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How use a lemon and a lime?

Lemons in the countries of Europe are used for prevention and treatment of a scurvy since the beginning of the 18th century. The famous captain Cook during global cruise literally rescued the team the fact that he gave to crew lemon juice with sugar.

the Lemon - the chief representative of a sort a citrus, treats it family of rutovy. Tropics and subtropics of China, India and Burma are considered as the homeland of a lemon. Today it is cultivated in the countries of the Mediterranean, USA, South America, in the Caucasus. Culture this ancient - in China lemons grew up in the III millennium B.C. And already then, most likely, the mankind thought of their advantage.

The Chinese doctors used a lemon as means for treatment of pulmonary diseases, and Avicenna considered a lemon as the best medicine from heart . In Ancient Hellas believed that a lemon - excellent antidote. Tell that the criminals condemned to death through a sting of a snake before execution ate lemons and it escaped. We do not know, how about other snakes, but what traditional tea with a lemon if does not rescue from sting a green serpent, at least will help, - it is well-known. And the modern medicine established that the lemon, thanks to the pectins which are contained in it, really brings many slags out of an organism.

A lemon - a necessary component of many dishes. But recently there was a tendency to replace it in recipes on smaller brother - lime.

The lime is often called a small lemon, but it is not absolutely right. Lyme, unlike subtropical lemons, demands tropical climate. There is it, most likely, from Hugo - East Asia. Today the lime is grown up also in the USA. The most widespread grades of a lime - Florida and Persian, with large sour fruits in which it is not enough or at all are not present stones.

The fresh lime has to be strong, with brilliant smooth zheltovato - a green peel. At it the gentle, juicy and well granulated pulp with bitterish taste. The lime quickly spoils therefore you should not buy it for the future, and it is necessary to store in the cool dry place. Collect lime fruits, as a rule, green. In cookery use generally for giving of acid and the refreshing aroma to dishes and drinks. The small green citrus in some salads and cocktails is simply irreplaceable.

In a lime, as well as in a lemon, there is a lot of vitamin C which normalizes a cholesterol exchange in blood, preventing development of atherosclerosis. And potassium in combination with ascorbic acid strengthens blood vessels. Let`s add that the lime soothingly affects nervous system, improves the general health and mood.

In Mexico juice of a lime is applied to preparation of fresh-caught fish. Crude fish is pickled in lime juice all night long, and Chile, leaves of a coriander and tomatoes refuels next day. And here in Gulf States mature fruits of a lime are cooked in salty water, dried on the sun until their interior darkens, and then used for giving of citrus aroma and sour smack to haricot and meat dishes. In Iran and Northern India powder of a lime flavor rice. The lime is especially popular in Thailand. Spice from lime leaves - the kaffir - is added almost to each Thai soup, fried food.

Only consider that it is better for fresh to eat a lime: at thermal treatment about 60% of ascorbic acid are lost. And it is necessary to cut it just before giving on a table.

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In Europe the capital of lemons the French city Manton is recognized - every year in February passes " here; lemon festival: parks and gardens are decorated with the sculptures made of lemons, festive parades and fireworks are arranged. Fruits on all this magnificence 130 tons leave even! But French are not sorry - in French riviera collect three harvests a year.


Salty lemons

Carefully to wash up 10 lemons, to cut everyone on 6 - 8 segments. To rub each segment with salt, then to spread out them on the sterilized one-liter jars. To add 2 tablespoons of salt and 5 - 6 tablespoons of lemon juice to each can; to fill in with the boiling water up to the top. Then banks to roll up and leave a minimum for 2 weeks. For uniform distribution of salt and juice banks should be overturned daily. Before giving on a table of a segment of salty lemons to wash up, and to remove pulp. The salty fragrant dried peel of lemons is very good in seafood soup or in dishes of the Moroccan and Tunisian cuisines.

Salty juice can be added to seasonings of salads.