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Why weight does not leave?

On what only tricks we do not go to lose extra kilos! Modern diets, compound saloon ukhoda, even tablets and pokhudatelny mixes. And weight at best stands still, and in the worst - persistently comes back as a dreadful dream. And all because often in a pursuit of result we forget to find out the reasons. Forewarned is forearmed, and therefore we will list those from them which the industry of beauty does not mention.

of 1. Hormonal imbalance.


- head hair lose volume, and on a face and a body, on the contrary, strenuously grow;

- excess weight is formed on man`s type, i.e. the figure is rounded around a stomach;

- tendency to acne rash;

- an irregular menstrual cycle.

can say These symptoms that your ovaries produce too much men`s hormone of testosterone. At the same time weight increases as if imperceptibly, but if in time not to sound the alarm, then serious problems with health will begin.

Exit: visit to the gynecologist - the endocrinologist who will take blood test and will carry out ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis. In many cases the special diet, vitamins and physiotherapeutic procedures restore normal structure of ovaries. And in some cases not to do without medical supplies - " antihormones;. If to combine them with a complex of physical exercises, then it is possible to dump not only the excess weight, but also the collected charge of unspent energy. And it is good both for a figure, and for mentality, agree.

of 2. Hypothyroidism.


- fragility of hair and nails;

- excessive dryness of skin;

- a constant fever;

- excess 3 - 5 kg around a stomach and buttocks of which it is almost impossible to get rid.

It means that at you function of a thyroid gland can be broken (hypothyroidism). Insufficient activity of a thyroid gland reduces efficiency of a metabolism in an organism: in fabrics surplus of fat and water which one diet " collect; to expel it is impossible, and you feel too broken regularly to go in for physical culture.

Exit: besides visit to the endocrinologist. It is especially necessary if to you already for 30, you live in the big city, have autoimmune diseases (diabetes, anemia, a syndrome of chronic fatigue) or just too often catch a cold. As soon as work of a thyroid gland is corrected, and you will return to a healthy lifestyle, also yours will return ideal weight.

of 3. Puffiness.


- floated figure contours, pastosity;

- short wind;

- violation of an urination.

First of all, is result of a surplus of water in body tissues. And here the reasons can be different. If you you swell up from any liquid accepted inside - most likely, function of kidneys is broken. Short wind speaks about violations of work of heart. And unexpected increase in volume of a waist can demonstrate that at you the liver is sore.

Is also other reason of pastosity which all lovers of equipment rooms need to consider the express - weight loss techniques. If you excessively are fond of lymphatic drainage procedures, then once there will come compensatory limfostaz, i.e., violation of normal activity of a lymph. Thus, you do not solve, and aggravate a metabolism problem.

Exit: just know weak places the organism and whenever possible do not self-medicate. If you are to expel liquid from an organism fanatically and only from time to time, you only do much harm to yourself. Your task: to restore balance of all bodies and systems, well and to try not to load weak links .

of 4. Bad habits.


- long-term administration of drugs and the substances influencing mood (drugs, alcohol, antidepressants, the tablets for weight loss );

- a sharp set of weight within a year;

- violation of work of nervous system (from irritability - to apathy etc.) .

does not want to tell banalities, but nothing on Earth passes completely. Increase in weight - one of side effects of that anesthesia for mentality of which we, due to various reasons, can be fond. Mechanisms of this process at the same time both are difficult, and are simple. The essence is that the metabolism which is constantly urged on by dopes gets used to their existence, and dependence is formed. There is no dope - the organism looks for other compensation. And here you already lose control over yourself in hope for some push from the outside to get it together. And it is the next trap.

Exit: deal fairly with yourself. Answer questions as why happens to you. Nobody, except you, will make it. Also try to abstract from all sources of negative emotions. Excess weight (if you, of course, not are turned on weight loss) is not a source, this consequence.

of 5. Fanaticism.


- the regular and anxious calculation of calories on purpose not to exceed 1000 - 1200;

- appetite violation;

- an emaciated look, unimportant health, hypererethism.

the Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya as she manages to support a fine figure, answered a question somehow: To Sege, not zhravsh! . Respecting this recognition, give everything - we will not take it for the guide to action. At each of us the constitution of a body put by nature. If we do not respect this fact and to give to an organism together with food what it needs, then we will quickly remember a saying: The Thin cow is not a gazelle " yet;.

statistically, on light exists only 5% of women at whom the initial constitution of a figure can conform to today`s standards of symmetry. All others cannot lead themselves to this standard without prejudice to health. Besides, reflect: 98% of the people who lost weight on a diet soon gain it again, and 90% from them in three years weigh more, than before attempt to grow thin.

Therefore it is necessary to care not for kilograms and the imposed criteria, and about own health and health. Systematically, daily and from tomorrow. Without fanaticism, but with common sense and attention to, darling. This attention which we most of all need.