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How to bleach teeth?

the Dazzling smile - from now on any more not gift of the nature, and only a trick. We will tell about methods which it is possible to reach this effect, and you choose suitable you.

About contraindications

However, first of all, we will at once make a reservation that procedure of bleaching of teeth suits not all at all. Any way of clarification of enamel is contraindicated to the pregnant women feeding, minor, and also to the people having an allergy to the used preparations and materials (mainly, on perekisny connections and latex). Besides, the dental health and gums can be restriction too. For example, the majority of types of bleaching do not carry out at not healed caries, a pulpitis, a periodontal disease (an inflammation of gums and stripping of fangs), a bad condition of enamel (cracks, hypersensibility sites, a dentine exposure).

How to become a star

If you do not have those problems that serve as contraindications for this procedure, then safely start execution of the dream. Professionally executed bleaching will make your smile Hollywood, and at the same time will not do harm to either teeth, or an organism in general. The active agent applied to bleaching affects only enamel, without mentioning deeper tissues of tooth and without getting in an organism. Gums during procedure protect special protective gel and latex plates.

are present At an arsenal of stomatologists several ways of bleaching of teeth.

Traditional chemical bleaching is made in a usual stomatologic office. 35% peroxide of a carbamide, and also chlorides, peroxide of urea and peroxide of hydrogen is more often applied to this method, one of products of decomposition of which is atomic oxygen. The oxidizing processes resulting from impact of atomic oxygen on natural tissues of teeth are the cornerstone of chemical bleaching. After drawing on carbamide peroxide solution teeth, the patient should spend not movably some time in a chair, and already in half an hour it will leave an office with the shining smile which will please him in the color about one or two years. Difference of house bleaching from professional consists not only in concentration of a preparation (10 - 20% instead of 35 - 40%), but also in procedure duration. Houses should be carried special a kappa with the bleaching means from 2 - x till 8 hours in a row, and in an office of the doctor minutes 15 - 20 minutes only will leave. In house conditions of final result it is necessary to wait for about a month, and the dentist will bleach teeth for one - two sessions. Besides, professional approach excludes risk of a smudge of gel and a burn of a gum.

Laser bleaching - more sparing and effective method. The structure on the basis of hydrogen peroxide applied on teeth is activated by means of a beam carbon dioxide (FROM) the laser which within only a few seconds lights each tooth, bleaching its enamel. This way does not do harm to teeth and provides excellent esthetic result: by means of the laser it is possible to bleach all smile for only one session. Depending on an operating mode the laser is capable to lighten enamel on several tones at once. Besides, laser radiation possesses bactericidal property at the expense of what this cosmetic procedure makes also preventive impact on teeth, protecting them from caries. The effect of bleaching will hold on not less than 7 years (of course provided that the patient will not abuse coffee and cigarettes). Unlike a chemical method it is authorized to do laser bleaching even at caries, and also on the teeth deprived of nerves which, as we know, change over time the color for more dark. In this case internal bleaching is made: gel is put in a cavity of tooth and shine on it from within.

of Fotootbelivaniye - rather new method. Procedure takes 1,5 - 2 hours, and the result will remain for several years. Difference of this way consists in impact on the bleaching structure (peroxide of hydrogen of small concentration) of galogenovy light. Under its influence from active agent the oxygen splitting a dark pigment of tooth is emitted.

Is pure - specifically

Should not despair if any of types of bleaching of teeth for you is impossible. For most of people natural color of enamel is optimum. Let`s tell, considerably white teeth do not go to porous skin of an earthy or reddish shade at all. And, often, to recover the person and to look younger and more attractive, it is necessary to bleach teeth on only 1 - 2 tones. For this purpose it is enough only few times in a year to carry out professional toothbrushing which will help not only to get rid of a raid and a scale, but also to prevent risk of development of a gingivit and periodontal disease. Procedure is made in the mechanical and ultrasonic way. The first is carried out by means of the special brush got on a drill core. The second - more sparing method: the stream of water and soda under a pressure cleans off a raid and at the same time polishes tooth, doing it impregnable for penetration of pathogenic microbes. At least days after this procedure it is impossible to smoke, drink tea, coffee and to eat food which could paint teeth.