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How to save upon purchase of products? To Save

on the food means to save on the health. However for many people the food still is one of the main items of expenditure. How it is possible to save upon purchase of products, without limiting itself at the same time in assortment?

The offered councils will help you to keep the small sum of money in your purse without damage to a habitual food allowance.

1. Before a visit of shop carry out audit of your refrigerator. Look what products still remained with you what need to be bought. Glance buffet or the storeroom, check whether there were no stocks of preparations still, home-made canned food from last summer. Whether hides where - nibud in a far corner of bank with grain. Do not forget about the freezer. There the piece of forcemeat or margarine can be overlooked. And only after careful check make the detailed list of products which you will need to buy.

2. Wholesale products. It is known that in many supermarkets and even just in the markets upon purchase of small wholesale the considerable discount is provided. If the product is subject to long storage, it is favorable to buy it in a large number. If it something perishable, it is possible to agree with your friends, relatives or neighbors about joint purchase. And many products can just be frozen. And not only meat and fish. Both tomato paste, and milk, and mushrooms, and even firm cheese will approach if to grate it, and then to use for preparation of hot sandwiches or pizza.

3. be not limited to purchases only in one supermarket. Study the range of different shops. You are surprised as far as the prices of different products can differ. For example, in one supermarket always inexpensive grain, in another - is much cheaper dairy products. It is enough to give it a little time, and in the subsequent times you will already know where it is cheaper to buy this or that product. Besides consider that the prices in the shops located in the downtown are a little higher from - for costs of lease of space.

4. Many supermarkets sell products of own trademark. They can be much cheaper than similar products of the advertized brand, at the same time without conceding on quality. You can take for a start a small amount for test if got used to buy a product of other firm.

5. you Monitor stocks and discounts. Very often supermarkets carry out actions, offering two goods at the price one or some bonus upon purchase. You take a bottle of vegetable oil and you receive in addition a mayonnaise pack. At the same time optional the product has to be with the expiring expiration date. You can always take goods in hand and look at a date of issue. If term approaches, can take safely for emergency.

6. you go marketing by the end of day. Will cheaper buy many products in the market - in particular, dairy. If you go to a market by the end of day, then will be able always to buy cheaper cottage cheese and sour cream, having a little bargained.

If you precisely know how many and what products are not enough for you, then never you buy superfluous - what will not be demanded or will deteriorate, - therefore, will not spend spare cash. Well and of course, buying according to the list of products, you will not forget to buy necessary that will save to you time and nerves.