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You want to start scandal, and it unless the decision?

Answer, please, a question. You often had to start scandal? I became recently the witness of one grandiose scandal which was started by the girl of my good friend. The simple trifle was the reason. But it was enough to blow up to both of them. This situation gave to me a reason to think of a question - whether it is worth starting scandal, and it is possible to do without it? After several talk and own reflections to me all - was succeeded to find the answer! Tell

why you started scandal last time? Most likely, because something did not suit you. Right? And tell, scandal helped you to receive the desirable?

All scandals which I saw and about which I was told came to an end with a rupture of the relations or their deterioration. At the same time couple tested a long depression. Naturally, scandal was followed by shouts, reproaches, insults and nervousness.

But any scandal did not help to solve a desirable problem. And the most interesting - some couples tried to solve then the same problem, but by means of quiet conversation. And at them everything turned out. Tell me, at once so it is impossible to make?

Instead of the next scandal which you want to start I I propose to you other more effective solution.

is a simple conversation. Da Va did not mishear.

But at first to you needs to think over it. In particular define for yourself and write down on a leaf as it is possible more particularly the next moments:

- What problem you are not happy;

- Why you are not happy with this problem;

- As you want to solve this problem;

- That you will do if this problem is not solved by

the Received answers on a leaf to paper - it is your arguments in favor of a solution.

try to carry on conversation quietly, specifically and rectilinearly. At the same time you seek to find the best solution for both of you, without forgetting to use the arguments which are written down on paper.

At such conversation your chances to receive the decision increase by 7 times because the person concentrates not on your shouts and loud indignations, insults, and on your real problems, concrete arguments and the proposed solutions.

of I is not dependent on the result of conversation your relations will remain at the former level or maybe even will become stronger.