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What is dandruff and as to struggle with it?

Dandruff are, of course, not able to spoil to you career or private life, but here it will precisely provide bad mood.

Serovato - white scales on hair and clothes force to feel uncertainly - and suddenly the interlocutor looks not at you, and at your shoulders whitewashed perkhotny lime ? But before speaking about treatment of dandruff, it is necessary to understand from where it undertakes.

Cages - upstarts

the Reason of emergence of dandruff in most cases is in an organism. As well as notorious eels, dandruff are a consequence of a metabolic disorder.

Why arise these violations? Reasons set. The most widespread - a hormonal imbalance (therefore both dandruff, and eels most often arise during hormonal reorganization, that is at the age of 14 - 25 years).

can Also influence exchange processes improper feeding, in particular, if in your diet there is too much fat and sweet, and still smoking, a lack of vitamins, overfatigue, stresses. The large role is played by problems with intestines: as a rule, 80 - 90 percent of people with dandruff suffer from them. Strangely enough, emergence of dandruff can be caused by use shampoo from dandruff - if it is picked incorrectly up. we Will tell

in brief, dandruff is how exactly formed. Healthy skin is constantly updated, old cages die off, and new are formed. The died-off cells of head skin turn into the usual dust imperceptible to an eye. Normal travel of a cage from deep layers of skin on a surface takes nearly a month, but if you broke a metabolism, this process strongly accelerates. Cages get upward much quicker, they become thicker, color changes with transparent on white, besides they begin to stick together with each other. It also is that unpleasant " powder; which settles on clothes and instantly spoils to you mood.

Fat or dry?

That disease which we just described at cosmetologists is called dry dandruff. However it is not the only type of dandruff. On head skin we have millions of sebaceous glands. They produce greasing which does not allow skin to dry up. However if there is too much this greasing (that happens at the same exchange violations which lead to dandruff and eels), it forms a dense film which does not allow cells of skin to leave their habitat freely on skin. So there is fat dandruff - scales in this case of yellowish color, hair become dim and hang as icicles. It is very important to define what dandruff at you - depends on it the choice of medical shampoo.

The resident with character

One more very common cause of emergence of dandruff - a microscopic fungus. He constantly lives on our head skin and for the time being does not disturb us, but owing to different violations in an organism the fungus immediately begins to breed without restraint. It forces sebaceous glands to work quicker - dandruff begins to be formed. Shampoos on the basis of special antifungal components will help to fight against a fungus to you (they interfere with reproduction of a fungus). Before beginning to use such shampoos, it is necessary to be convinced that the fungus is guilty - differently your time and money will be gone for nothing.

How to treat dandruff

Krom of already called shampoos, exists many means against harmful scales. But before telling about them, we will remind: it is senseless to struggle with dandruff per se. The dandruff reason - in an organism, he also should be treated. That is to normalizovyvat a metabolism by means of a special diet (if matter in intestines), a particular treatment (if nerves are guilty) and hormonal preparations. Only having dealt with the main reason for dandruff, you can move further.

Usual shampoos will not cope with dandruff, special means are necessary here - they are on sale only in drugstores. Besides, if you decided to struggle with dandruff seriously, begin with visit to the cosmetologist. It will help to define correctly what dandruff type at you (video diagnostics is for this purpose used - the doctor considers head skin under big increase, and it is at the same time projected on the monitor screen). Only the doctor will be able correctly to pick up to you shampoo, and it is very important - still in the beginning we said that improper shampoo itself can cause dandruff.

So, anti-dandruff shampoos share on: with

- antifungal

shampoos - the peeling shampoos - they work as a peculiar srub for head skin

- shampoos with plant extracts, for example tar - it perfectly deletes excess of fat from head skin, and still slows down reproduction of a fungus


Well cryotherapy - massage proved as liquid nitrogen. The strong cold intensifies exchange processes in cells of head skin and at the same time relieves of excess cellular stratifications - skin is as if updated. Massage to yourself you can make

and independently. It is absolutely simple: every evening 10 - 15 minutes mass head skin small pillows of fingers in various directions. It is good to begin massage with combing with a massage brush - so you will strengthen blood circulation in skin at once.

Exist also a set of types of various creams and lotions from dandruff - they need to be rubbed regularly in head skin. do not neglect

also folk remedies. At dry dandruff our mothers and grandmothers used sea-buckthorn mix with olive oil in the ratio 1:3 - heat it half an hour on a water bath and rub for the night in head skin. If you have a fat dandruff, try to wash the head with warm infusion of a tansy. To prepare it, heat 100 g of flowers in a water bath within 10 minutes in 3 liters of water.

For a spolaskivaniye are good infusions of flowers of a camomile and a marigold - these plants possess disinfecting properties. Once again we will remind

: it is necessary to treat dandruff together with the doctor - only this way you will be able to achieve good result in a short space of time. Good luck!