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How to become the bitch?

Condemning her for perfidy, rage, insidiousness and egoism, the most ardent stervonenavistnik recognize that the cynicism of the bitch despising even attempts of imitation of big and pure feelings is more honest lusciously - the sweet caramel locks erected lisping do-good and careful girlfriends on reason.

It is remarkable that in Ojegov`s dictionary interpretation only of analog of a masculine gender - " is given; stervets - the mean person, the villain . Bitch has to be content only with the fact that it supposedly the same as stervets . Such surprising misunderstanding of the essence of female bitchiness can be referred unless to traditionally sexless a zhiznevospriyatiya, peculiar the husband dried by science. Flegon`s dictionary treats the term bitch more widely. In particular, it is emphasized that this word gained value of the woman exhausting from men of force and money " hundred years ago;.

In some domestic dictionaries is established an equal-sign between the concepts bitch and drop . But the real bitch cannot parry similar mean attacks. Let`s remember, for example, that it product only the real eagles called therefore " are capable to consume; Egyptian vultures . Whereas for the other creatures deprived of ability it is proud to fly, and suitable only for a sad presmykaniye, the bitch remains desired, but inaccessible object.

Condemning it for perfidy, rage, insidiousness and egoism, the most ardent stervonenavistnik recognize that the cynicism of the bitch despising even attempts of imitation of big and pure feelings is more honest lusciously - the sweet caramel locks erected lisping do-good and careful girlfriends on reason. Unlike them the bitch does not hide the true desires and intentions, does not trouble herself creation of illusions - and in it, certainly, is decent.

of the Man, putting so much expression in the word bitch do not allow also thought that the creation causing so rough emotions can not be provocatively beautiful. The ordinary-looking female creating mucks of average caliber would never receive such appreciation, it should be content with definition it seems toads or rats . Many men recognize that at the word bitch at them the certain lever starting a flywheel of erotic imaginations turns on. They identify the bitch with the vamp - the magnificent, sexy, vicious, by all means allocated flexible, trained body, captivating forms, a magnificent mane (they already see her hair swept on a pillow) and a sensual mouth.

That to clothes, the bitch is also fresh - a universal formula a jacket - a short skirt - a watch - and - busik there are things not joint. The bitch is distinguished by not triviality and originality in everything, she despises any stereotypes including what the public opinion imposes to the ladies forming average clothes. It has a good taste which, being multiplied by virtuosity of its nature, and creates that unique and refined shape which instantly allocates the bitch from crowd, be it even crowd of dandies and fast livers.

Is what is called the shooting mot chic . But any defiant baits used by primitive persons. The bitch does not have need to lower the line of a decollete to that point in which it is close to reunion to the line pass - skirts. She does not feel need for a primanivaniye of males because they are deeply indifferent for it - as well as all in this world, except her, darling.

the Bitch sacredly observes own comfort, and therefore will never endow convenience for the sake of a barren scheme to make impression . She will prefer a high heel only in case has congenital talent to wear such shoes easily and naturally (along with other numerous talents), and at a guest-night can feel absolutely easy in faded jeans if she did not want to burden herself with disguise. we will look at

on its environment Now... The king is played, as we know, by suite. The bitch who during the secret man`s vote will keep by all means in the female world the right for a crown does not need suite. It is not vain in general and does not seek to multiply specially number of admirers, in particular, because and so knows the own worth. Besides, anybody`s opinion, except own, is not of any value for it. The bitch is self-sufficient, walks in itself at all does not feel lonely. More likely, her destiny - public loneliness because she is doomed to be the focus of attention eternally: delighted - from men, envious - from women.

Being clever and ironic, the bitch does not feel need for girlfriends because she despises all other ladies and young ladies for nonsense and a vanity. Though they often seek to it to come nearer, but at all not from sincere sympathy, and from primitive practical calculation: its shocking manner to throw away the admirers who are eternally crowding around it is known to all. So the hope to pick up thrown out by it as superfluous does friendship with the bitch tempting for the ladies who are constantly rushing about in search of the small female happiness .

Natural satellites - men keep in its orbit not only thanks to force of an attraction of its extraordinary magnetism, but also owing to other law of physics: the more the action force with which the woman pushes away them, the counteraction force more arising in reply. The bitch despises conjugal ties, in general any constant unions so even the most maniacal advocate of barchelor life will never suspect it of incubation of matrimonial plans are opposite to her.

In general just will not come to its mind to pursue the man or to plan some multiple-pass operations to hold it. But when the man realizes that he is not wished " at all; to lasso he begins to enjoy pursuits and prosecutions. Besides, with such eternally escaping woman rest only dreams them - what a satiety, what calmness there! Adrenaline in blood and wanders, giving feeling of eternal youth (in any case, youth of feelings). The demonstrative indifference of the bitch appears the best decoy which is forcing down around her close packs of males.

to the Real bitch is not dangerous the fire of passions - here her callousness serves better than a fire-resistant suit. It goes on life effortlessly, an akterstvo at it to blood. Thanks to this talent it masterly manipulates people around. Without being burdened any morally - moral principles, the bitch coolly uses all and all for achievement of the purposes or just for satisfaction of momentary whims. Charges are that she cynically uses men, do not reduce her appeal in their eyes at all - opposite, from understanding that they can be necessary, of men and holds apart complacency.

at the same time any man for it - if not disposable, then in any case a subject of temporary use. In her life there is at all nothing constant because the bitch is changeable, eccentrical and internally free from obligations per se. And therefore it is even more attractive for men to whom, as we know, will never come to mind to leaf through already read book in search of some more deep thoughts because they quite are content with superficial impressions and tactile feelings. But the bitch will never be such read book because she supplements and rewrites it any God`s day.

Any bitch - the girl with character. This is the strong, integral, uncommon personality, imperious and cruel. However, her cruelty is far from insidiousness, revenge, any other black desire to salt to the neighbor because in general any passions are alien to it. Her cruelty - generation of indifference. This rather not conscious evil, but inability to create kindly because it does not know such feeling as compassion inducing to creation of good.

the Bitch despises everyones female features . Men puzzle also lives over a solution of secret of this sphinx whereas no malicious intrigue from a sphinx is built at all - the bitch does nothing specially, for the sake of drawing attention or deduction of interest. And while some read useful tips the little fool tortures herself, purposely dropping out of a field of vision of object of passion or pretending to be cold and inaccessible, the real bitch does not make any efforts to observe knowledge of tactics and defense because it is sincerely indifferent.

I any man will receive frostbite of the last degree rather, than will melt ice of her heart. Because it has no heart - that also at all (what she, actually, does not hide, but what in any way the men who are brought up on dogma about a prevalence of female emotions over reason do not want to trust in). This quality, mainly, also gives to the bitch the strongest advantage before other women: always never moves it sensible mind, but - feelings.

A how many times went on to women - beware of captivity of emotions, do not allow to lull yours into a false sense of security. Everything is vain. They are ready to sing in every possible way the harmful " installation; sharp-sightedly only one heart ... And from century to century the same drama constructed on ineradicable female requirement voluntarily to lose sight and hearing for the sake of preservation of illusion of happiness repeats.

But if you live feelings, experiences and passions whether then it is worth refusing them for the sake of doubtful oblozhechny happiness to be an admiration subject when pleasures from it any because also pleasure from the category of emotions which are not required for the tried-on image. Probably, it is possible to have satisfaction, having a good time folding from word " small pieces of ice; eternity . But we will remember that one sincere kiss of the foolish girl was enough to break all spell of the Snow queen. And that still was a bitch...

the managements which Bred recently about that, how to become the real bitch I would carry if not to harmful, then to absolutely useless because the bitch it is impossible to become, it is necessary to be her. A question only in whether it is necessary? Would you like to share really lot of such femme fatale, together with the public loneliness and inability ordered it on life to love most?

of Attempt to imitate bitchiness inevitably will turn back the farce and will turn you into the eccentrical hysteric woman. And in what the hysteric woman differs from the bitch? The first seeks to draw by all means attention to herself that the real bitch is not peculiar at all - to her everything indifferently. Here in what focus. Indifference - natural and its quite harmonious state. And if its every time has to be imitated, suppressing emotions - and to neurosis nearby.