to leave a body.

EYES, perhaps, the most important part of a body protected in this way. Ancient Egyptians used paint for a century not only to emphasize and draw attention to eyes. The cosmetics initially intended for eyes to avoid a blindness. Egyptians painted an upper eyelid in blue color, and lower - in green. Was considered that it increases sight and provides protection.

The POWDER which is skillfully put on a face forms a perfect oval through which the forces of evil cannot get.

LIPSTICK since ancient times intended to protect a body from penetration of evil spirits or to prevent an outcome of soul of the person together with breath. Paint was applied on lips and in order that the poisoned food could not get into a mouth.

MANICURE, or coloring of nails, became for protection against emergencies.

TATTOOS strengthened continuous drawing a make-up. Here and now women in the USA carry tattoos in the form of arrows on centuries and eyebrows, contours on lips. In recent years this fashion came also to us. On beliefs of seamen, tattoos did not allow them to drown.

Eventually, go on similar tricks for the sake of beauty. However in ancient times the cosmetics was considered initially possessing magic properties and was used both by women, and men.

The magic of cosmetics did not disappear. Women - Hindu still make up eyelids with black paint to frighten off evil spirits. On the Middle East women use henna for drawing on hands and a body of intricate patterns that practiced at the time of Ancient Egypt. And it becomes not only for the sake of beauty, and besides and for protection from evil spirits.

Use of AROMAS, FRAGRANT OILS AND SPIRITS covers the entire period of history about which written certificates remained. The fragrant oils which are initially used for the religious and magic purposes poured out on figures of gods or were burned in oil lamps in their honor.

As the cosmetics and spirits have magic roots, their use can show their magic properties today.

OILS are often used in magic. If you lack bravery, drip oil of a pink geranium. You feel exhaustion? The drop of cinnamon or clove oil by all means will encourage you. If you had a mood to predatsyalyubovny joys, oil the body bamboo or rose.

And here the recipe of a magic LUNAR BATH which is taken since ancient times by beauties of all people. Such bathroom you can note a full moon. Just fill a bathtub to a half with water, it is desirable cold, but in any case, not more hotly. Scoop about a quarter of this water a glass or crystal bucket and leave it for several minutes on the street, let the moonlight will fill it. Then return with water and merge it in a bathtub.

Add to milk half-cup water, three drops of white wine and a piece of a lemon dried peel. Light a white candle and burn an incense from a jasmine, a lotus, a gardenia or a sandalwood. Be redeemed, having felt cold of the Moon. Damp energy passes through you, filling and calming. If you wish, you can close eyes and imagine the moon directly over yourself sparkling in full greatness.

After a while be wiped and start the affairs. You will begin to live in harmony with the Moon and it will give you force. As the Moon - a source of magic energy to adapt to it - quite good magic practice. As you already understood, you should not take a bath in a hurry. It can and has to be part of remarkable daily practice of magic life.