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Who such burma?

the Cat - one of the few animals whose simple contemplation is capable to bring huge esthetic pleasure.

Burma possesses not only delightful appearance, but also pronounced identity. Who at least once saw a burma, will never forget it and at a mention of it will at once imagine strong, the put animal, with the tremendous silky hair playing on the sun and the look of golden eyes getting into the heart is fine.

Beauty of a burmansky cat - golden mean a combination of classical elegance and severity in clothes. In it there is nothing too . It has not the longest tail, and it is not absent, its sizes not the largest and not small, its wool not the longest, but also not the shortest. But everything will begin with her eyes. Inquisitive, clever, its confident look medovo - amber eyes will concern your soul. Never you will meet a burma with a blank tired look, with the evil offended eyes and silly absent look. Undoubtedly, eyes - a window to the soul of this cat and the road to your heart.

And except eyes you will see tremendous wool, gentle and silky. Such texture and quality of wool are inherent only in a burma. On the sun at the movement of an animal each hair will play special burmansky gloss . Pleasure from the first touch to its soft, a smooth hair under which the dense, well-muscled and strong body cannot be forgotten! The Burmansky hair is very effective: densely adjoins, perfectly transfers depth of color and does not hide a slender, graceful body. Besides, care of such wool more than is simple: rare washing as required, weekly combing by a rubber brush and polishing by suede. As burm this procedure is pleasant to the majority and is habitual since the childhood, such minutes grooming turn into moments of pleasant communication with the favourite.

Interesting feature of a burmansky cat - weight. It cannot be defined by eye, especially if it is a cat. And cats, as we know, possess the most pronounced pedigree qualities. And so, burmansky weight always will be for you a surprise because is not determined by the animal sizes.

Burma is always heavier, than it seems. Americans call them - the brick which is wrapped up in " silk;.

And now about the main thing - about character of burmansky cats what they are loved around the world for. Character of a burma so strongly is assigned to it that even when crossing with other cat breeds the posterity keeps burmansky temper irrespective of transfer of external signs of breed. Burma is called a cat - a dog because above all it needs society of the person, and also other animals, whether it be a cat or a dog.

Burm can be taken safely in already developed group of pets even if it is cats aged or large dogs. Burma very much a kontaktn also adores winning love of people around. She at heart - the conqueror, likes to win hearts and space, the burma will not calm down until it achieves the. This is a cat - the leader, with very strong will and power. Unnoticed it cannot just remain, too her bright identity. And in it there is nothing bad because, once having got to fall in love she will never disappoint and will not betray.

Burma adores people. And if for it there is some hierarchy, then the person, certainly, on the first place. She also reminds these a dog and so differs from other cat`s. On the house of a burm will follow you, to participate in all affairs, these cats very much are thrifty . They perfectly get on with children and divide with them all games. At the same time it is impossible to forget that the child, especially very small, can involuntarily hurt a cat and that will hit back . And so is not about burm, their patience in relation to children does not have a limit.

Burma does not depart from the person, likes to sit at him on a lap, to sleep together with him, best of all, having nestled and to be stuck with a forehead into a face - to butt . Burmansky cats are highly intellectual, cheerful, curious and gentle animals. The playing burma reminds at the same time and the clown and the acrobat: the purposeful look, accuracy in the movements dismissed as at a squirrel, a tail and absolutely unpredictable jumps and somersaults. Despite weight and the seeming awkwardness, burma very jumping and dexterous, they like to work for public. The majority of their jumps in a pursuit of a toy - especially for you, for the enthusiastic audience. Burma without effort carry the toys for you as dogs, and if to work, then and the " team; aport! carry out.

Bright, devoted, enterprising, playful, cheerful creations - these burma!