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Who such bonobo?

of Bonobo - so biologists call the anthropoids living in the jungle of the central Africa. Under natural conditions population bonobo contains about ten thousand individuals, several hundreds of copies are in various zoos of the world. However, it is not quantity. It is unique breed of monkeys.

We will begin with the fact that bonobo - the last large mammal opened by biologists on Earth and happened it late enough - in 1929. Live bonobo only in the central Africa in the territory of Congo. Males weigh about forty kilograms, females - thirty. They have a flat face, a high forehead, a black bang with a hair parting and red lips. Without conceding in intelligence of a chimpanzee, bonobo is more graceful, their long legs are especially excreted. Someone from researchers told that in comparison with a chimpanzee at bonobo there is more style: it as " Concorde; near " Boeing;.

However the most important - another: bonobo never hunt the relatives and other monkeys. They are never at war and do not quarrel from - for food. All conflicts in pack bonobo are solved by means of sex; a sensuality - their universal language. Instead of a fight bonobo prefer love. At the same time bonobo - only in fauna who makes love in a missionary position: eye to eye. Sex at bonobo is brought to the cult level, they profess practically all its types. Besides heterosexual transaction in the most different poses they come into lesbian and homosexual contacts, group, solo sex, oral, anal meets Males, and females bonobo enter in any of types of sexual contacts almost every day, and usually several times a day. Such impression that bonobo read the Kama Sutra.

The biologists who opened bonobo presented a good gift to feminist movement: researchers established that female individuals bonobo play leading, and perhaps prepotent role. And it in spite of the fact that by the sizes of a female considerably (approximately on a quarter) there are less males.

Females bonobo give birth, since fifteen-year age. And usually they give birth to one cub of times in five - six years. Such characteristic speaks about differentiation between sex and function of a reproduction at this breed of monkeys that is extremely unusual to fauna.

One more interesting feature bonobo - the fact that they can live in bondage by one and a half times longer, than under natural conditions. In zoos their life expectancy reaches sixty years.

98% of our genetic profile have Bonobo. This very strong likeness. It does bonobo close to people in the same degree as, say, foxes and dogs are close. The works performed in the research center in Atlanta showed that bonobo can understand the human speech. During tests via earphones by phone to monkeys separate words in English which designated real objects were called. After some trainings bonobo could identify these objects (or their photos) according to names. They could identify also some printing symbols. Three from experimental bonobo with an absolute accuracy distinguished objects and symbols according to the sounding speech.

In the USA at university of the State of Georgia the fund of protection bonobo is created. According to Americans, political instability in the central Africa causes fears for destiny of the only natural population in the world bonobo which is in Congo. Likely, fears are fair as they bonobo are not numerous - their no more than ten thousand. And though according to Congolese laws hunting on bonobo is forbidden, requirements of the law are often and with impunity violated. In the local markets it is possible to find smoked meat bonobo which is in great demand here.

The fund of protection bonobo conducts work on several directions. Representatives of fund extend in regions of Congo where there are populations bonobo, among the population literature and videotapes with appeals to keep this rare species of animals. Also they provide residents of local villages with soap, salt, fabrics and some other goods at the lowest prices. Besides, the Fund opposes activity of those companies which intend to pave highways in habitats bonobo as it will facilitate access to the region of hunters and transportation of the got meat. And, at last, educational and scientific center on studying bonobo in Kinshasa intends to set up Foundation.

Bonobo profess love. Lack of aggression and hostility - quite rare, unique quality among mammals. Bonobo possess him fully what you will not tell about people in any way. If the mankind also occurred from a monkey, then, likely, it were monkeys not of that of breed.