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How to buy house flowers and to look after them?

Fragile cyclamens, magnificent azaleas, krovavo - red poinsettias Many tropical plants blossom in the winter and therefore at this particular time years appear on counters of shops. How to choose the most viable and, without having frozen, to inform the house?

From abundance and a variety of the blossoming and ornamental plants in shop eyes run up. And before the buyer one problem is necessary - what to choose. Here several councils to those who decided to fill up the collection.

Do not buy house flowers spontaneously, just because very much were pleasant. Before going to cash desk, talk to the seller, and it is better - in advance read about a plant in special literature. Unfortunately, many only after the flower gets sick or will die, learn that it demanded special conditions of keeping and leaving.

Before purchase attentively examine a plant. Of course, it is tempting to buy the most pyshnotsvetushchy. But if you want that it blossomed as long as possible, choose on what there are a lot of not revealed buds.

Pay attention to leaves - they have to be pure, without damages and symptoms of an illness.

The soil in a pot has to be slightly damp, otherwise when transporting the plant can feel shock and dump flowers and buds (especially often it happens to azaleas and gardenias). At listvenno - an ornamental plant check drainage openings in containers. If roots look out, so capacity is too small and at home it is necessary to replace at once it in a pot of bigger volume.

Safely to get a flower home, to protect leaves and flowers from draft and mechanical damages, all needs to be packed well. Do not hesitate to ask the seller to wrap up a plant two layers of paper in the winter. Packing has to be densely closed and from above. If you carry a plant in the car, it will be enough. And if in cold weather it is necessary to bear a flower down the street, it is better to make secure and cover it in addition with cellophane.

At home you do not hurry to develop paper. Let the plant will stand several hours in packing and will gradually get used to room temperature.

Ferns, arrowroots, ficuses and others listvenno - decorative initially (about a week) put to the warm place, but not under direct sunshine. You watch humidity of the soil, constantly spray leaves. When the plant adapts in room conditions (before it grew in a greenhouse), it can be put on the constant place depending on preferences of this culture.

To Krasivotsvetushchy plants pick up the constant place at once, some of them cannot be rearranged - from it they lose flowers and buds. If you want that blossoming continued as long as possible, find the lightest (but not under direct sunshine) and the cool room (14 - 16 C).

Some krasivotsvetushchy and it is decorative - deciduous houseplants, for example poinsettias, after blossoming lose decorative effect or even perish.

It is supposed that them, as well as cut flowers, after withering throw out. At other plants (cyclamens, gloxinias) after blossoming there comes the dormant period which passes in a leafless state. If you cannot reconcile to loss of the first and want that the second blossomed next year, be ready that for this purpose it is necessary to put a lot of effort.