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How to make a New Year`s gift with own hands? Advice to children of

Before holidays it is necessary children most difficult. At adults everything is transparent - how many money in a purse appeared, and gifts will be such. Children have no money therefore it is necessary to forget about purchased gifts. It is necessary to manage own hands and the imagination.

Not so it and simply, " ingredients; for a gift have to be near at hand or, at least, readily available. But if to strain imagination, then the excellent gift can be made, having at the order a piece of a cardboard, paint, polyfoam, cotton wool, glue, several branches which are cut off from the next tree or a bush and chalk or salt.

The first that is required to be made, - to prepare a basis. That is we take a piece of a cardboard and accurately we paint it white paint. It is possible to use gouache, a water color and if there was an acrylic paint from repair - absolutely perfectly. Instead of a cardboard it is better to use plywood, but it not at everyone near at hand.

There comes the polyfoam turn further. Podstavochka under future ikebana will be made of it. These podstavochka are cut out by scissors of the necessary size and a form, and then pasted to a cardboard or plywood basis. For gluing it is impossible to use " glue at all; Moment - it dissolves polyfoam. An optimal variant - PVA glue. White, under color of a basis, holds absolutely reliably.

Now - branches. They are cut off to the necessary sizes, everyone is covered with glue and falls off in salt or chalk. We used dioxide of the titan. But it that at whom near at hand appeared. After branches dry, they are established in foam podstavochka. And here - we already have a winter forest.

Snowdrifts are made of the cotton wool pasted to a cardboard or plywood basis, and then covered with glue and strewed with salt or chalk. Then all basis is coated with glue and falls down salt or chalk. Availability of strong hold hairspray simplifies process: after cotton wool is pasted to a basis and it was given the necessary form, everything is simply filled in with hairspray. As a result cotton wool does not rastrepyvatsya, and on the condensed varnished surface it is much easier to miss the mark with glue.

If it was succeeded to elicit at mother a transparent varnish with spangles - very well. Dab there, dab here - and here all winter picture played festive gloss. If there is no varnish - too anything terrible. The landscape is perfectly decorated with mountain ash berries.

Well and the finishing New Year`s stroke - a fir-tree. It is made of plasticity together with multi-colored toys, it is baked in an oven, and then it is pasted in the center of a winter landscape. It is possible to use a ready small fir-tree (are on sale in souvenir departments of shop), the varnished fir-tree branches from which the New Year tree gathers, and toys in this case are made of multi-colored paper. The fir-tree can be made of the foil which remained after eating of chocolate, or green paper also.

The fir-tree can be made of paper or a foil as follows. The strip of paper or a foil sticks together in the high cylinder, then the top part of the cylinder approximately to the middle is made an incision on very narrow stripes which are curved outside. Several such cylinders inserted one into another will make a quite good fir-tree.

The simplest decoration of a landscape - a snowman. It is made of plasticity, baked in an oven. The broom is made of the remains of branches and handed to a snowman after roasting. And if also to varnish a snowman with spangles, then he becomes super - elegant.

It is also possible to put Father Frost and the Snow Maiden (are made of plasticity), then berries of a mountain ash date - " gives all the best; 2012! - and the gift is ready.