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How to choose a blouse to the stout woman? Councils of designers

Before each woman often there is a question: what to put on? And what is suitable for this case? And how it is correct to combine things to look graceful and elegant? Before the stout woman there is one more important problem - the size.

At a non-standard figure it is very difficult to pick up clothes. Often such women like a certain style, but they only carry what was managed to be found.

However a clothes component nevertheless is the blouse since it can be combined both with trousers, and with a skirt. At a right choice of a coloring and breed the blouse will clean shortcomings and will emphasize advantages. It can be put on both on a holiday, and on weekday.

Blouses for stout women are not only models in a strip. They need to be chosen on a figure. All female full figures can be divided into two types.

The first type of a figure are narrow shoulders and wide hips. In this case the main task at the choice of a blouse - an equilibration of a wide bottom and narrow top. It is the best of all to choose light blouses and a dark bottom. The special attention needs to be paid to a collar. The collar has to be wide, with cut in the form of a letter V. Also the long jumpers which are beautifully falling wide trousers from the streaming fabric will pertinently look.

The second type of a figure is characterized by narrow hips and wide top part. The blouse of dark color will help to hide big shoulders. The bottom at the same time has to be lighter. It is necessary to refuse the skirts which are made narrower from top to bottom. The main requirement to a blouse - oval cut.

What have to be blouses for stout women of low growth? Girls and women of small growth should choose clothes which will visually extend a figure. Visually blouses with a stand-up collar will help grow up. It is desirable to choose models which can be carried, without filling in a skirt or trousers. Such blouses, as a rule, have the rounded-off ends. The blouse - a shirt can be put on over a knitted sweater with a neck. At the same time the blouse needs to be tied up from below. Such option will show that the woman is not afraid to experiment. Blouses of dark color will help to make a figure visually above also. It is possible to decorate a dress by means of a bright accessory.

The blouse - a shirt with thin strips and a sleeve three quarters will become fine option for the business woman. Very elegantly white blouses in a color strip look. Blouses in a cage will suit lovers of sports style. The blouse in style of a men`s shirt will become excellent model for every day and on an exit. Its features - two breast pockets. Allocate models with a collar and without it.

Blouses for stout women can be made of fabrics of bright coloring. By means of a blouse of bright color from heavy silk it is possible to distract attention from completeness of a lower body. Besides, such blouse will hide completeness of hands. In fashion of a blouse from brilliant sateen which also stout women can put on. Malachite color will be the fine decision for a full figure. Cherry color will not leave indifferent any man. It turns rotundities into advantages. It is possible to combine it with it is gray - blue, light-brown. Alternative option to a black blouse it will be black - blue color, in combination with yellow it can be used for a banquet.

Having several blouses in the clothes, it is possible to create the unique style and to add it with accessories, relevant to this case.