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What it is possible to learn about the person on his dreams? Freud`s theory in practice of

How to learn whether your partner is happy (the partner?) your general sexual life? It is better not to ask direct questions because... it is possible and the truth to hear. And the nobility - that there is a wish...

Here an original technique to find out it which followers of the grandfather Freud use a century. She consists in softly and unostentatiously to learn that she dreams the partner (partner). Then already you learn its subconscious aspirations.

Things are easy - just get a habit to stir about what dreamed both of you. Only you do not hurry to draw conclusions from one dream. If he tells a dream in which his secretary enters, kneels, undoes to it trousers, and there is a bouquet of roses - that, maybe, it simply reconsidered porn? But, most likely, he / she will have enough intelligence to hide from you especially hot dreams. He will tell in what everything is not obvious. Taking into account it Freud`s system and Co is also constructed.: our subconsciousness in general extremely seldom speaks directly, it is more and more metaphors, images and associations. And here them is that it is easy to treat, it is only necessary to become skilled.

At interpretation consider three moments.

of 1. Pay attention to the main detail of a dream. In a dream it is allocated especially accurately and specifically - the plot of a dream is twirled around it, or it meets in different types throughout all plot, or is not on the place. This detail will also be the main symbol. If it:

a cypress, a knife, the syringe, a key, a nail, banana (symbols of male genitals because correspond in a form);

a peach, an apricot, a pear, flowers, juicy berries like raspberry, strawberries (steady metaphors of a female body);

a tie, the gun, the hammer (man`s symbols, are associated with typically man`s activity);

a purse, an aquarium, the car, the wood, a garden, the house, a gate (female symbols - analogies to a uterus, a vagina, everything that possesses ability to contain in itself, to limit space);

walking on a ladder, dance, charging, swing on exercise machines, the trip in the train, the bicycle or the car which is followed by measured rocking (symbolical reproduction of sexual intercourse).

of 2. Of course, not all dreams only about sex. Some also about work (I joke). Dreams about sex are allocated with the special relation snovidyashchy to them. He will tell it with surprise or even confusion which the man will try to cover with a smile or deliberate negligence, and the woman will tell with amazement or confusion. Because people feel: it is not a simple dream, is in it that special, strange, intimate.

of 3. it is not necessary on one - to two dreams to draw hasty conclusions. And here if you constantly dream bananas with the nails hammered into them... can be and it is time to change something.

For an example interpretation of some dreams in the spirit of Freudians.

It is ready (almost) for everything

dreamed It that he helps you to cook salad for a holiday. For this purpose he grates carrots.

Freud would tell that carrots symbolize a male genital and the fact that he is ready even to grate it to please to the woman, says that it is ready for the sake of it for the big victims. For example, the sexual ideas for the sake of wellbeing of the union.

It the gay person (can be obvious, secret or latent, i.e. does not know about it yet)

He participates in fight and will wound a sword of the stranger, itself feels from it pleasure and is for some reason sure that wounded too he derives pleasure. At the same time the only thing that frightens it, is thought that someone can see them.

says the Impartial analysis of this dream that the man seeks for sexual intercourse with similar (a sword - analog of a phallus), but is afraid of publicity of the homosexual bents.

is not satisfied

periodically dreams Him / her that he / she rummages in the same case, touches contents of shelves, puts forward boxes.

the Case according to Freud - symbolical expression of female genitals and a female body. Shuffle of things, a vydviganiye of boxes - analog of sexual intercourse. The fact that the dream repeats several times, says that it is not satisfied and looks for something else.

Gathers on the left

It secretly climbs in others garden where wonderful peaches, juicy apples and pears grow, juicy strawberry ripened. About pleasure tears off fruits and, choking, eats them.

attract it forbidden pleasures, all these fruit - distinct female symbols. Psychologically it is ready to change

to you. If in a dream it climbs behind banana, then it or a monkey, or...

Likely, is love

of 1. dreams It that on the way home it passes every day by the same church though could reach by bus other shorter road. Daily contemplation of church fills his soul with delight.

Church (according to Freud) symbolizes the woman here as any object possessing ability to contain in itself something. Here the admiring indicates by a type of church rather Platonic, but not physiological aspects of the relations.

of 2. dreams It that it passes customs inspection before landing in the plane. He tries to prove to customs officers that its big red suitcase has to fly with it in salon, but it is forced to hand over it in baggage. And all road on the plane he is afraid that something happens to baggage.

Here a suitcase - too a symbol of female genitals, the same property - to contain in itself something. Apparently, snovidets is very attached to the woman and does not want to leave her for a minute as he is very jealous.

He is afraid of the serious relations

dreams It that he is a gymnast under the big top. Offer it participation in some difficult number which will make it well-known (or will bring money). He dreamed of it long ago, but now feels that it is not enough its physical and moral training.

Freudians consider this dream as a symbol of what the man who enjoyed very much sex with many women earlier (the equilibrist - the guest performer), is afraid to take a serious step now - to enter close relations or to marry. / mazo

He / she watches

of Sado how the snail according to a leaf slowly creeps. Its measured movement begins to irritate him / her, and it with pleasure presses helpless creation by a heel.

the Snail - the female symbol and manifestation of aggression to it tells about strongly developed sadistic bents, and not necessarily physical, but it is quite possible - moral. the Erection
He cooks for


spaghetti though he hates them, and everything at it turns out badly. He put them in cold water, forgot to break, at him water escaped, there is not enough salt and spices.

Macaroni according to Freud and others - too a symbol of man`s advantage. Look how it with them rushes. Perhaps, to it really is what to worry about.

you it you build to It dreams

that together with you he goes to the country to have a rest, but instead of picnic you force it to dig the earth. At the same time you order, are dissatisfied to its actions. He is angry, but does as you told.

Earth represents a feminine. Yours of exchanges is angry with the fact that you order, impose it the position, suppress his identity. From here and his irritation. But the fact that it obediently everything carries out shows that it subconsciously needs your management. It seems that you on a right way.

He is afraid of proximity

dreams It that it is necessary to change a bulb in a lamp, and for this purpose it is necessary to get on a high ladder. But the ladder is too high and unstable therefore he tries to make secure - binds a ladder and even asks the person to support it below.

the Movement on a ladder symbolically displays sexual intercourse, all fears and experiences of a dream are connected with it. The dream final is the most important for definition of its internal position. What did he decide - to climb or not to climb, twist or not to twist?.