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What is yin and yang?

Ancient Chinese philosophers believed that everything in the world consists of two opposite principles, Yin and yang. Ancient Japanese apprehended philosophy and science from China, however on the earth gave them unique, truly Japanese character. Coordination of traditional knowledge of the people of the Far East with achievements of the western civilization was the following step - already presently -. On this way it was necessary to rethink the knowledge accumulated by science in a key of the ancient doctrine about the world as about unity and fight of two opposite principles - yin and yang.

A basis of ancient wisdom of China and Japan was the concept according to which each thing, the situation, feeling etc. of a dvuznachna, possess two poles and have the contrast: day - night, war - the world, the man - the woman

of the YIN is a Feminine. Expansion, external, ascending, space, sweet, violet, easy, an electron, water, oxygen, plants (especially salads), sympathetic nervous system. Too much yin conducts to a chill and fears, to be especially in public, to masochism.

YaN is a Machismo. Compression, internal, descending, time, salty, red, heavy, fire, a proton, hydrogen, carbon, animals (especially predatory), parasympathetic nervous system. Too much yan leads to aggression, up to cruelty, a sadism.

These concepts are fundamentals of philosophy the fan - Shui. In the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang are two space forces which are opposed each other, are constantly transformed one to another, creating life. The fan - Shui actively uses these concepts, seeks to support balance of yin and yang in each house, in each district.

The yin is a darkness, silence, an immovability, smooth lines, dampness and cold, an invariable order. In each house there are elements belonging to the yin, for example, upholstered furniture, pillows, the built-in cases, carpets, and also a dead air and an unpleasant smell. Yang is light, a loud sound, the movement, straight lines, heat and dryness, pleasant aroma. To yan the high, easily moving furniture, vertical drawing of wall-paper or curtains, bright lighting belongs.

To feel safe, it is comfortable, safe in this or that room, for example, in own apartment, it is necessary to support in it balance of yin and yang. Small shift in one of the parties is allowed, however presence another has to be notable, sufficient.

All of you for certain saw more than once a " symbol; the yin - yan symbol of creative unity of contrasts in the Universe. It is represented in the form of a circle, the image of infinity divided by the wavy line into two half - dark and light. Two points symmetrized in a circle - light against a dark background and dark on light - said that each of two great forces of the Universe bears in herself a germ of the opposite beginning. Originally the yin and yang was meant according to shadow also by solar slopes of the mountain.

The dark and light fields designating according to yin and yang are symmetric, but this symmetry is not static. She assumes a constant movement in a circle - when one or the other the beginnings reaches the peak, it is already ready to recede: Yang, having reached peak of the development, recedes in the face of the yin. The yin, having reached peak of the development, recedes in the face of yan (Lao - Zi).

This symbolical image quite often occurs in ancient Chinese books, but not in shape it is black - the white commas entered in a circle, and in the form of the weaved white tiger and a green dragon. The tiger symbolizes the yin, the West, a feminine, and a dragon - yan, the East, a machismo. Does not see animal people, but to it available to see their material embodiment in outlines, a form of mountains and other heights. Ancient considered that it is necessary to build the house in that place where there was a connection of these animals as at the same time vivifying energy tsi is born.