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How it is correct to choose cruise?

Sea cruises were always considered as the optimum choice for the tourists wishing to visit for one holiday at once several countries. And since cruises ceased to be represented by unrealizable dream for the Russian tourists, onboard liners of almost any cruise campaign it is possible to meet also our compatriots. However, having become more available, cruises for the present remain not absolutely habitual type of rest and raise many questions.

How it is correct to choose cruise, the liner, a cabin?

Regardless of the size, all large liners provide main types of services: placement, food, excursions in ports, entertainments onboard. About standards of service it is possible to judge by a liner class ( " standard; premium and luxury ) .

The best service is provided by the ships where no more than two passengers are the share of one member of team. If the comfort and service are important for you, then it is worth choosing higher class of the liner and type of a cabin, perhaps, having offered cruise duration. If you want to see more for smaller money, then it is possible to stop on more modest conditions of placement.

Duration of cruises makes usually from 7 to 14 nights (though there are less, and much longer travel), and for the first experience it is better to stop on short option.

What in cruise tourism there are discounts and price markups? Practically all large companies offer

discounts for early booking (usually this term - half a year and more). At the same time you risk nothing - before penalties it is possible to refuse armor and to receive back the paid money. Many large companies have the " programs; loyal passengers (i.e. offer discounts for again traveling tourists with them). All cruise companies allow discounts to the third (fourth) passenger in a cabin.

Any price markups in the company respecting itself does not happen. However in some cases tariffs can be raised. It concerns port collecting, government duties and taxes. Their sizes are established by the government of each country and are not competence of the cruise company.

Besides, in the cruise industry are widespread tip . On average, the size of tip - about $10 from the passenger per day. By one ships envelopes for tip to you will put in a cabin in the last day of cruise, on others - tip will be automatically added to your onboard account. Besides, 15% of tip are automatically added to the account at the order in the bar.

What additional expenditure expect us onboard? If you use

paid services onboard, then at the end of cruise you receive the detailed onboard account. Practically at any time it is possible to order drinks and snack in a cabin. For an additional fee on modern liners offer improving procedures in SPA - the centers. It is possible to use services of beauty shop or a hairdressing salon, to hand over clothes in a laundry or a dry-cleaner. On the majority of large liners casinos are equipped. Everywhere there are onboard duty free shops, various boutiques, it is possible to spend money in the bar or restaurant (by the way, it is strictly forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks on board from the coast!) .

Besides, is not included the cost of coastal excursions in the price of cruise.

Whether there are some privileges and restrictions for children? all cruise companies offer

At accommodation of the child by the third or fourth passenger considerable discounts. Age to which the passenger is considered the child (13, 16, 18 years), the companies define. There are also such companies which offer free accommodation of children till 18 years in a cabin with two adults.

Children are younger than 6 months (in some companies - 2 years are younger) aboard are not allowed. For safety in cruise also pregnant women whose pregnancy term at the time of the end of cruise will exceed 6 months are not allowed.

How to behave in ports of call?

you can independently walk on the city, at any time coming to the coast and coming back aboard. An exit and an entrance occurs on onboard plastic cards. When the liner cannot approach a pier, during the whole time of the parking between the ship and the coast powerboats ply.

The main thing - to return on the liner no later than to half an hour before departure. The liner of late does not wait, and it is necessary to catch up with it in the following port at own expense.

What clothes to take with itself in cruise? to

For walks on the deck best of all will be suitable footwear on a low heel and a nonskid sole. And for the rest, clothes and cruise footwear differ in nothing from equipment in the usual resort. The sports and casual clothes are required. The sweater or a jacket can be useful for cool evenings. Do not forget also about a bathing suit and a headdress from the sun. The free or semi-formal clothes will be suitable for a dinner at restaurant, however receptions and with an evening dress code are carried out.

If visit on the bank of temples and monasteries is supposed, it is necessary to take with itself the corresponding clothes.

How medical care onboard is organized?

the Medical center for the solution of extreme or urgent medical problems is onboard each ship. If necessary the onboard doctor will write out the direction in clinic in the nearest port, in extreme cases - will cause the helicopter from the coast. It should be taken into account that medical aid onboard - paid.

Anyway, all passengers are obliged to have the health insurance. It is also necessary to mean that for visit of some countries it is necessary to do vaccination and to hold certificates on existence of the corresponding vaccination.

Whether it is possible to avoid seasickness during heavy sea? the Majority of cruises take place

in warm quiet waters, a lot of time the ships are in ports. Besides, liners are equipped with rolling stabilizers. But, of course, for 100% nobody can guarantee lack of rolling.

The best seasickness medicine are walks on the open deck facing wind. Onboard any liner there will be motion sickness pills, as a last resort, the doctor will be able to give to you an injection. One more method of fight against seasickness are special bracelets which fasten on forearms and press on special points.

And how the situation in cruise with sports activities and entertainments is? with

onboard modern cruise liners equipped numerous sports grounds, fitness - clubs, gyms, outdoor and indoor pools (the truth, it is forbidden to dive into them from - for small depths). There is also a jacuzzi with hot water.

The circle of entertainments is onboard also wide and various. These are nightly shows, a disco, concerts. The set of games, sports tournaments, competitions and competitions are during the day carried out. Professional coaches and animators work with children.

How to call from a liner board by phone and to go on-line?

the Majority of cruise liners are equipped with a direct satellite communication system.

During the parking in port it is possible to call also on a radio telephone. Satellite communication more expensive, but also more accurate, also continues to work when the liner is in the sea. The cost of minute of conversation via the satellite - from $5 to $15. It is necessary to pay this sum and in case called you.

The Internet cafe is onboard all European liners. On many of them there is a possibility of connection to the Network in a cabin, and also the wireless Internet. The payment for the Internet in cruise averages 30 - 50 cents.

Well, that`s all, pleasant rest!