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What do women try to change in men?

the Woman seeks to change some habits, properties of character and so forth in the man who goes with her on life nearby. It can occur as it is conscious, and unconsciously. It is very important to men to be defined whether you agree with these changes or not. If is not present, then it is necessary to place all points over " at once; i as procrastination of a solution can lead to crash of the relations.

So, about what women like to change and as to cope with it.

1. Your style in clothes

you consider what black is combined with darkly - blue color? You believe that it is possible to wear the same shirt three days in a row? If you are really sure that you have a faultless sense of style or the original innovative approach (that is confirmed also by other disinterested persons), then stick to the point of view.

How to keep the style. Avoid joint visits of shop behind purchase of clothes. If the woman gives you any article of clothing as a gift, then, of course, nothing remains to you how to smile and tell thanks. However it is possible to hint tactfully that it is not your color, etc.

2. Your eating habits

the Woman tries to exclude fried meat and French fries from your menu. Believe, it does it for the best, health cares for yours. You should reconcile to some dietary products if she completely is responsible for cooking.

the Exit can become: 1. To prepare sometimes most, at least, the favourite dishes. 2. To participate in purchase of products.

It is also possible to tell it that you very much love this or that dish, well it is simple live without it you cannot. It, perhaps, will rouse it more loyally to treat your preferences. Moreover, eating outdoors, it is possible to choose what to you will want. The question is in as far as it is useful.

3. Your friends the Woman tries to allocate for

you from your friends - bachelors and encourages only meetings with married friends. It often happens. Everything speaks simply. The woman feels fear that your friends - bachelors can badly influence you, and in general it is not clear to her where you with them go Bachelors are perceived as threat to the relations, only - only beginning to be formed.

If you noticed it from its party, without postponing, discuss this question. In a quiet manner let it know that your friends for you are so important, as well as her unmarried girlfriends for it. Your friends have some qualities which you appreciate them. And in general, so not easy to find good people. List merits of your friends. Only it is not necessary to include their ability to drink a beer bucket in this list. You can also take it on picnic, communicate to friends. One or the other: or after that she will cease to be afraid of them, or will forever bring in a black list.

4. Your hobbies She can want

that you had general hobbies, but it does not mean at all that you have to forget about in what you liked to be engaged earlier.

Distribute the time so that you could and communicate to it and to help where it is necessary, and to be engaged in yours in the general hobbies that she did not feel that neglect it when you go on a match, etc.

One more option - that your hobbies became also its hobby.

5. Small addictions

If it against you sometimes vanished on all night long with friends, constantly saws and carps at it, and you do not want to concede, then can criticize also its small addictions (addictions to sweet, shopping, suntan, etc.) however in an easy, playful form, as women - beings sensitive.

Such addictions as alcohol intake, drugs and smoking do not belong to this section. It is necessary or to get rid of these habits, or not to get the serious relations with somebody at all.

6. Viewing a porn and campaigns in a striptease - clubs

She feels jealousy and threat to the relations when you look at naked women. You have to make so that this your habit did not disturb her.

If such problem arises in the relations, it needs to be discussed at once, to explain that the barchelor party in a striptease - club does not involve change with other woman and does not threaten the relations. You can take it with yourself in a striptease - club that she looked how you behave in this situation and as far as her fears are serious. Also you can watch a porn together.

These councils will help you to work in case you do not want to change. However do not forget that the strong relations consist of ability to concede each other in this or that question.