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Whether wiretap my phone?

Without what we do not represent the life today? Answering this question, it is possible to list a set of things. Among them surely there will be also a cell phone. Today well not to do without it in any way! He is our friend and the assistant. Some are overcome, however, by doubts about its reliability in respect of protection of the information against foreign ears which are able to afford to interfere in private life.

As experts note, to get access to listening cellular not so difficult. Sometimes it jealous spouses, curious heads of firms or organizations in which you work do not shun. Banal burglars or so-called " can wiretap phone; telephonohooligans .

If this problem is actual for you, then take advice which will help you to get rid from persuasive ears .

Warm batteries to Prompt to

existence wiretaps batteries can. If you do not use the phone for designated purpose, and it to the touch warm or even hot, then it means that it is used by someone. Grows warm phone from excessive use. Its accumulator becomes hot in a case when used the device quite recently.

Suspicious activity

Pay attention to how conducts phone at its use. Whether it happens so that illumination lights up in itself, some applications are spontaneously installed, the mobile phone is suddenly switched off? It is quite possible that far off someone operates your mobile phone.

Though to result similar maybe from hindrances when data transmission is carried out.

A fast discharge the fact that " phone has to guard with

you; demands more frequent charging, than usually. Perhaps, it was used by someone another? By means of cellular can listen to yours room talk when phone is not demanded by you. Clear business that in that case the accumulator is discharged much quicker.

However it is necessary to take into account that over time the level of a charge has property to decrease. So if phone served to you more than a year, then operability of the battery considerably decreases.

Shutdowns with delay

you were guarded by unusual behavior of cellular: at its switching off illumination long time burns and phone does not wish to be switched-off? Perhaps, you, as they say, under a cap. But also the fact that it was promoted by failures in program or hardware of phone is quite real.

Hindrances at non-use of phone

If at a phone conversation you approach electronic devices, and at the same time there are hindrances, then it is probable that in the case cellular there is a foreign device.

Often can consider such hindrances as the normal phenomenon. But if you did not turn on phone, and hindrances it is available, then it is worth reflecting whether there are no you at somebody on a hook.

The pulsing (background) noise

during phone conversations listen: whether you hear electric discharges or telephone echo. Of course, it can be quite harmless hindrances caused by connection. But there is a probability and the fact that listen to you. If mobile is switched off, but the pulsing sound is all the same heard, draw far-reaching conclusions.

Provoke the spy

If you want to be convinced in truth of your suspicions, then use a misinformation method. Posekretnichayte with the reliable person by phone. If somebody knows of an essence of your conversation still, then your suspicions are right.

Ask for the help

If you for all 100 percent are sure that listen to you, then ask for the help in law enforcement agencies. They have special equipment which is capable to make the diagnosis to your cellular.

Safety first of all

to feel safe, it is worth blocking the mobile phone the password and never to lose sight of the phone. If it not in work, then get the battery from a compartment. It is a guarantee that foreign ears will not hear you.