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Who generates narcotic society?


1. 17 million children all over the world receive now these or those psychotropic drugs as a result “ diagnostics “ in " style; DSM “ which has no scientific weight.

2. Psychiatric list of symptoms “ SDVG “ includes behavior types which are peculiar to almost all children.

3. The main preparation used for treatment “ SDVG “ causes serious accustoming. The main complication of refusal of its use is suicide.

4. Antidepressants, one of which became the reason of such large number of death and other serious adverse effects what were not caused for all history by any other preparation, are ordered to millions of children.

5. In 2003 and 2004 of agency on control of drugs of Britain, Australia, Canada, Europe and the USA forbade doctors to prescribe certain antidepressants to persons under 18 from - for risk of suicide.

Today around the world is very few families or teachers whom almost universal appointment to children of the medicines changing cerebration anyway did not concern. To seventeen million children these or those psychotropic drugs are appointed now.

In increasing frequency psychiatrists and psychologists say to parents that their children cannot study well only because are subject to such syndromes as “ disorder of training “ “ syndrome of deficiency of attention “ (SDV), or that more ordinary today, “ a syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity “ (SDVG).

In “ DSM - IV “ symptoms " are listed; SDVG “: inability to concentrate on details cool or homeworks; negligent or inaccurate performance of work; absence of attention in operating time at a lesson or games; inability to finish the school task or another matters obligatory to execution; the uneasy movements by hands or legs or fidgeting on a chair; fussiness or a podskakivaniye in situations when it is inappropriate; running; excessive garrulity; imposing of

surrounding, etc. Using these criteria, almost each child can make the diagnosis “ SDVG “.

Sale of dangerous preparations

according to the psychiatrist and the neurologist doctor Sidney Walker of III, the author of the book “ Hyperactivity Trap “ “ The Child who came to the doctor focused on DSM almost with guarantee will receive the instruction and a preparation even if with it there are no efforts at all … It will - bondage the practice of “obzyvaniye“ of almost each person by the insane taking place is serious threat to healthy children because each child has enough symptoms for receiving DSM - labels and pills. And, of course, “diagnoses“ from “DSM“ are dangerous to sick children whose present diagnoses remain unspecified and treatments does not occur “.

The drugs appointed to children are not safe and effective; on the contrary, they are dangerous and cause accustoming. In “ Desktop reference book of the physician “ it is reported about increase of heartbeat and increase of a blood pressure which can appear after reception of the main stimulator used for “ treatments “ SDVG. At the termination of use of this stimulator and similar amfetaminopodobny preparations the patient can commit suicide.

The administration on quality control of foodstuff and medicines of the USA (FDA) warns that reception of Ritalinum contributes the person to cocaine effect of fixing - in other words, to accustoming. Psychologist Ty Kolbert, author of the book “ Violence over soul: as the model of a chemical imbalance of modern psychiatry deceived expectations of the patients “ explains that Ritalinum limits inflow of blood to a brain. “ The Stream of blood delivers in a brain a source of necessary energy (glucose). The brain cannot carry out the functions without glucose. Supervision showed that many children accepting Ritalinum (or other stimulators) behave as zombies “.

To millions of children antidepressants, the especially selective inhibitors of the return capture of serotonin (SIRCS) are also appointed. In 2003. The British agency on control of drugs forbade doctors to prescribe SIOZS series antidepressants to persons under 18 from - for risk of suicide.

Next year the Administration on quality control of foodstuff and medicines of the USA issued the same prevention, as well as Australian, Canadian and the European agencies. In October, 2004 FDA issued the order that on small bottles with SIOZS antidepressants placed “ the prevention in a black frame “ which designates danger of suicide as a result of reception of these preparations.

But such prevention it is not enough. Children die, kill others or turn into addicts from - for these and other psychiatric preparations. Their future only then will be in safety when unscientific “ mental disorders “ which at them “ are found “ dangerous psychotropic drugs will be cancelled and forbidden. For 10 - the summer period one antidepressant from the SIOZS series caused such large number of other serious undesirable consequences what did not cause any other medicine for all history.

Characteristic of diagnostics “ SDVG “ Beverley Ikmen`s

, author of best-sellers and president of National consortium by training of the USA, 2004: “ These drugs do children more operated, but it is not obligatory better. “ SDVG “ - it is a phenomenon, but not “ brain disease “. For the reason that diagnostics “ SDVG “ is fraud, does not matter, “ works “ medicine or not. Children force to take drug stronger than cocaine for treatment of an illness which existence still should be proved “.

Doctor Luria Shulamit, the family doctor from Israel, told: “ SDVG is a syndrome, but not an illness (by definition). Per se it is diagnosed on symptoms. Symptoms of this syndrome are so usual that we can come to a conclusion that all children - especially, boys - get under this diagnosis “.

Doctor Fred A. Boman is a junior, pediatric neurologist, the member of the American academy of neurology, warns parents, uchiteluy and children that they were perfidiously betrayed when began to call children`s behavior an illness.

Psychiatrists mistakenly adduce argument that SDVG demands “ treatments “ just as diabetes demands insulin therapy.

Doctor Mary Ann Blok, author “ There is Enough SDVG “ points that “ the psychiatrist does not do any analyses. They just listen to you and then register some " drug;. She adds: “ SDVG are not diabetes, and [the stimulator used for this purpose] is not insulin. Diabetes is a real-life medical state which can be objectively revealed. SDVG is the thought-up name without any objectively operating means of identification. Insulin is natural hormone which is made by an organism and is necessary for life. [This stimulator] - the amfetaminopodobny preparation received in the chemical way and which is not necessary for life. Diabetes is a lack of " insulin;. The attention and problems of behavior are not connected with a lack of [stimulator] in any way.

“ If there are no SDVG reliable tests, - doctor Blok adds, - any data that SDVG is dysfunction of a brain, long researches of properties of preparations are not conducted and if these preparations do not improve progress on occupations or skills of communication and can cause obsessional neurosis or a depression and to lead to use of illegal drugs why to millions of children, teenagers and adults worldwide … make the diagnosis “ SDVG “ also register these preparations?

Psychiatrists also redefined behavior of teenagers as mental “ illness “.

In the book “ Culture of fear “ left in 2002, Barry Glassner, the sociologist of university of South California, says that if to trust “ DSM “ from children good candidates for patients of psychiatric clinics will turn out if they make any five “ offenses “ from the following list: dispute with adults, neglect requests of adults, the behavior irritating others, “ inability to behave “ charge of others for their mistakes.

According to opinion of doctor Thomas Sats, honored professor of psychiatry, “ as the mental diseases which are allegedly affecting children are the phenomenon which is beyond normal behavior and as the child as the psychiatrist`s patient is even more defenseless, than the adult in the same situation, the children`s psychiatry is twice problematic enterprise “. Moreover, “ the teenage crime is not an illness, like diabetes … Term “ teenage crime “ means that the child with such diagnosis is guilty of bad behavior, the diagnosis is often made in the absence of any proofs that the accused child really did not obey to adults or broke the law “.