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How strongest to offend the foreigner?

It not the guide to action, and it is rather a reminder that the different people have a sore point - a miscellaneous. And strongly to offend the person, sometimes is not necessary to use foul language . Painfully it is possible to touch, having mentioned the most expensive.

For example, the first place on force of abusiveness keeps blasphemy, and a certain way in modern Greek language to offend the Greek is to hint at a possibility of sexual contacts good luck or the Mother of God.

In all Muslim world one of the strongest insults - Dog! . In Bulgaria a certain way it to appear in court for an insult of the personality - to call the opponent freak .

Germans terribly are proud of the cleanliness and accuracy, and the most terrible curses - in what sewage is mentioned. Well, for fidelity it is possible to add still dirty pig .

And Italians are temperamental, loveful and jealous. And if it is required to offend fatally the man, then it is simpler to achieve all this, having called him cuckold . Or, still whip, the cuckold who knows that he is a cuckold (in Italian for this purpose there is a special word). Hints in which the main character is Madonna are also popular.

The strongest insult for the soldier of the African tribe of a masaa - to suggest it to eat vegetables. For a masaa vegetables - the strict taboo, and broken it loses not only a military rank, but also an opportunity to marry. Generally, a checkmate in the man`s rights.

And here Japanese are mad about politeness. Therefore the Russian message where far away can be translated easily and simply: Immediately disappear from my sight . Will be enough for the Japanese. Because Russian offends the ordered route, and the Japanese - a categoriality of the offer and lack of formulas of politeness which in Japanese shroud any request.

However, residents of the Land of the rising sun hate dirt also strongly, as well as Germans so hints on them too strongly affect dirt and excrements. Besides, when the polite Japanese suddenly becomes rough, he quite often remembers insects. As a rule, crushed. You do not cost the crushed armor of an insect!

Well and one more option of an insult in Japanese - the address to the man in a feminine gender. In their hierarchy the woman costs much below than the man, and such gender surgery it is very humiliating and is offensive for the interlocutor. As residents of the country can reckon with such developed and various system of insults as an example of politeness and ceremoniousness - is absolutely unclear.

Do not offend each other!