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How to incline the wife to sex? (The wife)

Brothers on reason! I address you. That is, to men. Many of you are married. Are married long ago and already, probably, forever. And many have the same problem - sex. The wife does not want to have with you sex as often how you want? It has permanent headaches, a sleep debt, critical days? She is cold in a bed, does not show an initiative, evades from execution of a conjugal duty? What meanness! Undoubtedly, this consequence of its shitty nature. And what to do? How to change a situation, to turn this snow queen in a hot thing, the lewd nymph, the insatiable libertine? Very simply, I will tell you.

needs to use only several simple receptions about which I will tell below. The woman - a being difficult, novel and incognizable. But! It has several unconditioned reflexes, using which, it is quite easy to manipulate it. So. Do not trust mean fabrications which palm off on you continually in the form of well issued books under the name How to make sex interesting after 25 years of marital fidelity or 35 ways to return passion to family sex .

A full lazha, I will tell you. Do not follow at all advice of unlucky persons who write these books. It, at least, is silly and wasteful, and sometimes and dangerously. For example to bring council blessed an armful of flowers, to reduce it in restaurant, and then, having filled the apartment with candles, to read it verses, - just provocation.

Besides that this action will finally undermine your family budget, it can cause absolutely inadequate reaction from the surprised spouse, and often and the fire. Spit a back to these theorists who are going woolgathering.

Return on the guilty earth. I offer you the simplest and that is important, a cheap way to incline the spouse to the unbridled sex. It is necessary, only to perform several simple operations. All of them keep within a framework traditional sexual the technician. Namely preparation - a prelude - the culmination.

Skillfully executed first two stages reduce the third to simple formality. Therefore we will concentrate on them.

1. In the morning (yes! it is necessary to prepare sledge in the summer) pay attention to how your wife is dressed. It is not excluded that its coldness in the last three days is explained by your indifference to her new suit which so effectively emphasizes its advantages, and imperceptibly hides shortcomings. Exclamations Oh. your mother! From where this astounding skirt? are not always pertinent as it is possible that it is not a skirt at all, and the dress bought 3 years ago on sale. It is better neutral You so effectively look in this eee to " clothes;. If your spouse did not apprehend it as a subtle mockery, then it is safely possible to move further.

2. Approach the spouse, and, having kissed on a neck, tell: you have such nice buttocks, I cannot wait for evening, I am excited . I warn that you should not do it when it has in hands dangerous objects like the heated curling iron, a full teapot or the hot iron. From surprise she can make inadequate acts. If earlier she did not hear from you anything except strong language.

3. During the lunchtime it is unexpected, and as if between times, wash the dishes. It is possible that it will cause suspicions. Be ready to it. On the question what did you do? it is necessary to respond with a charming smile, and to the requirement and well, breathe! to involve in itself air.

4. Come in the evening slightly earlier, and take out garbage. Where he is, it is better to find out in advance. As a rule, in kitchen, under a sink. If there is no garbage, then already someone took out it. You should not despair, we pass to point 5.

5. Make a dinner. Sounds threateningly, he agrees, but you should not perceive everything so literally. On the way home buy pizza - a semi-finished product. Attentively study the instruction. When the wife enters the house and will stop as driven, carelessly ask her: Darling you love with a crust? Be vigilant, the faint is possible.

6. Usually already at this stage especially sensitive women reach the first orgasm. The others are, as a rule, already close to it. Further everything is not so difficult. It is necessary to change the favourite socks on pure and to sprinkle a little itself cologne. Yes! To squeeze will in a fist and to sprinkle. Outside. It is necessary to go to this victim. So it is necessary.

7. The most difficult. To watch with blessed evening series. Remember that for it to you it will be rendered. You suffer. Try not to release maliciousnesses and not to neigh loudly in especially dramatic places. And nobody said what will be easy! Some are helped by reading mantras blindly. I do not know, did not try. But it it is necessary to pass

8. Actually, preparation with a prelude are finished. The phrase can become the last stroke: do not put on shorts today, they will not be necessary for you . And if after all this your wife does not snatch on you as a hungry lioness, you are not married! In what there are undoubted advantages. He - he.

Good luck!