Rus Articles Journal

What our stomach thinks of? (or one day from the woman`s life)

Monday. Morning.

So - the academician. Put on, left the house and it was dragged for work. And will have breakfast who

? Where my porridge?! Aha, give, smoke still...

And here I to you now kulbitik!

Oops! Badly, huh? there is nothing to smoke on a hungry stomach. What occurs in general?!

Day. Well all is clear to

, on Saturday it seemed to it that it has a cellulitis and since Monday we on

a diet. Shoot! And somebody asked me in general?! Well is not present, I to you not a bang, from

me such experiments will not take place! We include an average swirling. Eee... there is no beauty,

, thrust the kefirchik to yourself you know where! We strengthen a swirling, we add

of sound effects, we prepare for indicative somersaults.

Evening. I WANT to GUZZLE




Horse-radish to you, but not a dream! He I will shut up, the silly woman - I is hungry. I want to eat, you understand

?! To me to your diet it is violet. Ya. Hochu. Is. Well give, aha,

try to fall asleep! Borshchiku now, with sour cream....

Tuesday. Morning.

That - and - joint stock company!. We continue to torment me, huh? I without porridge, huh? your cabbage

leaf again the gullet starving digested, I was even reached by nothing! Pancake, well and

I got the silly woman! All night long envied Natalya`s stomach Krachkovskoy...

Day. to

my Forces on an outcome, I send impulses to a brain, the brain sends these impulses to

a bum... from a bum still so just nobody came back. Pancake what to do?

Kefir again. HE I LOVE KEFIR!!!


I Rage with the last bit of strength - does not turn on me attention, a reptile...


A is still tasty if young kartoshechku to fry in butter... with a crust

golden... and with a smetanka... or here, mushrooms. It is very tasty possible to fry...


Wednesday. Morning.

Fell intermittently slightly - slightly salad - such rubbish grows on the earth!. Taste of porridge - something gentle, warm, enveloping began to forget

... bu - urlll...


of Ur!! Kefirchik! Kefirchik! Still I want, do not take away, ! STILL to KEFIR!!!

Evening. From me nothing remained to

- bodies of a small pelvis over me neigh. I shrank,

contracted! Hardly digested two radish, I lose qualification.


Here, I remember when we lived at parents, every evening for dinner soup was! And salad. And

second with a meat garnish - we with a father`s stomach in two voices murmured from

of pleasure... Eh, and what you incurred in independent life?!.

Thursday. Morning.

Though would not smoke! Forgive, expensive, it I involuntarily - well nothing, I am

empty so potoshnit and will release... And where the salad put to me?! WHERE SALAD?!



Is healthy, kefir! It is necessary to digest more slowly you, and that sit here then to

one tomorrow as the fool.


Talked to intestines - they there too all shocked, say that stocks on

an outcome. It is impossible so - to select the last! Oh, oh, more carefully! Such big

plums - and all to me?! Pancake, everything, went to digest!


These foolish plums - a fsa I do not dopevevavivat them in any way, having been exhausted all!. Forgive to

children, I send you that I can - you are farther there deal with them,

you 8 meters there, and I am one...

Friday. Early morning.

we Sit in a toilet, we see off plums.


to go crazy! I received yogurt! Maybe plums set it brains?! More often! Here

for lunch kartoshechki! With chicken...


Kefir. And the homeland generously gave to drink gastric juice to you...


we Sit at restaurant with some man and we smell someone else`s food. Well. Give! Order

to yourself something! We did not guzzle all week... Quietly! He told it that she strongly

grew thin! That it should be eaten! That it perfectly looks! Well?! Ouch, good girl! Ouch,

yes man!!! Is! Got! Now I will guzzle!!!

Late evening.

Nuuu. burll... something in me ponameshshshl - la... Et - that at us is h - what? Mushrooms... and this

... ik! Martini... bu - burlll... oh, vodka... I respect... As it is good,

brothers! Shut up, a liver, a vsssa under control!.

Night. Forgive to

, mushrooms! Vodka, farewell! Kartoshechka!... That you choked,

of Ikhtiandr! As I will think how many the dobra vanishes... Oh, mineralochka, come... we are

as time on a diet =)