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What do we know about red caviar?

Are caviar every day moreover spoons, was dream of many Soviet citizens. Both black, and red caviar were terrible deficiency. The wretchedness of the Soviet counter was replaced by luxury of Russian. For example, red caviar is on sale in many shops and whether slightly in each commercial booth. Buy yes you eat with spoons, there would be money. Well, and if in the course of eating there are some questions, - intellectual hunger can be satisfied slightly below.

What red caviar is?

Red caviar - the valuable foodstuff combining biologically active agents, amino acids, lipids, vitamins (And, With, D), phosphorus, potassium, folic acid and the lecithin received when processing caviar of salmons (a Siberian salmon, a humpback salmon, the salmon, a chinook, a silver salmon, a salmon) solution of table salt with the subsequent addition of preservatives. Caviar does not contain carbohydrates and harmful fats. Also has high (about 1/3) protein content. Surpasses meat in the caloric content and power value.

How caviar depending on breeds of fishes differs?

Caviar of a humpback salmon - the most popular in Russia. Brightly - orange color, medium-sized grains.

Caviar of a Siberian salmon - oranzhevo - red color, the largest grains.

Caviar of the salmon - medium-sized is sated - red grains.

What main requirements to the production technology of caviar?

1. It is necessary to take caviar from fish within the first three hours after catch.

2. The brine (brine) has to be drawn not less than 10 - ti days.

3. Sterility of caviar shops.

Red caviar is subdivided into two grades: the first and second. In what differences?

Distinctive signs of the first grade are:

Caviar always same species of fishes. Berries are whole, uniform in color, without films and clots of blood. For caviar of the salmon and a silver salmon heterogeneity of color is admissible. Consistence: berries are elastic, with slightly damp or dry surface, separating one from another (razboristy). The mass fraction of table salt varies from 4,0% to 6,0%.

Distinctive signs of the second grade are:

Mixture of caviar of two species of fish is allowed. Appearance: non-uniform color, existence of pieces of a film and covers of berries of lopanets, insignificant sediment. Consistence: berries can be weak, damp. Viscosity of caviar is admissible (within preservation of granular structure). The mass fraction of table salt varies from 4,0% to 7,0%.

Whether exist Russian traditions on processing of red caviar?

It is natural. The tradition of salting of caviar in Russia appeared approximately in 15 - m a century. Fish ripped up and took out yastyk in which there are millions of berries in natural to packing from thin films, put in special a sieve and carefully pounded hands. Berries failed, and the film remained in a sieve. Red caviar was lowered in prokipyachenny saturated solution of salt, dried and mixed with vegetable oil that berries did not stick together.

Whether there are distinctions in ways of salting of caviar? red caviar is subdivided by

On the content of salt on traditional and fresh-salted. The last differs in softer and gentle taste, it is considered a dietary product.

As usual are defined quality of caviar?

1. Taste.

2. Salinity.

3. Razboristost.

What there are options of packing of ready caviar?

1. A traditional tin jar it is green - red color.

2. Glass jar.

3. Keg.

Properly to serve red caviar?

According to the European standards, when laying caviar is dosed at the rate of 1 ounce on 1 guest. For laying it is recommended to use a nonmetallic spoon (that caviar did not have smack of metal). As a rule, it is served in glass ikornitsa or small salad bowls.

With what products it is combined? Caviar is well combined by

with oil or sour cream. It is recommended to serve in tartlets, on toasts or ship`s biscuits, with pancakes.

According to the European standards, big portions of caviar move on special pallets, cooled. In France the tradition of laying of red caviar from a fu - a gra or baguettes is entered.

Alternative, everyday options of laying - with boiled hard-boiled eggs or the small baked potatoes.

With what drinks red caviar is combined?

Red caviar is traditionally given with the cooled vodka or champagne.