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When the woman does not refuse sex?

of Tens of absolutely sensible and tested in practice councils will help you to reach almost full non-failure operation in sex. At the correct application, reliability as at the Kalashnikov, misfires - zero.

Trying to incline once again the passion to amorous exercises, you uslykhat from it something it seems I not in mood ? Know, you in the grief not one. Many a grief - lovers complain that their women do not want to have sex so often and so many as they want that. To your great happiness, now you read this article where I decided to share friendly with you the secrets and practices on this subject.

So, 10 situations in which the woman will be ready on in total !

attentively and learn in what situations sex is really guaranteed to you.

1. After dispute

Now - that you precisely know that in dispute not only the truth is born. Old times Socrates spoke and did not finish speaking. Concept peacekeeping sex is not the myth. Such sex, really, exists, and in is mute there is the charm. Present: the excited dispute with the girl forced to boil your blood, and heart already jumps out from a breast.

I here as soon as the conflict reaches the apogee, does not remain to you nothing else how to seize the moment. Dress an image of the U.N. peacekeeper, resolutely develop a situation, having taken it (and the girl) in hand. Passionate kisses, prompt release from clothes and ardent embraces together with a splash of positive emotions, perfectly use the energy generated in dispute and squall of hormones.

the Bastard even if you made cry, seize a situation. Let`s it calm down, wipe it tears, and all the same make love to it.

For peacekeepers because they create a sensuality!

2. Lucky coincidence

Any emotional splashes, whether it be rage or unreasonable happiness, can also bring the girl into the necessary standard. She just successfully passed examination, promoted on work, found the old children`s toy, or there was any other joyful moment - be on the alert, do not waste time - time to send all this positive energy to the necessary course. Excellent to you sex!

For a fertile opportunity!

3. A stress

Though a stress cannot be considered as positive emotion, it can raise its sexual inclination. If recently the behavior of your girl was similar to behavior of brainless chicken, there are chances that she will consider your offer on a relaxation in style of the Kama Sutra quite accepted. By the way, it belongs also to a case of headaches, the caused stress. Offer it the confidential development from migraine: the good sensuality always relieves even the heaviest headaches. Convince her that she every time is obliged to cure you this all possible illnesses medicine.

For intensity removal, around the world!

4. I do not tell jealousy to

Ya about jealousy from the psychological point of view here, or at capture on hot . In similar cases it is better to become for a while guerrillas and to sit out on caches. I mean small nervousness of your girl which occurs, for example, that other femina flirts and makes advances to you all evening, and even just talks. Seeing

as you were all evening the most popular man at her girlfriends, she just - that also will want to seize such prize, inaccessible for others. The passion and skill she very much will try to remind you of the most important reason why you with it, but not with them. But too be not fond in attempts to find in it jealousy, it can offend her for long time, and even cause serious crisis of your relations.

For feeling!

5. Day 14 or something like it

of the Fir-tree - a stick, it shocks, but it is the truth: The woman is most located to to it to business in most stray time, at the time of an ovulation. Attention if already there passed about two weeks from the moment of the termination next period most likely, it is a high time to remind her of a reproduction and to show an initiative.

For a reproduction!

6. The party continues

Ya I do not justify at all accustoming to drinking of the girl, and the opportunity following from this to seize the moment. But little can affect so positively mood of the girl as slow dance and a moderate dose of alcohol.

Offer it for mood its favourite cocktail, dance slow dance under its favourite melody (you are sex - Chkist, and already has to know its favourite music by this moment), and look behind how its constraint and a protivleniye slowly thaw, allowing you to continue march - a throw to the bitter end.

For good drinks!

7. The XXX movies

Most of women do not love a porn, especially strongly rigid or frank. Nevertheless, a hot love scene with Antonio Banderas`s participation (on the fan Alexander Domogarov) it can be quite sufficient in order that it revised the sexual doctrine at the next o`clock, and wanted to fix svezheuvidenny elements of aerobatics of a cine sensuality in practice. Spend by

your next joint night in viewing of the movie Naval cadets, forward! and then proforsiruy subject some beautiful, high-quality erotic film product of production of the USA. And then you will be able to forget this night and contents of the movie not soon.

For cinema, the most important of arts!

8. Love at distance

Obstacles in love only strengthen it - Shakespeare so told. We have no not to trust it the right and as practice shows - it was right. The relations at distance have a high probability to be remarkable aspect of your sexual life.

For the reason that you usually spend long time in separation, sighing and missing the friend the friend, calling up few times for communication. But by the time of a meeting your passion and desire of that meeting will be far stronger, than at routine appointments. Having met once again, send your emotional whirlwind, all without the rest, to this business, remarkable, necessary and useful to health.

For ability to wait and for transport!

9. Abstention The longer the woman suffers (I did not find other verb) without sex, the her heat and passion in love joys will be stronger.

So if your new girlfriend was some time alone, and it is not the girl for one night there is a probability that it looked for the suitable guy to use all completeness of the desire. You can quite appear this guy. Be ready!

For moderate celibacy!

10. Creative success

If your girl the person creative, and it is pleasant to get up constantly something, whether in kitchen, whether with a brush, whether in music - all listed circumstances can become the reason of remarkable sex.

So next time when she prepares for you the next culinary work of art, you can suddenly make the way on kitchen to make the wonderful erotic overture before a tasty dinner.

For kreatiff! by

It is approved to application

As you already understood, girls want to have sex much more more often than you thought earlier. Now you have to know how to distinguish that moment, and it is correct to use it.

Next time when you meet it in a stressful state after the intense working day instead of sorting out the relations, and to show discontent concerning her frigidity, take a bokalets of wine, expecting it from a shower, start a plate with smooth jazz melodies, and offer it meditative round to Tibet, without leaving the room.