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First New year of the kid. How to celebrate it?

Ahead New year, so are time to get out of a web of week young mummy and to prepare the kid for a meeting with a wonderful holiday. More it is a holiday for children. We, adults, already forgot how - to wait it at Father Frost`s door, listening to each rustle in the apartment, and having woken up since morning to rush to a fir-tree with hope to find there that what wrote the old man in the letter about.

Now our task - to present to the child the New Year`s fairy tale and together with him to endure these magic moments of the childhood again.

Of course if your child absolutely still the baby, is better to postpone acquaintance to New Year`s traditions until the next year when he already understands something. But do not deprive of the kid of pleasure to touch a fir-tree, to poshelestet gift paper or to jingle a hand bell.

And here if to the child knocked at least one or one and a half years, then came it is time to learn what is New year and what it is eaten with. So, how to make it?

Read to the baby verses and fairy tales about New year. Surely show on Father Frost`s pictures, the Snow Maiden, a snowman, tell about them all that you know. And literally in couple of days your kid will guess without effort that the girl in a blue fur coat and a crown on the head is a Snow Maiden, and the big white giant with a bucket and carrot instead of a nose is a snowman. And then he will not be frightened if on New Year`s Eve at a door Father Frost is knocked (he is uncle Vasya from the neighboring apartment).

Take the child on walk on the city. to go with the kid to the residence of Father Frost to Velikiy Ustyug still rather early. He will hardly understand something, rather he will be frightened by a sensation and a huge number of the people. And here to walk on the center, to admire the fluffy beauties placed into main squares, to touch New Year`s toys, to look at beautiful show-windows - all this will please your kid.

Decorate together a Christmas tree. this occupation causes invariable delight In children. If you are afraid that the kid can be wounded about needles, buy a small artificial fir-tree. The child will help you to bring together her, to decorate with spheres, to hang up a multi-colored beads and tinsel on a branch. Do not forget about a garland which kinds now on sale great variety - musical, multiregime, the most various form. The garland which is poured multi-colored bulbs will cause rough inflow of emotions. And every time when you include it, the kid will gasp delightfully.

Buy or sew a carnival costume - ideas for characters can be the most different (The Snow Maiden, chanterelle, hare, a snowflake). The benefit in shop the huge choice of suits and if you are at odds with the sewing machine, is not a problem now. With your help the kid will quickly get into the role of the character. Show it as the clumsy bear stamps or as the snowflake is turned. Study with it unpretentious dance and please guests on New Year`s Eve.

Try to make a toy together with the baby. it is clear that the most part of work should be undertaken. Beads, color paper, asterisks, stickers - to the kid all this very much will be pleasant. At the same time and small motility you will train. But be careful with small objects that the child swallowed nothing. Decorate with hand-made articles the room of the child or hand to the family as a gift.

Here couple of ideas which in power to execute to your kid. It is possible to make a card for the father: let the child with your help will cut out a fir-tree from color paper, will decorate it with multi-colored spheres from plasticine and a garland from confetti. On each side from a fir-tree smear paper with glue and strew with a semolina - it will be snow.

Still it is possible to try to build a snowman from the salty test or to make asterisks, to paint them and to hang up on a fir-tree.

If in New year you invite on a visit kids, think over in advance as to entertain them. Suggest kids to play directly at home snowballs, having made them of cotton wool or having taken wadded balls. Light a Bengal light. Include a festive song and suggest kids to repeat after you simple dance. Do not forget about the New Year`s menu - strain the imagination and think up something interesting. For example, if on a long skewer to string cheese pieces (cut it on triangles), and between them to put on an olive - the fir-tree will turn out. From above decorate it with a star from tomato or red pepper.

There is a belief that as you will meet New year, so it also will be carried out. Let your New year will be happy and bright, filled with pleasure and smiles of your kid!