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How to make the Adzharian khachapuris?

of the File of the recipe.

These most tasty pastries belong to Georgian cuisine. A preparation time - 30 minutes. The dish is not among vegetarian. Dish caloric content - 1126 kcal for 1 portion. Quantity of portions - 5.

What is necessary:

of 8 eggs, 1 h l. dry yeast, 1 h l. sugar, 1 glass of warm water, 500 g of flour, 600 g of cheese of suluguni, 3 tablespoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and salt to taste.

What to do:

the Step 1

In a zamesochny dish to pour in warm water. To hammer 1 egg, to add salt and sugar, to pour the sifted flour, then yeast. To mix carefully. To knead smooth elastic dough. To cover and leave in heat the place on 1 h. Test volume during this time has to increase twice. Dough to press down and leave for 30 min.

the Step 2

to Prepare a stuffing. To grate cheese on a large grater, to add 2 eggs. If suluguni not really salty to add a little salt. To mix carefully.

A step 3

Dough once again to press down and divide into 5 equal parts. To roll everyone with a rolling pin, having given to layers the form of a big oval.

A step 4

On each oval to lay out equal quantity of a stuffing, leaving unoccupied edges 3-4 cm wide. To level a surface.

A step 5

to Wrap edges of the test up so that turned out " court shoes;. To grease khachapuri with egg.

A step 6

to Warm an oven to 200 C. To place khachapuri on the oiled baking sheet and to bake 30 min. To rearrange a baking sheet from khachapuri on a table, to hammer into the middle of everyone on 1 egg and to return to an oven. As soon as protein brightens, to get pies. to Give

hot, having put from above on a butter piece.

By the way:

of Khachapuri - it is undoubted, one of the most known Georgian dishes, national pride. The number of recipes passes for one hundred. Opened, closed, with cheese inside, with cheese outside, puff, with fried eggs, with seasonings

Main in khachapuri - cheese. There it is more of it, than the test. And dough at the same time has to pretend as if that it is practically absent. It has to be gentle, almost air. Appetite pleasant to you!