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What did we read in the childhood, or Who was disturbed by little lord Fauntleroy?...

Now, of course, will depart to me melon crusts and worn slippers, but I do not understand: why to write new children`s books?

The childhood is so short, and there is a lot of good children`s books! The rare bird will reach the middle... that is very few people manage to read also that long ago are written! Why still new - that to write?

But as any dinosaurs and trilobita, like me love to povspominat books of our childhood old, kind and lovely to heart! Of course, everyone on the imagined book shelf has the naborchik of favourite reading. Books which chitana were sometimes under a blanket with a small lamp... And then they were told friends, read to oil gloss and an obdripannost of pages, painted in them illustrations and, of course, played favourite heroes.

What passed, it will be lovely
For certain though somebody remembers a vigorous ant in a kerchief, red in peas, on a neck - to Ferd from the book of O. Sekor Ants do not give up ? And a Trinity of handsomes - the Fidget, the Crumb and Netak ( Efim Chepovetsky ). I feel sorry for those who did not live on Mysterious island also did not float with the captain Nemo. Their life is senseless and fussy. And who did not vanish for a long time from reality, having come to be under the scorching sun In an ancient kingdom of Urartu (Klara Moiseyeva`s ) - that to me very much, it is a pity. I do not condemn. I sympathize...

It is pleasant to remember, for example, lovely, quiet and some surprisingly blank book M. M. Dodge Silver skates . Other life - ancient Holland, channels, prudish Dutches and thrifty Dutchwomen, children, unlike us, with strange names. Especially advanced readers, of course, remember - Voostenvalbert Skhimmelpennink! Hans and Gretel`s touching story, and happy-end.

Near this book on the Shelf of Soul costs, of course, The Road goes to a distance A. Brustein - the remarkable book, and it is necessary to read it, probably, though there is also a certain nuance. Modern children, unlike us, are not able " any more; to filter ideology and communistic fanfares as it we were able, children of a scoop. Therefore they should explain when the book was written and to help to understand those episodes where ideal Bolsheviks with cold heart and pure, but hotheads zhivopisutsya. And for the rest the book, of course, is fine. It as the most powerful time machine, carries us to the world of a big pre-revolutionary family, the girlish world, gymnasia adventures and eternal as the world, a growing.

Closer to our time, but too nearby on the invariancy at the right time (that is to lack of FADING) there are stories of N. Nosov . Vitya Maleev at school and houses Cheerful family etc. Nosov somehow managed to write these stories without the ideology creeping then anywhere and everywhere... Here in To Dunno to it already it was not allowed to make.

Hottabych though, maybe, in the art relation, and more brightly, but Lazar Lagin absolutely could not get out of glorification of advantages of the Soviet system . Nevertheless, the book is very good, and as taught us to be expressed at school, image of Hottabycha left surprisingly convex.

It was lovely to
, it became disgusting
Well to you to tell. In total - there is a number of books which were pleasant to us in the childhood, but which could not absolutely be re-read or given to children now. For example, I had a book of M. Ilyin which is terribly loved at early age Hundred thousand why . I took out reminiscence of fascinating stories - as invented a lamp as the mirror and so forth and so forth - history of usual things was thought up. It was really interesting. When my children entered chitatelny age, I tried to get this book, and... did not give them it. Continuous glorification of communism and a damnation to greedy capitalists, plaintive descriptions of the starving proletarians abroad and radiant happiness at us. And I about it it is perfect, did not remember at all - so well at us directly from young nails ability to turn to all this nonsense a deaf ear was developed. Otherwise it was impossible because this nonsense just continuous stream, and brains at everyone one flew.

In many respects it belongs also to Shvambraniya . The description of the country of Shvambraniya and process of its creation - is fine, amusing, talented. But to what there is a lot of ideology, it is some horror. All this nonsense is stated to the same sharply - talented kassilevsky language why becomes especially in a disgusting way. Especially now, when we know that the fumbler Oska snachat became an enkavedeshnik, and then and it was ground by those millstones... Same

and with Gaidar . The prose writer it remarkable, but from proletarian ideology there directly is no place to disappear. And it is a pity - my children, for example, did not begin to read it.

And here A. Aleksin - happily avoided it. Its stories, though slightly - are slightly moralizing, but nevertheless they are absolutely deprived of any propaganda and promotion. He writes about education of soul, about compassion which often is not enough for us. Moderately sadly and in a proportion - ironically and with humour. Good, kind and honest books. And the main thing, at all this is also interesting.

In our childhood of it was not
And there is still a set of good children`s books which we were deprived in those days, for the reasons, besides, ideological. Here for example, Tolkien - on concepts of the Soviet ideologists was considered it anti-adviser . And all - was not any Tolkien. We read it already adult. Whether it is necessary to say how it impoverished our childhood?

Even more than Tolkien I love Clive Lewis`s . It seems to me that its Narnia is warmer, lovelier and cozier, than gloomy - the majestic worlds of Tolkien. But besides - Lewis is clearly Christian writer. And everything, we had no Lewis. There was no wonderful Narnia, there was no wardrobe with an entrance to the magic wood, there was no heroic Ripichip, and there was no majestic, but kind Aslan.

And not only them. Was not as well sets of the books which are absolutely deprived of ideology in general - for this reason. For example, Cecilia Dzhemison , Lady Dzhen or Blue heron the sad fairy tale - the drama about the little girl at whom mother and who has only friend - a manual blue heron dies. A sentimental image of the orphan - heroines, an entertaining plot of this book made this story favourite reading children of middle age. (Wikipedia). Or here wonderful Pollianna Eleanor Porter , Little princess and Mysterious garden Francis Hodgson Burnett , and it Little lord Fauntleroy ...

Probably, besides Christian motives, all these books were unsuitable for education never of the crying Bolsheviks. Because reading them, it is necessary and to cry a light tear, and without it it is possible to grow up only some piece of wood...

But all them can be obtained and read now easily. And not only them, of course - the sizes of article do not allow to talk about all favourite books of the childhood. Let`s envy kids which still should endure all this!

If, of course, parents palm off all this on them and in time will switch off Pokemons.