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What to do if you one on the way?

All who go to travel alone and especially women, have to be able to protect themselves from any crimes. Depending on the place where you go, these crimes can vary from banal theft of money or other valuable things up to sexual attack. We tried to make the list of the most stressful situations and to give several advice how to avoid them and what to do if all of them happen.

1. Closely to the house - does not mean safely

you Should not show carelessness if you leave near the house. Eventually, you can fall a victim of the villain even in own yard or an entrance. At a trip in the car block doors and do not open completely a window from the driver. Be especially vigilant on traffic lights. For the malefactor to open a car door, to pull out you from it and to dash away afar - business of only several seconds.

2. Park correctly

Try to park the car in crowded, and at night - in well lit places. You should not park in dark deserted lanes, especially in the unfamiliar district. Even better - to leave the car on secured parkings.

3. You hold money closer to a body

Travelling far from the house, and especially going abroad, you do not keep anything valuable in handbags and hand luggage. Use the purse which is fastened to a belt, and you hold it ahead. Or put money and the passport in inside pockets of clothes. Backpacks - the most vulnerable concerning thefts hand luggage, something from them even for the beginning pilferer is extremely simple to pull down.

It is the best of all to carry with itself part of money in traveler`s checks or credit cards. At the same time write down serial numbers of checks and coordinate of the agency which issued them or phone of the bank which issued a credit card. The lost or stolen checks will be replaced within 24 hours. You carry a credit card separately from other money. And always take money with yourself at a trip on transport even if you go to a toilet.

4. Do not relax in hotel

Surely lock a door of a hotel room not only at withdrawal from it, but also when you in number. The most cunning travelers also carry with themselves the special locking devices - it is unknown who can have a key from your number and who can try to enter it. Such devices can be bought in any decent household shop now.

5. If the airline lost your baggage

Still before beginning to pack things, check a condition of your suitcases and bags. If you need to buy a new suitcase, choose the easiest and spacious, and also rather strong to sustain possible ill-treatment. It is good if the baggage has the lock which is locked or a code. However you remember that in some countries the baggage search in the absence of the owner is resolved recently, and the lock can be damaged.

If baggage not new, remove any pieces of paper attached to it in advance in order to avoid possible confusion thanks to which your suitcase can go absolutely on other appointment. Inside it is also desirable outside of baggage write yours a name and the home address or phone, for this purpose to passengers special luggage labels are given. If your baggage is lost, immediately report about it to your airline.

We advise to put in hand luggage all objects necessary initially. For example, if you fly to the resort, there is a sense to put there a bathing suit. The lost baggage, as a rule, is every other day - two, and you can spend these two days for purchase of a new bathing suit instead of luxuriating on the beach. But if all of you remained, as they say, without a thing have to give you a bag with necessities (each airline has such sets). Besides, the decent companies can issue also the check on acquisition of " clothes; in sizes of 20 - 100 dollars.

6. You keep surely

At a trip by car in advance carefully plan the route and try to stock up with district maps once again not to ask the road. You hold the head highly, eyes widely open and very clearly radiate confidence. You keep as if you know that you do even if you were lost and at you knees shiver. Try not to look the potential victim, and then malefactors ten times will think whether it is worth contacting such business and courageous lady.