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How there live Cypriots?

Customs of Cypriots are rather conservative, and one of manifestations of it is desire to leave to women only household chores and care of children. There is not a lot of businessmen, managers of an average and top management or members of the government among women. In a family the woman plays an important role. In Cyprus purely man`s coffee houses (Kafenion) where Cypriotes cannot come still remain. But driving cars the woman in Cyprus can be seen much more often than in Russia.

A state language of the Republic of Cyprus - Greek. The dominating religion in the southern part of Cyprus is Orthodoxy. Though in churches it is often possible to see young people, nevertheless the religion does not take now such place in thoughts of Cypriots any more as before. The younger generation, as well as everywhere in the world, chooses other priorities. Greeks - Cypriots are efficient and cheerful, they are hardworking and are a good judge of rest. At the end of the day when the sun sits down and the heat leaves, Cypriots go to taverns, often all family, including children, and spend the whole evening there. There it can be noisy, but always - it is decent and safe. In Cyprus very much love the Greek music and the Greek dances. Any festivities do not do without them. The deification comes when the Sirtaki sounds. If passions reach the highest heat, the ware is used - under legs to dancers throw the plates scattering into smithereens.

Working week in Cyprus makes 40 hours, at the same time in summertime the lunch break from - for day heats lasts three hours, with 13. 00 to 16. 00. Besides, on Wednesdays practically all work only to 13. 00, and the second half of day is devoted to rest. The minimum annual vacation makes 15 days.

After division of the island in 1974 the compelled population shift led to the fact that each of parts of Cyprus - northern and southern - became ethnically uniform: the vast majority of Greeks - Cypriots lives in the south, and the Turk - in the north. Today two parts of the divided Cyprus are actually two different countries, everyone with the tenor of life and reference points in policy.

The southern part of the island - the Republic of Cyprus - violently developing state. Thanks to a big flow of tourists from around the world (more than 2 million people a year) the standard of living of Greeks - Cypriots grew, and the revenue per capita reaches the sum equivalent of $12000. The minimum wage is defined legislatively and makes about $450; the salary in $1000-1500 which allows the man to provide a family is considered worthy (it is meant that the wife does not work, and is engaged in a household). Many of Cypriots have own houses (apartments in apartment houses do not enjoy popularity), and it is not enough families which do not have at least one car.

Northern Cyprus which proclaimed itself the Republic of Turkey which is not recognized as any country of the world except Turkey is much less adapted for reception of tourists. To the person who appeared to the north of the line dividing the island first of all the abundance of people in a military uniform is evident - Turkey holds in Northern Cyprus 30 - the thousand army case. There is absolutely other tenor of life. It is Islamic Cyprus where influence of the East is shown very distinctly. After the partition of the country in northern part more than 80 thousand residents of continental Turkey who introduced in life of Turks - Cypriots the habits and addictions were moved.

Turks - Cypriots are orientally unpretentious, and it is reflected in appearance of the cities which do not look such pure and well-groomed as Limassol or Larnaca. In addition to everything, Northern Cyprus experiences serious economic difficulties that cannot but affect life of the Turkish community. The revenue is per capita three times lower, than in the Republic of Cyprus, and unemployment is five times higher. It gives a reason to detached onlookers to call Northern Cyprus the forgotten province of Turkey .