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The confidence is how important?

what you with confidence expect, become you the executed prophecy. (B. Tracey)

at the same time the condition of expectation or belief that wonderful transformation really will happen is natural.

your belief or even just confidence - the factor causing subconsciousness activity if you give it a task auto-suggestion. (N. Hill)

Confidence directs you and the world surrounding you, to execution by you conceived. If you expect

good - improvements of affairs, health, smiles of people around, - that it will really happen. You will go outside, you will have a new client, your organism will feel fresh, around yourself you will notice only happy smiles. But, if you expect bad - ate ice cream and at once think that the throat will ache - and it actually will ache. At negotiations with the client thought that the transaction can break - the transaction will surely break. Learned almost all examination cards and thought that you know this subject not absolutely well, and this subject surely will get to you. A result - that what you expect, surely will occur, not very well, good this or bad.

In the life you are always a prophet, thinking and saying about how affairs will go. When you surely expect good, to you usually there is good. If you expect something bad, you and here usually are not be disappointed. (B. Tracey)

the Striking example - how to get enough sleep in 5 - 6 hours of a dream (I do not speak about 3 - 4, did not try though many great write what helps). Before going to bed believe, be sure that having woken up, you will be vigorous. Feel, present that you wake up and you feel fresh. Imagine this state. At me it turned out, and at you? Try!

Researches of many Russian, and also foreign psychologists in the field of children`s education, show presence of progress in education of children at those teachers who believe even in the most careless pupil, and, on the contrary, the low level of preparation even of average children at those teachers who do not believe in weak children. It is one more confirmation of this law, but only in relation to the people surrounding you. We often feel a lack of support. And the faith in other people and expectation from them this or that success, confidence (in this case yours) will lead these people to success. It is only necessary to trust and wait, it is necessary to be sure of success.

Very often on education level (school, institute) in us instill either self-confidence, or uncertainty. If the teacher is confident in success of the pupil, then that it is obligatory will pay back to it, having achieved success. The confidence (as well as uncertainty) is felt very well and transferred to surrounding people. It is necessary always and in everything to expect the best! To be an incorrigible optimist! To be sure that your employees or colleagues will make work perfectly well. To be sure that your children, friends, you will make business successfully, you will achieve success. If it did not occur - be not upset! All has the reason. Eliminate it, and the success will surely come. I am confident in you!

For improvement of skills of confidence do the following exercises:

1. Regularly you say to the parents, the partner in life, children that are sure of them. Show how you believe in them. You are proud and support surrounding people. Be self-assured also people around.

2. Expect the best from yourself. You have unlimited potential, do not drive yourself into a framework. Believe that the most important at you still ahead, and everything that occurred before - only preparation for the most important in your remarkable life.

Good luck! Success!