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How it is correct to bake a biscuit? No problem!

to Bake an easy, air biscuit - a difficult task. Here both experience, and skill is necessary, and, above all, dough should learn to be felt. The more often you will bake biscuits, the they will be better to turn out at you. Well, also governed which - what need to be known.

- Products, certainly, have to be fresh and the superior quality, and ware (bowls, a nimbus or the mixer) - absolutely pure, without traces of fat and water.

- The baking dish - preferably demountable - needs to be prepared in advance: to cover it special paper or to grease with soft butter and to sprinkle slightly with flour.

- The sequence of mixing of ingredients is very important. At first eggs are shaken up (they have to be room temperature!) then sugar, and is added to the latest turn - flour (it is better - wheat).

- For bigger splendor flour should be sifted through a sieve and to mix with starch.

- It is the best of all to shake up eggs the mixer. If it is absent, then a nimbus, but stock up with patience because it is necessary to shake up long. Egg weight has to increase in volume three times, to become whitish color and to remind well whipped cream on texture.

- Sugar mixes up previously with vanilla sugar and is added to egg mix gradually.

- Yaichno - sugar mix is shaken up not less than 10 minutes.

- We add flour gradually, having reduced mixer turns to a minimum. It is necessary to knead dough no more than 15 - 20 sec. that the biscuit did not turn out too dense. Skilled confectioners advise flour to stir hands (no more than two minutes), but skill is for this purpose necessary, otherwise dough will lose the ease and lightness.

- If you want to add a dried peel, then it is the best of all to do it after flour is stirred.

- Ready dough should not stand at all. It needs to be poured immediately in a baking dish and to put carefully in an oven. At the same time it is necessary to remember that the biscuit is afraid of jolting and can to settle even from sharp cotton of a door of an oven. Therefore be attentive: any excess movements!

- The first 30 minutes of baking in an oven you do not approach at all and do not open a door at all. Otherwise instead of a biscuit at you the omelet will turn out.

- It is the best of all to bake a biscuit in the convection mode. The first half an hour - at 180 C then to reduce temperature to 160 C.

- If dough rises hump it means that your oven heats up unevenly. Next time put an additional baking sheet on the top level. If the biscuit burns slightly from below, establish below the small heat resisting container with water.

- It is necessary to leave a ready biscuit in an oven for 10 - 15 minutes. Then to get and to take carefully from a form.

- It is the best of all to cut a biscuit on cake layers by means of a special string.

- If you bake a biscuit for roll, then before addition of flour it is necessary to put the oil kindled and cooled to room temperature in dough.

- Egg sponge for roll is baked on the baking sheet laid by parchment. In 10 minutes after the end of baking the biscuit should be got from an oven, to remove from a baking sheet, having left at the same time on parchment. Without cooling, to grease with jam or jam and to curtail roll, carefully separating from paper.

- If you want to bake a chocolate biscuit, previously mix flour with cocoa - powder.

- It is simple to define readiness of a biscuit: it is reddened from above, by easy pressing the dent does not remain a finger on it, and the wooden stick when piercing remains dry.

For egg sponge it is required to you: 10 eggs, 250 g of sugar, 2 h l. vanilla sugar, 250 g of flour, 1 tablespoon of starch.

For roll - 500 more g of butter, for the chocolate test + 2 tablespoons of cocoa - powder.

That`s all cunnings, now you know how to prepare a biscuit. It`s a go? Bon appetit!