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Why girls love a swing?...

Many typically female traits of character as scientists - anthropologists consider, have under themselves quite explainable biological reasons. We got them from our ancestors - monkeys, and millions of years of evolution could not change sewn up in our brains of the program of behavior

of the Girl a swing adores Shaking
. And it as it appears, is not casual at all. Take away the girlfriend in an amusement park, and she will choose either a roundabout, or a swing - the word, the attractions connected with feeling of flight. It appears, we got passion to such entertainments from far ancestors - monkeys who, being shaken on hands, flew hours from a branch on a branch.

To love soft toys. monkey Cubs the first months of life carry out

on mother`s body, having seized fingers her wool. Therefore many women like to fall asleep, squeezing soft toys in hands. When people grope something warm and woolen, in a brain the program of calm is automatically started. By the way, for this reason many women like to knit.

To gossip.

in the period of an ovulation all females of monkeys experience excitement and thirst for the increased communication. They run from one member of pack to another, trying to discover the most suitable male. If there is no male nearby, then not the problem to communicate and with a female - can be though the girlfriend will prompt where all real men were hidden. And though ovulations at human individuals are less noticeable, the passion to communication and gossips all the same remained.

To tear the hair. If a cub of a monkey to take away

from mother, the kid in horror will seize wool - but already in own. People in a condition of despair, but behind not a manor of wool, begin to tear the hair. And many women, having a stress, go to a hairdressing salon - to correct with own hand shabby hairdress. In a hairdressing salon some ladies begin new life with a campaign - give up work, the husband or have a ball. An instinct - there`s nothing to be done.

To make up lips.

Vulvar lips of a chimpanzee in a condition of an ovulation are poured by blood and become brightly - red. But sometimes it seems to a monkey that the type of her genitals attracts males a little, and she begins to stick out the usual lips. Then all males pay attention to a female, ready to fertilization, at once.

To be capricious.

of the Female of a chimpanzee change sexual partners several times a day. And every time before pairing males enter ritual fight for the right of possession of a female - it is an instinct too. Just the same instinct works and at females - the man - the chimpanzee has to prove the right for fertilization. And though now people have no need before each sexual intercourse to beat a muzzle to the rival, in the head of women the " program still works; test - sex . And if nearby there is no worthy rival, then let in a different way proves the love. Well, for example, let will bring to tea. No, not with a lemon, and with jam. And not with strawberry, and with bilberry. Or you do not love me at all?...

Here such here a trait of character and behavior to us got in inheritance from ancestors. And how men about it tried to be perplexed and to try to correct somehow us, to remake or to improve as it seems to them, at them it will turn out little! As they say, the nature prevails and here you will do nothing - an instinct ))