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How there was the first chocolate?

When you will be in Mexico, buy a local wooden trunk - with Aztec patterns and copper handles. Put in it dairy grains of corn, a cinnamon stick, uvarenny juice of an agave in a small bottle, a ginger root, chili pepper, the " cookies; Amaretti . And you will have the shokobar.

Of course, the professional bar would never hold in a small trunk. It includes tens of components: brandy, rum, red wine, an orange dried peel and coconut flakes, sour cream, oil, cream, all palette of spices, without speaking about flat cakes of special round " chocolate; on a kindling bought only in the Mexican benches, and cunning arranged car, like that that makes coffee. Yes, and, certainly, the huge book of the recipes of preparation of hot chocolate collected from around the world.

Magic powder

Opens this book - here to the fortuneteller do not go - that word which was at the beginning: chokolatl. And the recipe is as follows: cocoa - beans to roast, pound and wring out from them oil, to season Chile, aromatic flowers, vanilla and wild honey that it turned out as it is told at Aztecs, a fine-grained thick, soft, reddish and strongly fierce (in sense, seasoned) .

Certainly, today very few people accept this council as the guide to action - and for one hundred cocoa - any more will not buy beans the slave. But, nevertheless, in relation to such recipe it is possible to understand with whom you deal - with the fanatical fan or with simple curious: drink is cooked from the real chocolate or from cocoa - powder, and these are, as they say, two big differences.

Cocoa - powder - the economic technology considerably reducing the content of fats - was invented in 1828 by Dutch Conrad, and from this point hot chocolate, drink of leaders (ancient Maya stored cocoa - beans in the same barns, as gold) and kings (the recipe was kept Europe in secret, and extended only hierarchically: princesses dowered it), went to masses. Hot chocolate, overindulgence of the aristocracy, became available to all and everyone.

However, recipes with participation of cocoa - powder have advantages (the main thing - it is not necessary to force to pound anybody in a cocoa mortar - beans) so even the jealous professional is not afraid to enter them in the treasured book.

I drink chocolate - I exist!

the First people which learned chocolate. Cocoa tree - very whimsical, it grows in regions not further of 20 degrees from the equator and does not transfer temperature below +16 C. Three of its versions are most widespread: kriollo (yields fruits with the richest taste), the forester and triniterio.

A secret of taste of chocolate - in the correct blend of all three grades, and already ancient Olmecs were engaged in it. They the first created the foamy, properly shaken-up kakawa drink. Their business was continued by Maya - they, as well as Olmecs, most of all in hot chocolate appreciated the foam which is generously flavored with Chile and spices and thought up the name - xocoatl in which choko designated foam, and atl - water.

Aztecs finished a legend. It seems, in their arsenal there was even a statement: I drink chocolate, and my heart rejoices . Seriously studying a question, they came to a conclusion that drink threshes a body, clarifies mind and raises a potentiality - the last the example was actively proved by the emperor Montezuma. According to its tastes, chokoatl modified: according to the company recipe of Montezuma it was necessary to pound fried beans with dairy grains of corn, to fill with honey, juice of an agave and vanilla. (Halfway towards to revolution - addition instead of Chile that happened in the middle of the 16th century, is passed in sugar cocoa. Also a step forward in culture of drink of chocolate - to chokoatlyu served to Montezuma the easy crackling cookies from flour, eggs and sugar.)

Who knows about what years Montezuma could live, but he was killed by the risen Indians for the offer to be given to conquistadors in 1520 - m. And shortly before it the leader managed to brag of the chokoatly before the conqueror Cortes, and it turned the history course. The Spaniard brought the recipe and the first cocoa - beans to Europe after what they were begun to be delivered from America the whole galleons.

Magic of taste

In preparation of hot chocolate from ancient as legends of Aztecs, ingredients are some magic. In how interfere with a cinnamon stick hot milk as throw a pinch of the Jamaican pepper, a carnation and grated ginger into a chocolate funnel as several drops " drip in the smoking dense drink; amusing rum as shake up a nimbus over a water bath, turning into foam, chocolate and cream

I, you know, people still do it! Though, of course, it is easier to use, for example, the favourite recipe of chocolate of the first lady Laura Bush which is hung out on the White House website: to mix chocolate syrup, artificial Sweet &Low sweetener in a shaker, it is a little alcohol, it is a little - to warm up and decorate vanillin and cinnamon with a cap of cream from a barrel. But, fortunately, many are still ready to conjure infinitely with a saucepan to receive drink, worthy gods.

For the lack of cocoa - beans it is always possible to use a tile of dark chocolate, but it is important to kindle it correctly. Do it, in - the first, slowly, differently it will become viscous and unpleasantly bitter. In - the second, it is delicate: or dissolving a tile over a pan with the boiling water, or in a microwave, or if the recipe, in the beginning to boil milk or cream allows. In - the third if it did not develop with a tile, it is possible to pound properly cocoa - powder with sugar and butter.

That drink turned out the most dense, enter the egg yolks which are shaken up with sugar or starch into it - only not to be lazy to shake up! Domestic development - connection of chocolate and sour cream, the first is dissolved in the second and cooks, gaining beautiful skin color of the mulatto from Caribbean Islands. Germans add gelatin - and when hot chocolate becomes cold to complex mix of chocolate with the shaken-up yolks, sugar and cream, it turns into the most tasty cream. He is trained on the basis of coconut milk, espresso or hot tea, with an orange dried peel and red wine (scientists claim that the combination of the last to chocolate very positively affects health). Decorate with grated almonds, cinnamon or grated chocolate - that it turned out absolutely shokoladno!

Americans like to put in a glass a marshmelloa - small zefirchik. French add cardamom and a nutmeg. Mexicans cook the " sauce to this day; pier poblano in which recipe besides chocolate and Chile white sesame, the crushed coriander and an anise, a carnation, cinnamon, raisin, a peanut, and also onions and garlic appear.

The most surprising: to arrange all this at home, nothing superordinary is required. It is possible even to do without shokobar - let it pass, with a trunk and ingredients it is easy to find in a supermarket. And that is still surprising - preparation of hot chocolate will easily be compared on pleasure degree to its drink: it is possible to feel almost that boy Charlie who found the happy ticket and won a campaign on chocolate factory.