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Whether there is life on Mars?

the American scientists made the sensational discovery which is carefully hidden till today. It demonstrates that on Mars everything is there is life!

Interplanetary station Mariner - 2 had to spend three years on Mars, and after one and a half years spent on the Red planet already nobody doubted that the spacecraft completely will perform a task. Its flight from Earth to Mars took place without knot and a hitch, failures were not.

However experts who contacted with Mariner - 2 something disturbed. Something strange appeared in behavior of the device: communication delay, unforeseen inclusion of system of search of Earth, vague teleimage. However the telemetry constantly reported that all onboard systems normal and are not present need to pass to reserve.

Main objective Marinera - 2 search of proteinaceous connections on Mars was, in other words, more than two thirds of the scientific equipment were ready for search of signs of life on the Red planet. Therefore it is quite natural that the first communication sessions with Mariner - 2 caused huge interest: suddenly it will find something?

However time went, and messages, the noteworthy press and the public, everything did not arrive. And soon about Marinere - 2 forgot. Here - that events which plunged into full confusion even of worldly-wise space experts also began to take place. Whether it is space gave us the next surprise, whether the Martian station decided to play an artful joke with people of Earth, but as a result of already many years biologists and specialists in thermal regulation, physicians and astrophysics argue among themselves, entomologists and TV men, and cannot come to a uniform conclusion. And all because if reliable information, then all our ideas of the universe it is necessary to reconsider!

During the scheduled telesession with station to great amazement of the operator on the screen the terrible physiognomy appeared. The man even understood not at once that it... head of an ant.

Before communication was interrupted, the image of an ant was observed in Houston by ten seconds. The public this information was not disclosed. Next day in system failure was found, however it was rather a plus, than minus. In the beginning temperature detector refused, then it turned on, the TV screen was darkened. All this just also demonstrated that onboard station there is a living being. That the classified information did not leak out into the press, demanded to replace with NASA the operator.

However if someone thought that appearance of an ant is a mistake of the operator, then they were deeply mistaken: the ant appeared on the screen again, and it even managed to be photographed. NASA carefully discussed a situation. If to report about an ant, then Russians will accuse the USA that the station was very badly sterilized. Itself NASA considered that the ant is delivered from Earth. However " firm; Martin - Marietta sponsoring Mariner - 2 considered that NASA tries to settle with it scores. She claimed that processing of station was carried out ideally and no ant could transfer weeds, lasting many months. Not to be involved in scandal, forbade to mention NASA malfunctions on Marinere - 2 and then at all declared the termination of the program of works at Martian station as its resources allegedly ran low.

However there passed two months, and the Martian station itself contacted. Operators of the center saw on the screen of an ant again... After that Mariner - 2 became silent forever.

So about what tells appearance of an ant on screens of long-distance space communication? And whether there was an ant there actually?

For all history of mankind more than hundred famous scientists were deeply convinced that within Solar system except people also other reasonable beings live. And ancient in general it is possible to find the following statement in letters: It would be so unreasonable to Consider Earth as the only inhabited world in infinite space, as well as to believe that on the enormous field only one wheaten ear " grows; (Metrodor Hiossky).

Our life is full of secrets and riddles. We know that organic forms of existence are found in ices of Antarctica and in fiery elements of volcanoes. There are even life forms which do without oxygen. Therefore the probability at least of primitive life forms on Mars is very high. Rather even the probability of its absence is small.

As for a Martian ant, his emergence could change radically all our ideas of life in Solar system and in the Universe in general. Perhaps, for this reason information from Mars did not believe?