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What tell its gestures about?

O than tell its gestures? Whether you are interesting to it?

For some reason so is considered to be that men make the choice in the relations. Actually women in most cases choose, they solve whom they to choose, define character of the relations, diplomatically develop the relations in this or that direction.

In spite of the fact that women make the choice, to them it is always necessary to know precisely that they are desired, interesting and loved. We feel the attitude towards us proceeding from communication, signs of attention, manner with us, and also thanks to gestures which do involuntarily men.

is given Further interpretation of the most frequent gestures which say that our soulmate is interested by us:

of 1. The raised eyebrows

It is considered b that at a meeting with people pleasant and unpleasant to us, we raise or we lower (we frown) involuntarily. If the person to us is interesting, nice, we raise an eyebrow a little if the person is unpleasant to us, we meet him with a frown.

Pay attention if at a meeting with you at your friend eyebrows are raised the first several seconds, means do not doubt, you are interesting to it!

of 2. A little slightly opened mouth

If some girl is of interest to it, he will automatically slightly open a mouth for some very short time, will not meet the eyes of it yet.

of 3. An open look If someone is interesting by

to a man`s half, then it will be reflected also in the look, it will be open, in a friendly way adjusted (the raised eyebrows, the slightly opened mouth, a smile, pleasure in eyes). Each hyphen of the person will say that you are glad to be seen.

of 4. He will try to draw your attention

Any fine gesture, the original and bright act will testify to that, he wishes to stand out from the crowd that you paid to it attention as it - identity.

of 5. It involuntarily periodically corrects the hairdress

When the man definitely likes the girl, it involuntarily begins to correct a hairdress hands, and does it too often. This gesture he tries to be pleasant also to you (correcting a hairdress, i.e. doing itself ukhozhenny more beautifully).

of 6. His eyebrows are a little raised when you speak

If when you begin to speak, it a few a little raised eyebrows, know that you are interesting to it, it finds you attractive and unique. When at conversation with you, your half looks at you, indifferently, eyebrows it are not mobile, a look a little detached it means that to it what you speak about, and you too is uninteresting.

of 7. If at a meeting it corrects socks

If at a meeting with you, he suddenly begins to correct socks, these are 100% says that he is a little excited, wishes to look better in your eyes as you very much are pleasant to it.

of 8. It it is obvious scans you, your figure

If it fixedly scans you, at the same time obviously letting you know it, he wishes to tell that you very much are pleasant to it and he considers you already as potential sexual partner And he estimated your figure at the first seconds of a meeting.

of 9. It brags of the merits, abilities, a good figure

Is possible, it will seem to you somewhere ridiculous, but thus he tries to show you that it suits you, beautiful, talented and it has it a good figure (i.e. it as well as possible suits you).