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How to arrange an erotic dinner?

we Will talk about an erotic meal. Or rather, about that atmosphere which has to accompany it.

During a meal the situation, lighting, music have huge value. The man is visual therefore to the woman it is already necessary to try to look delightful during a meal, excitingly. The woman is auditory: it needs to tell tender words, to read verses, to whisper compliments. These are hackneyed, all the known truth, however practically all about them forget at midpoint.

How to put on for an erotic meal? The most pleasant is an easy falling attire without belts and ties. It is quite good to woman to put on translucent clothes slightly to excite the man.

The woman at a table can work wonders if adds to a dish a smile, a tender touch and a delicate erotic hint. For each dish it is possible to think up the erotic, concerning name. Such foods will cause interest and will give the chance not to overload an organism with food, having left forces for night of love.

Preparation of the fine evening which is smoothly passing at night needs to be begun since morning, and, first of all - with care of teeth. The oral cavity is the beginning of erotic games, and the aroma proceeding from it should not irritate someone from partners.

Having told about aroma which has to proceed from a mouth, it is impossible to hold back also what measures are necessary that skin did not become impregnated with an unpleasant smell. The kitchen is the place saturated with different odorous substances. Therefore it is better to cook salads, easy foods and, whenever possible, to refuse fried dishes. Hazardously to health to be fond also of smoked products with a smell of smoked products peculiar to them. Remember that each person has the favourite aroma, and it is necessary to seek to use such smell as a key for arousing sensuality of the partner.

In order that the smell from hair and skin was pleasant, take the advice given below. It is necessary to take one part of a polished radish, to mix with the same amount of gruel from yellow inflorescences of a dandelion, to add a teaspoon of the crushed fresh wormwood and to fill in with boiled milk so that to receive average density solution. To apply with cotton wool it on the head, rubbing, and then to wipe with cotton wool a body, especially those its parts which sweat and to wash away water. Speak, helps.

That skin gained good aroma, it is useful to spend day syroyeda . In such day about 1 kg of crude vegetables, herbs and korenyev should be cleaned, crushed, filled with vegetable oil (2 - 3 tablespoons on everything) and there is it during the day. As herbs use fresh greens (leaves) of raspberry, currant, parsley, dandelion leaves, fennel, leaves of a goutweed and other herbs. This day it is necessary to drink 2 - 3 liters of liquid - boiled water, weak tea, coffee from a substitute (cheap and it is useful). Thus, the organism will be cleared, skin and hair will begin to exhale aroma of herbs, to smell sweet, and small hunger, ease will create a possibility of erotic, philosophical, sublime ecstasy.

Now it is a little about rules of preparation of erotic dishes.

In - the first , erotic dishes it is the best of all to prepare under a cover, on weak fire, in own juice or with addition of a small amount of water. It is the best of all to cook food on vegetable to a pillow that is stack a layer of the various vegetables cut by straws or a slice on a bottom of ware. On such pillow put a layer of meat or fish, and then again stack a layer of vegetables. The dish laid thus is filled in with hot salty water and prepared without hashing.

In - the second , it is necessary to seek to use less than meat (especially bone) broths. Meat broth is saturated with harmful substances which promote development of various diseases. It is better to cut meat small pieces and, cooking soup, to cook it together with vegetables.

B - the third , product value as much as possible remains when cooking by method of heating and insisting. So proteins do not collapse, do not emulsify fats. At the " method; the pulsing heating the product needs to be heated to 100 degrees, and then to densely close ware a cover and to weary to readiness.

B - the fourth , porridge will turn out just unusual if to mix 5 - 6 types of grain and to cook them at the same time on vegetable to a pillow . In this case the organism will receive a set of useful substances, and dish tastes will only improve.

And, at last, in - the fifth . The erotic table has to be beautiful, but hungry not to overeat. The meal is begun and finished with crude vegetables, herbs, korenye, various aromatic infusions. The woman has to make such aromatic drinks that to connect breath of love to aromas of herbs and the woods, kiss lips on lips - the most erotic and enticing.

That the kiss was really erogenno - exciting, partners can drink broth, and slightly to grease lips with honey with mint. For preparation of broth it is necessary to fill in 1 teaspoon of dry mint with 5 spoons of abrupt boiled water and to insist within 10 - 15 minutes. To add honey to taste.

All. All secrets are opened for you. Now - march to practice! Good luck to you in your relations with your darling or your beloved!