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What products do us beautiful? Eight of best

The Person is what he eats . No, the speech not about troubles. The speech about beauty. And about products, which as if are created to care for our neshnost.

of the KIWI: ideal complexion

Action: this small fleecy fruit is rich with vitamin C and beta carotene. Vitamin C stimulates production of collagen which provides elasticity of skin. And still it is the powerful antioxidant necessary for growth and restoration of fabrics and protection against action of the polluted environment. Together with carotene it promotes good complexion.

Alternative: guayava, orange, lemon, blackcurrant, parsley, cabbage.

Method of application: 1 kiwi for breakfast every other day, alternating to a glass of orange juice.

Simple recipe: prepare Long " drink; - pass the kiwis cut by pieces, orange and the peeled apple via the juice extractor and give in a tall glass with the crushed ice.

AVOCADO: gentle skin and silky hair

Action: the pulp of a mature fruit for 30% consists of vegetable fats (including contains valuable oleic acid), which feed and restore cells of fabrics. Avocado will help to forget about dryness of skin and to return gloss to the grown dull hair.

Alternative: vegetable fats contain also in a medicinal ogurechnik, sunflower seeds, olives and colza.

Method of application: to eat 1 avocado two times a week, in the winter - three times a week (if there are no problems with excess weight). To add to salads good vegetable oil (olive, from grape seeds and so forth) .

Simple recipe: from mashed potatoes of avocado, juice of a lemon, olive oil and spices the Mexican sauce to a guakamola turns out.

OYSTERS: healthy hair and nails

Action: at these mollusks in the concentrated look there are all minerals of sea water. Including iodine, fine stimulator of cellular activity, and zinc necessary for formation and development of some fabrics. Oysters - the best choice if you dream of brilliant hair and you want to strengthen the fragile exfoliating nails.

Alternative: mussels, the iodated sea salt, sea cabbage, seaweed.

Method of application: during the oyster season - from October to February - to eat 10 - 12 oysters a week.

Simple recipe: bake oysters with garlick oil in an oven and eat them with seaweed salad or sea cabbage.

EMMENTAL CHEESE: strong nails

Action: firm sweetish cheese - the real concentrate of calcium (more than 300 mg in 25 g of cheese) which, as we know, serves as construction material for bones and teeth. Emmental also strengthens nails and promotes their more rapid growth.

Alternative: other firm cheeses - parmesan, Conte, Beaufort; there is a lot of calcium in any dairy products, and also in green vegetables.

Method of application: on a piece of cheese or on 100 g of cottage cheese twice a day.

Simple recipe: make broccoli casserole with parmesan or emmentaly.

MILLET: elastic and elastic skin

Action: millet is rich with silicon - a microcell which is important part of all connecting body tissues. Together with collagen and elastin it forms framework skin. Thanks to millet its top layer, epidermis, keeps youth and elasticity.

Alternative: barley, brown rice, apricots, corn, germinated seeds of cereals, wheat bran, oats.

Method of application: portion of cereals every day.

Simple recipe: fine option of a breakfast - muesli from oats and millet with pieces of orange and pineapple.

SAUERKRAUT: clean healthy skin

Action: sauerkraut contains lactic acid - the fine clearing means for all organism. This substance strengthens also intestinal flora. What is reflected in a condition of skin: irritations and rashes disappear, complexion improves.

Alternative: cucumbers, yogurt, kefir, kvass, gherkins, olives, soy sauce.

Method of application: a portion of sauerkraut at least once in a week.

Simple recipe: to fill the wrung-out sauerkraut with yogurt or sauce vinaigrette.

CHAMPIGNONS: smooth young skin

Action: in champignons the real elixir of youth - two powerful antioxidants is concluded: pantothenic acid (or B5 vitamin which possesses regenerative properties) and selenium (the oligoelements which are very often used in anti-age cosmetics). These mushrooms prevent emergence of wrinkles and help to keep fresh complexion.

Alternative: cepes, whole grain, beer yeast.

Method of application: half a kilogram of champignons of 1 - 2 time a week.

Simple recipe: make the stuffed champignons, having filled hats of crude mushrooms with forcemeat from a tuna and the hard-boiled egg yolks.

WALNUTS: the moistening means

Action: in walnuts there is a lot of vitamin E, and it nearly the best means against free radicals, highly active molecules which destroy cells of skin. Walnuts are quite fat, they perfectly nourish and moisten skin and maintain its elasticity.

Alternative: oil of wheaten germs, vegetable oils (sunflower, cotton, corn), almonds, peanut, green sheet vegetables.

Method of application: a handful of walnuts or a filbert three times a week.

Simple recipe: make salad from mash - salad with kernels of walnuts and smoked fillet of a duck.