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How to keep youth of the neck?

Not for nothing say that a neck gives out age of the woman, it is as if fine she was dressed, tinted and brought up. Skin of a neck grows old quickly. And even by 30 years can become loose-hanging, flabby with cross wrinkles. There is a lot of reasons: both diseases, and way of life.

At diseases of a liver and bodies zheludochno - an intestinal path on a neck appear spots of yellowish color or with a red shade, reminding a grid. Similar is possible also after solar burns. On a neck those who sleep on a high pillow, or during the reading and the letter " can have wrinkles also; drives a nose on a table. Pay attention to how you go. Move freely, with highly raised head.

As always, at care of skin the most important - purity. Daily clear a neck, using the lightest and neutral soap - shaving cream. If there is no cream near at hand, prepare herbs decoctions: camomiles, lime color, mint, birch kidneys, sage. Accurately, having moistened a wadded tampon, wipe with one of these broths a neck. It is possible to prepare also lotion. There are several recipes.

of 1 - y the recipe. mix the Yolk of one egg with 100 grams of sour cream, add a quarter of a tablespoon of vodka and juice of a half of a lemon or orange.

of 2 - y the recipe. mix the Egg yolk with juice of one lemon or orange, add a tablespoon of vodka and a half of a glass of cream.

of 3 - y the recipe. Grate a fresh cucumber. Add 1/5 part of vodka to the received gruel (having taken it for 4/5 mixes). Having insisted 10 days, filter.

You noticed, of course, that the amount of the lotions prepared according to the recipes given above will be enough not for one clarification of skin of a neck. Do not worry, they will not be gone and will not lose the properties if to store them in the refrigerator and to use daily.

After you cleared a neck the movements from below up, it is necessary to apply fat cream. With success warm vegetable oil, the marrow melted from a tubular bone or nutryany pork fat (smalets) can replace it. And now make easy percussions in a chin the brush back. It protects from emergence of a double chin. In 20 - 30 minutes blot surplus of fat with a soft tissue. try to find

In the day off several minutes for a compress. Small (it is better terry) wet a towel more hotly (50 - 60 ) water, slightly wring out and wrap up it a neck for 2 minutes. On as much time wrap up a neck the towel moistened with cold water. At the same time it is good to add to water cooking (and if is - sea) salt at the rate of the 2nd teaspoons on water liter. It is possible to add - in the same proportion - broth of herbs or milk. Finish with a cold compress. Alternate effect of cold and hot water is recovered and rejuvenate neck skin. And at once grease skin with any nutritious cream.

Many women do not refuse to themselves pleasure to indulge a family and guests with pies. Pies and coulibiacs - pride of each hostess. However I know from experience that in such cases all attention to a table, but not. Allocate a piece of yeast dough and for the cosmetic purposes. Roll it in a strip with width in a neck. Wrap up it the test for 15 - 20 minutes. Then remove, and wipe skin with the cotton wool moistened with the diluted (1:2) lemon juice.

Are useful to a neck oil compresses. Heat peach, olive or any other vegetable oil to 40 - 45 , impregnate with it a thin layer of the cotton wool or a gauze put in several layers, and impose from a chin to a clavicle for 20 minutes. From above it is desirable to put polyethylene and to record bandage or a kerchief.

After a compress do not forget oh, so-called, a pokhlestyvaniya a chin towel. Curtail a towel (small, is better children`s terry) a strip, wet the center it in salty water (a salt teaspoon on a glass) and, having taken it under a chin for the ends, strongly, part with the resolute movements hands in the parties. Do so from 3 to 5 minutes. Well daily, even when there is no time for a compress. You feel soon that skin of a neck became more elastic.

A how to be if skin of a neck is more dark than the person? Before applying the softening cream, wipe it with lemon or cucumber juice. If pigmentary spots are strongly allocated, moisten the gauze napkin put in several layers with 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen and impose on sites with spots for about five minutes. And then surely oil nutritious cream or vegetable. Repeat such procedures at least 2 - 3 - x once a week.

A here recipe of a quick compress. Cut cucumbers very thin circles, densely stick around them a neck and fix by bandage or a kerchief. In 20 - 30 minutes remove everything, and grease skin with cream.

U you in the menu mashed potatoes? Do not forget about a neck. Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil or the shaken-up egg to a small amount of mashed potatoes, well stir and apply on a neck hot, from above put a piece of cotton fabric. And, if there is time, lie down. In 20 minutes wash up a neck warm water.

of We acquainted you only with some cunnings which will help to keep a young-looking look and to emphasize the advantages given by the nature. On it, believe, not much time is required. Slightly - slightly will power and persistence, hope, you not to borrow?