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Sexual whims, or perversions?

Most of women is shocked by that fact, as their husband or the lover has some sexual whim. Even now, when many women are ready to do more, it is simple to lie on a back and to accept what with them is done will seldom meet tolerance to deviations.

In the press was described a case when the woman felt shock - social, emotional and sexual - at detection that her husband wants that she, having tied by it wrists, spanked him a racket for table tennis. It for it was intolerable. In her eyes it completely crossed out his devotion to children, situation in society, attachment to work, his talents, mind and its role as husband. Suddenly it became it others, that`s all. She achieved divorce because of physical cruelty.

If some wives knew what their husbands do behind the locked door, they would appear at the lawyers earlier, than you will manage to pronounce the word perversion .

Most of the men having some sexual whims - usually insignificant deviations which they cannot discuss with wives. One of the most touching imaginations of fetishists of rubber, for example, is in finding the wife who would divide their tastes to rubber clothes. Magazines about rubber abound with stories about flexible beauties - blondes who adore " rubber;. Unfortunately the majority of imaginations and remain imaginations. Not enough successful rubber marriages . Now you understand

why husbands are afraid to admit to wives that they have unusual sexual desires. They will be better to suppress the true sexual character until the end of life, than to risk fears and humiliations, connection with recognitions of the erotic imaginations. Therefore they also go to prostitutes. Prostitutes do everything that is not done by wives, without charges and without throwing into confusion questions.

But is difficult to inhibit all the time keen sexual desires. Often marriages fall from excessive tension. Many links are broken from the fact that the man not in forces to admit the sexual tastes to the woman of the life. Even if it is about a rupture of the strong relations, it all the same will not open. Without support and sympathy of the spouse to the man it is very difficult to rise and declare that he it is sexual it is abnormal .

Of course deviations happen different. Many do not belong to rather serious to consider them as the real sexual perversions. Perhaps you have no anything against, what your lover loves that he was spanked sometimes. Well, and as you will accept opening that he loves that it was cut that he likes to urinate on the woman or to put on in female lower. The man of your life can excite similar things, and you even do not know about it.

Exists many ways how to manage with sexual bents of your lover if you learned them. If you can take part in them, it is the best exit. If you cannot force yourself, can address the physiologist or the adviser a floor to marriage affairs. Your lover will try to understand you, but you will have to reconcile to thought that if he has with you no full sexual satisfaction - he will seek it elsewhere.

the Great number of prostitutes have the general opinion: if wives ventured to try, they would find out that this sexual deviation - not it and awful, not so abnormal as they thought.

At first let`s deal with slaps, and then we will dive more deeply, into waters of a sado-masochism, flogging, slavery and other. So many men like to set to a slap and in turn to be spanked. It is unlikely they can be considered as the real sadists or masochists. It is just bent or strangeness. From slaps it can be sick, but only the first minutes. Slapping somebody, you speak: I love you, I do it only of care of you, I hope, this lesson helps you . It is similar to slaps of the father of the daughter, but as she is his daughter, he from it does not test a sexual shake-up, in any case should not.

Sometimes from slaps is sick, but it is possible to avoid it. Weaken the back when the man slaps you, and it will be not so sick. Painfully only when buttocks are strained.

It is possible to groan and cry still, but do it as if you are excited as though you in ecstasy. If the man wants to spank you, it is impossible to avoid it, but if it is not pleasant to you, you can tell that you want sexual intercourse. it is the best of all for

to splash a hand. Then there are hairbrushes and tennis rackets. Leather belts are not so bad if they are wide. Forget about switches and steel rulers, they are too heavy. Bamboo canes are good if the man plays, but if he does it seriously, he can izrubtsevat you.

Hardly men slap the wives and girlfriends painfully. But how many wives allow to do it? Not many are precisely.

the Only way for the wife to admit that she knows about its whim, - to bring it on a silver saucer. Similar men like to beat it so: I am a disobedient boy, I should be spanked . If your wife substitutes the back to the husband and will tell: I am such disobedient little girl why you will not spank me? and the husband adores splashing - he will be able to give in to a temptation.

Love slaps the method which gained fame long since since Kam Cutra, is or perhaps even more ancient. As well as other methods of erotic excitement, it depends on unexpected stimulation of nerves around genitals. Many women write about feeling it is warm spreading on inside of hips when they are splashed. It their words, dear.

Some couples use a hat for strengthening of matrimonial discipline. If the wife grumbles, she is otshlepyvat. A slap serves as both punishment, and stimulation of the subsequent love occupations. If the husband grumbles, he receives the same from the wife. All charm is in doing it at once, - one enthusiast of a flop told. - Otshlepyvayte as each other at once as did a lot of mischief, without reckoning with where you and what you are engaged " in;. I believe that it is a little difficult in transport in rush hours, still I suspect that many fans of slaps adhere all - to tactics Well wait, here we will come home .

It creates tension, does more and more sexual. By then, as it is ready to start to a slap, some women are already so excited that are ready to start sex immediately.

All this sexual games and entertainments. And if to you it is clear that your husband or the lover is biased to cause or feel physical pain for sexual excitement? How here to be?

Many men have sense of guilt or consider that they deserved punishment. Often are those who earn a lot of money, successful men who spend part of time, edifying others, and feel like someone like deceivers. They want that they told them that they a pettiness. It is possible to humiliate as much as necessary them and to hurt them. They love it. It is only necessary to be careful not to overdo, differently sins you will not be gathered. Some men love

that to them needles stuck in a penis. Others want that they to them to the back stuck some large objects. At each of them the small feature, the healthy places.

Is doubts that the husbands can convince wives to cause too severe pain. They love the husbands, they not in forces to cause them such pain. But they can understand sexual inquiries of husbands and somehow help of to turn Perhaps everything into game in which the husband will be your servant, and you the queen or someone there still?

the Wife can to torment it, pouring over a penis and eggs lotion which it uses after shaving. It is very sick, but is not harmful. Still it can force it to fasten clothespegs to his nipples and on all length his penis. It is sick, but besides does not do long harm.

A still the wife can thrust something large into the back to the husband. For safety do not thrust at once and completely that you will not be able to pull out then. Well the big cucumber greased with cold cream approaches.

Is clear that it is heavy to find out that your elect suffers from similar deviations. But such men are, and would not be realistic to assume thought that your man can be one of them. Perhaps he will also not tell you about it, and then, maybe will not come to his mind that you can understand it. You have to find out whether it has any unusual tendencies, and then - not only to let know that it does not shock you, but also to take part in its whims. Unless, for example, it is difficult to splash out cologne on his penis?

Of course, one business - to have the spouse - the masochist. But present that it - actually the sadist also wants to hurt you. You have to deeply having sighed, to solve whether you will be able to suffer from a certain pain for the benefit of a matrimonial sensuality. If is not present means is not present, that`s all. Sadistic sexuality is carried out with the consent of the partner, and nobody has the right to hurt another without its consent (even by means of this foolish racket for a ping - a pong).

I do not think that wives or girlfriends took out similar caress if only it does not excite them. And still both of you need to be careful not to make what you will regret then for.

not so often occurs At women tendency to masochism, in any case, on statistical data. But if you - from those girls to whom hurt them brings erotic pleasure - explain it the desires as it would explain you the. You will be able to invent some kind of garden - the masochistic pranks bringing pleasure to both of you.

However be careful. Do not do it with the man whom badly you know. It is better to feel less pleasures from sex, than to run once on the murderer.

Krom of area of a sado-masochism, at your man can be behind respectable appearance other whims absolutely harmless. They can seem disgusting, tasteless, and it is necessary to have the sober head and, perhaps, a strong stomach that to participate in them.

One of them - an urination. Sexual addiction to urine is its cornerstone. Grant Tracey Seksen, the homosexual who wrote Happy vigorous person noted that in the American League of Fans of Sex the urination became the most popular. Over the past few years syndrome golden shower increased. It is difficult to explain this delight before urine and an urination. I think that we become more and more corrupted, and old whims do not concern us any more. We look for something new, other than former. Over the past few years I so often hear how the guy or the girl, the beginner in this case, speaks: He wanted that I described it! Or: She wanted to describe me. I advise them better to get used to it because it gives pleasure and excites many who well pay. Many feel pleasure that their clothes become wet, from feeling that warm urine impregnates shorts and a dress, sometimes from slackness, but happens, they are busy with more specific affairs: for example, look at each other when urinate, or in general pisat at each other.

of Many men excites thought that, urinating on the beautiful girl, they spoil it.

Hardly after these words you right there will run and will get, inspired, into a bathtub, having prepared for that your husband having come home will pee on you. But it is possible to try one night when you together split a bottle of burbonsky and are ready to something a little more perverted.

One of the latest popular variations is a sexual intercourse by a hand. It appeared as a method of homosexuals, but now husbands and lovers do it with the women therefore you should know about it.

Sexual intercourse by a hand - the name corresponding to truth. One of partners thrusts the hand into a back opening of another, trying to get as it is possible more deeply as far as the physiology allows.

First of all is necessary for you to the basis to shear nails. You can hurt the man very much if you forget about it. then you grease a hand with cold cream. It is better if the partner lies on a bed, having turned in under themselves legs and having hung the head. You hold a hand so that fingers were pressed to a palm, but the forefinger is put forward in relation to others - in the same way as you hold the gun. Then you thrust a forefinger into a back opening of the man and you move it in different directions to move apart an opening - and almost all fingers will be already inside. The thumb is strong pressed index, you continue to shake and push, will not thrust all palm to the wrist yet. For the first time it in general seems improbable. Continue to push a hand up, but be very careful - do not wound a gut. The feeling is fantastic. At first - heat, is sticky and is close, but suddenly feel something big and empty. it is possible even to feel internals. I thrust a hand to the elbow. You will understand when it is necessary to stop: the man will moan because he not in forces to sustain it. All who tried it, say that feeling absolutely unusual, but very sexual. by

Yes, it is dangerous. God created people for the different purposes, but I do not know whether he created them in order that they thrust hands each other into the back. It is necessary to be very careful, you stop when the man asks. It is not a toy. Besides you have to solve

whether you want to be engaged in sexual intercourse in a hand or not. It is very easy to learn it if to trust enthusiasts. It does not demand high degree of attachment and trust between partners. Can to you it will be pleasant more that your lover did it with you, than you are with him.

If we discuss penetration into a back opening, it is necessary to tell several words about anal sexual intercourse.

B our many girls even if did not try, heard about it, and many men cherish erotic dream to try it with wives or girlfriends. In my opinion, sexually educated wife has to be so skilled in the anal intercourse as and in usual sexual intercourse. Your back can be same erotic, as well as a vagina, and it is not necessary to study long to use it with the same ease.

At anal sexual intercourse the long and respectable history in the annals of sexual love beginning with erotic methods of ancient Chinese. If to take all necessary precautionary measures, it is correct to be prepared - the intercourse to the back can be very stimulating and exciting.

... But unless it is not dirty? Imagine: it enters into me a penis, and then pulls out it soiled century... - well, you know. But it is not sick? I - do not endure pain...

As for dirt, the lower part of a rectum where the penis gets, happens dirty only when the person is going to defecate. If previously to wash out it by means of an enema (you can to check the soaped finger purity), it will be pure. Of course, it is impossible to clear it of bacteria completely. you Remember

also that if he very much wishes the intercourse in an anus, he does not think of danger.

If to get used and relax - anal sex gives magnificent feeling. This in itself weakens, in it all secret. A natural instinct - to strain anus muscles. But it is necessary to overcome it. It is necessary to press down on a penis, but not to squeeze it up. It is the same muscular movement when you defecate, opening muscles to pass which - that, with only that difference that here - on the contrary - something enters.

needs to do it slowly, it helps - of course in case the client not too inzbuzhden is also not burned with desire. Perhaps the first several times all penis will also not enter, only the head for the first time can enter. But if not to lose enthusiasm and to continue attempts - you will achieve success. If there is a wish for some changes, there is nothing better than it.

could describe art of anal sex in more decent look. But you are rather educated and bright not to draw a wrong conclusion that if the prostitute describes sexual nervousness, then this nervousness is worthy only prostitutes. Kings, queens and marquises snoshatsya in an anus too, but we do not consider it automatically as the privilege of the highest class.

One more whim gaining popularity among masses is a piercing method. Piercing of ears, a nose and nipples, and even - vaginal lips. One woman from Britain sent me the photo in which it is removed bared on the beach, with big gold rings in nipples. Other girl - the Swede sent the color photo of the genitals decorated with rings and hand bells which ring when walking. Infibulyation`s

as this magical act is called more technically, occurs among wives and husbands less than among prostitutes. Edward Thorn in the inspection of supersexual people Sex - all this mentions that met the girl who had rings on the crotches connected by locks.

Should mentioning that if you want to carry gold rings on more intimate parts of a body, do not puncture. Let it will be made by the skilled doctor. It belongs, in particular, to nipples (which however cannot be punctured at all if you are going to nurse ever).

Is incomprehensible as many men receive sexual excitement, putting on in women`s clothing. This strange small whim does not mean that they it is obligatory - gays, and you need to find out more before again running to the lawyer. There is something in that feeling which you have, zatiskivy a massive penis in nylon shorts, or pulling stockings on big brawny legs that men consider stimulating. Remember that in our appearance there are both courageous, and womanly elements and if the man is excited, putting on lingerie, then it occurs because he identifies the women`s party of the personality with that woman whom he wants to excite the courage. In other words, it plays two roles - him as men, and the girl whom he would like to excite.

If it also seems psychologically difficult, believe that so it also is. But if it happens with your the next and the dearest - there are no reasons to consider it gone mad or perverted. why not to allow it to put on your shorts, tights he identified himself with you?

Cannot be told precisely why men like to wear women`s clothing. Much of them would like to put on sexually, but in our society they cannot think up as to make it. The woman can make the decollete parading her breast and a neck, the man is forced to wear a tuxedo and white shirts. In men is which - what is more sexual, and I am sure that they envy when the woman important paces, drawing attention.

does not seem to you, what would be much better, if the wife gave to the husband the linen and told: Here, darling, you can put on it ? In how many her pride will cost her if she just allows the husband to put on the shorts and will tell that he looks sexually? Not so expensively, and? The men wishing to wear lingerie not homosexuals and that so far it did not become at them the obsession dominating in life to them psychiatric treatment is not necessary. If it seems to you that your lover has such tendency, you can learn precisely, having carefully offered him the shorts. Look whether this thought will be pleasant to it, but do not express anger and disgust if it accepts this idea. try to understand it all heart. And if you reconcile to it, it will not seem such abnormal any more.

At men dozen more of sexual strangenesses. Some carry any knickknacks on different parts of a body, for example, on ears, legs. Others cannot enjoy sex if they do not do it in certain conditions. Some cannot terminate if to it to the back the cold hair dryer does not blow. Others about which wrote in one medical magazine could not reach an erection if did not tie the head.

Now if you notice some strangeness for the husband or the lover, you can have various reaction. You can have disgust because you got used to think that all excellent from normal sex can puzzle you as you cannot just understand why your man is excited with what it does. That can become painful to you what suddenly will turn out that to it it is necessary not only you for satisfaction of his sexual desires. Even if you are tolerant to its whims, you on mind will always have a question: unless he could not tell it to me? Understand

, it is very difficult to admit to somebody the secret sexual desires, especially to the woman whom you love and you respect. A sign of truly deep, advanced sexual relations is the pleasure with which each partner helps and takes part in erotic whims of another. It has sexual tendencies which he hides from you, does not mean that you do not satisfy it. It simply means that it hesitates to open for you a secret. only you with and can also let to it know m that you not only do not object, but are ready to include its deviations in your sexual life. If he follows the example of thousands of men and lovers he admits to you and will agree to your participation in these whims if feels that you approach for this purpose. Unless it is not better than

, than to force it to resort to services of prostitutes which are ready to grant his desire for money? If wives were more formed in the field of sex and less sexually limited - more than a half of clients of prostitutes would sit on houses with wives.