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How to prepare a tasty shish kebab?

What can be better, than go in serene day with friends or the family to the nature? All the same when: whether in the summer, in the fall or in the spring. If only day was good and the sun shone. And with what how not with shish kebabs, our picnics are associated? We go on shish kebabs and Americans invite friends on a barbecue . Here, probably, and all difference.

Shish kebab! Tasty, juicy, fragrant... Who will resist? And ask whose this dish, and the majority will answer that, of course, the Georgian. It is partly right, but in Caucasian cuisine this dish is called mtsvad . And here word shish kebab Cossacks - Zaporozhetses after the Crimean campaigns of Minikh brought in our dictionary. There is it from the word shish what means spit and shish kebab - it is the fact that on a spit. And it is possible to string on a spit anything: pieces of meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables and even bread. Often soldiers as a spit used the bayonet. Now we call a spit a skewer. And the shish kebab is a popular dish of all people at which the cattle breeding is developed.

And that it barbecue ? Actually it the piece of meat entirely fried on a spit . Here this word is so translated. But it also and any other products roasted on coals. So that`s that! And still barbecues are a picnic during which these dishes prepare and eaten. And for a barbecue as well as for a shish kebab, everything is good.

The most popular and, perhaps, the smartest dish is the pork with a stone roasted on a lattice. Fresh meat is not pickled but only slightly beat off pieces from two parties, strew them with salt and spices and fried on a large amount of coals, constantly overturning that did not burn slightly. And the tomatoes, cucumbers which are largely cut or entirely onions, greens, bread can serve as a garnish.

Quite refined option of a barbecue is fish and seafood. Fresh fish is not pickled too. It is just cleared of scales, take out interiors, washed out and fried. Small fish entirely with the head, and large is cut pieces 2 - 3 cm thick, previously sprinkled lemon juice, salted, sprinkled with spices and oiled vegetable.

In order that the meat roasted on coals was gentle, juicy and sharp, it needs previously to be pickled. So pork shish kebab, mutton prepares, also prepare small chickens and chicken wings. Options of various marinades great variety.

And the simply and fast kefir is. Kefir, but not vinegar. Pieces of meat fill in with kefir, add a large number of the onions cut by rings and spices. Maintain a little and start shish kebabs. In the refrigerator marinade is not put. It is not salted. Salt only meat when string it on skewers. The meat kept in such marinade even within 1,5 hours becomes gentle and soft.

we Will prepare a shish kebab from a pork neck 2 - 3 kg of the cooled pork neck, 2 lemons, salt and ground black pepper. Pieces of low-fat pork we will lay

in ware, we will fill in with juice of 2 lemons, we will mix. From above we will put the onions cut by rings, we will close a cover and several times we will stir up. we Will leave

to pickle for 6 - 8 hours. Before preparation we will salt to taste. In the course of preparation, especially at emergence of fire, meat should be watered with the remained marinade several times.

When giving on a table we will decorate a shish kebab with greens, tomatoes, olives.

Pork shish kebab we Will take

500 g of the pork without bones cut in cubes, 2 h a spoon of a paprika, 1 h a spoon of ground seeds of a coriander, 1,5 h a spoon of ground caraway seeds, 1 h a spoon of the cut ground basil, 1/4 h. spoons of ground ginger. Besides, 1 small crumbled bay leaf, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and fresh ground black pepper, slices of a lemon and laurel leaves will be necessary for a garnish on a big pinch of ground cinnamon, siliculose red pepper and a ground nutmeg.

In a bowl mix all ingredients except pork and lemon slices. Add pork and mix with marinade. Cover a bowl and leave in the refrigerator for 8 - 12 hours, from time to time overturning meat. Warm up a grill. String meat on small skewers. Bake on a hot grill of 7 minutes, without forgetting to overturn until pork is baked, remaining at the same time juicy. Decorate

with lemon slices and laurel leaves. Give hot.

Pork shish kebab with tomatoes

Will be required to 500 g of meat, 4 bulbs, 6 tomatoes, ground black pepper, 2 - 3 garlic gloves, greens.

Pulp of fast pork to rinse, cut small pieces, to add salt, pepper to taste, the onions cut by rings and the fresh tomatoes cut by segments. To put meat in the enameled ware and to leave in the cold place for 6 - 8 hours. the Ready pickled meat to string

on a skewer, to sprinkle mix of vinegar, garlic and pepper. To fry over the heated coals to readiness, periodically turning a skewer.

And mutton

Pulp of kidney part or a hind leg (young pork or mutton) to cut pork shish kebab identical, not really big pieces, to put in the enameled ware, to salt, strew with ground black pepper and it is good to mix. To chop rings onions. On 2 kg of meat to add 1 glass of dry white wine. To mix once again, trampling down meat fingers. To cover capacity and to put to the cold place for 3 - 4 hours. To string pieces of meat on skewers and to fry over the heated coals without flame, them turning all the time. Degree of readiness to define by a cut. The main thing - not to overdry! the Ready shish kebab to remove

from skewers, to lay out on a dish, to decorate with greens and onions.

A shish kebab steppe Take

800 g of pulp of mutton, 2 - 3 bulbs, 0,5 heads of garlic, 100 - 150 of spicy greens, salt, pepper.

Onions, garlic, greens of parsley, fennel, cilantro small to cut, fill with salt and pepper. Mutton to cut

oblong strips 10 - 15 cm long, to wrap in them the prepared forcemeat and to string on a skewer. To fry over the heated coals without flame.

Zapecheny vegetables do not demand any preliminary preparation, but they are tasty and as an independent dish, and as a garnish for meat. For their preparation it is necessary just to string on skewers, alternating, everything that is near at hand: slices of tomatoes, the onions rings cut by pieces vegetable marrows, corn and sweet pepper.

And as the sausages roasted on coals and sausages are tasty and unusual! And between them on skewers it is possible to string also pieces of black bread.

Which - who prefers fresh greens and ketchup to a shish kebab, and someone loves mayonnaise and vinegar. And it is possible to serve various sauces to meat.

Well and how to do us without shish kebab from fish?

The shish kebab from sturgeon Will be required by

to 416 g of sturgeon or a starred sturgeon, 30 g of sour cream, 48 g of onions, greens of parsley, 50 g of sauce tkemat, spices, salt.

1 - y way. Skin sturgeon and delete a cartilage. Then fish is cut on pieces on 50 g, strung on a skewer and fry over coals in a brazier or on a fire. At desire and taste it is possible to mix before frying fish stones with grated onions, salt and pepper. the Ready shish kebab to sprinkle

lemon juice, to give separately salt, spices and greens.

2 - y way. The pulp of fish without skin and cartilages or without costal bones and skin is cut on two thin extended a piece for the portion, salted, black ground pepper, strung on a skewer, greased with sour cream and fried over the heated coals.

remove Ready fish from a skewer, spread on a dish, garnish the shredded rings of onions, decorate with parsley greens. Separately serve sauce of a tkemala or other hot sauce. It is possible to give also on a skewer.

Salmon shish kebab Will be required by

to 1,5 kg of a salmon, 1 jar of olives, 1 lemon, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, spices for fish.

For marinade: 2 - 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 glass of white wine, spices for fish and lemonade.

to Cut the defrozen salmon on pieces, to lay in a deep frying pan with a thick bottom and to fill in with marinade. To sustain in it fish. Then to string pieces of a salmon on skewers, alternating to olives. to Give

to a table in a hot or cold view with olives and a lemon.

I wish you a pleasant outdoor recreation and tasty shish kebabs!