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What wine to pick up to cheese, or the Most harmonious duet in a gastronomy of

the easiest and reliable way to pick up wine to cheese - to follow the example of the French artists from century to century inspired by a glass of wine and a slice of cheese over the crackling roll. For the still lifes they often chose the products traditional for their native land.

Cheese and wine - one of the most harmonious duets in a gastronomy. But even a combination of regional wines and cheeses - a task not from simple, it is so easy to get confused among their numerous types. Cheese and wine can be combined in two different ways: so that they supplemented each other how, for example, goat cheese and Sauvignon blan (both possess the increased acidity) or that they contrasted as sweet sweet wine and strong blue cheese. Ideally tastes have to reveal in the best way in language, without suppressing each other. There are several basic principles of selection of wines to cheeses which will help to set to you the direction in search of ideal combinations.

Not all red wines are in harmony with cheese. It is the best of all to choose light fruit, simple wines as Merlot or pin noir. Such wines are ideally suited to soft cheeses with a mold (Camembert, brie) and firm like Conte or Beaufort.

Fans of saturated tastes will like dense red wines with the high content of tannins (which create the knitting feeling in language) in combination with sharp epuas, a mature kamaber or even a Roquefort cheese. The last, by the way, is traditionally combined with sweet soterny. And in general all blue cheeses, as we know, are attracted to sweet wines, both white, and red.

The mature balanced white wines approach many cheeses. Fresh fruit wines with sourness, type riesling and the white Burgundian - the most universal in respect of compatibility with cheese. White wines of Loire traditionally give with white goat cheeses, for example, Saint - de turen`s pestilence, pulin - Sep - Pierre, kroten shavinyol. Goat cheeses are especially good with a dry white sanser or a myuskada. And the Alsace cheese with the washed crust Muenster is unseparable with the traditional satellite from the same region - a gevyurtstraminer.

Young people dry roze are well combined with soft fresh cheeses from cow`s or goat milk. The combination pink a cat - - Provence and local cheeses banana and a bar is popular in Provence, for example, as a dessert.

Selection of good wine to a cheese plate - the real call for fans of cheeses. It is not simple to choose wine which harmoniously would approach five - six types of cheese at all. In this case two types of wines are recommended or to give, or to limit a cheese plate to three different cheeses supplementing each other. Recently even more often praise ability of white wines to be combined practically with any cheeses.

All the matter is that many cheeses with a high fat content - generally it is soft cheeses - leave in language a peculiar film from fat which does not let to us know all richness of taste of red wine, does it monotonous and simple. It is considered that to white wines, in particular spicy and with sourness, it is possible to disclose better the taste together with cheese. Long ago there passed days when to Camembert gave exclusively bordeaux red - do not refuse to themselves pleasure to taste this cheese together with sated with citrus notes of a pin of a gra from Alsace.

It is necessary to remember that when giving on a table wine and cheese have to be a certain temperature. For red dense wines - it is 18 C. Many white and pink wines need to be cooled. Slightly cooled it is possible to serve both fresh and young cheeses with the blossoming crust, especially in hot summer days.

Despite the existing classical combinations, the predominating word in a subtle art of a harmonious combination of cheese and wine remains behind your own taste. Though many French cheeses are also worthy that enjoyed them without any maintenance, a juicy slice of cheese together with successfully picked up wine - an inevitable occasion to tell themselves: Life is fine! .