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How to choose natural cosmetics?

in Europe and in Russia all great popularity are won Today by natural cosmetics. And it is not casual. The natural cosmetics is ecologically pure, it perfectly clears, nourishes and moistens skin. Besides the probability of development of complications when using natural cosmetics is practically reduced to zero.

So it natural cosmetics? It is the cosmetics made completely of natural raw materials without any synthetic additives. As raw materials for natural cosmetics serve natural aromatic oils, vegetable oils and juice, extracts of flowers and herbs, spermatst, beeswax, lanolin and other natural substances.

In general all variety of natural cosmetics can be shared into two big groups: cosmetics of a phytogenesis, or phytocosmetics, and cosmetics of an animal origin. In turn, means has the right to be called phytocosmetic if in its structure not less than seventy percent of natural curative components.

The natural cosmetics can be made as experts, and in house conditions. So-called cosmetics hand made gains the increasing popularity and appears even on counters of shops. Advantage of such cosmetics is that you also can make it. On open spaces of the Internet the set of recipes for different types of skin is published. It is especially important that you precisely know what it consists of.

Well, and for those who do not want to bother there is a natural cosmetics a massmarket.

As we choose cosmetics? Convincing advertizing, beautiful packing, reasonable price - three main criteria which stimulate purchase. Actually it is necessary to approach the choice of cosmetics very accurately. First of all, it is worth getting acquainted with the structure specified on a label attentively. Vegetable components in this long list it can not appear. If cream has a pungent smell, it is better to refrain from purchase because the preparation can be low-quality.

Creams and lotions with batchers it is always more preferable, such packing prolongs period of storage, and need to use heavy preservatives disappears. In the price it is better to be guided by the average cost because the qualitative preparation cannot be cheap. At the same time a margin on cosmetics from perfumery brands - payment of the untwisted name.

The Japanese firms not incidentally became legislators of fashion in the world of cosmetics now. The way of life of Japanese does not allow them to devote much time to personal care, but at the same time there is a cult of accuracy, purity and beauty imposing increased requirements to means of household chemicals and cosmetics. This combination of natural components, unique products of the sea and the latest technologies at traditionally high Japanese quality.

Some Japanese brands let out special lines: one, in tempting packing 10 times more at the price, is focused on the European buyer, and another, is simpler in registration and is more available at the price, is issued for domestic market of Japan.