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Whether drugs can replace fruit and vegetables?

It is known that vegetables, fruit and berries serve as the main suppliers of vitamins B a human body. But their use can not only keep health, but also to sometimes replace expensive medical supplies.

Vegetables, fruit and berries are almost only source of vitamin C as it is in products of an animal origin in for an organism is insignificant small quantities and quickly collapses. Vitamin C reserves in an organism are insignificant therefore receipt it with fresh vegetables and fruit during the whole year is very important. The dogrose, blackcurrant, sweet pepper, parsley, cabbage, fennel, a mountain ash, oranges are richest with ascorbic acid.

Vegetables and fruit - a source of mineral salts, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. The increased need for potassium arises at a number of diseases of cardiovascular system, kidneys, etc. Especially there is a lot of potassium in dry fruit and berries: dried apricots, prunes, raisin, peaches, dates. Potatoes, a celery, Brussels sprout, blackcurrant, bananas, pineapples, apricots are rich with potassium salts. Vegetables and fruit - an important source in an organism of iron which is soaked up better, than from medicines. The dogrose, bilberry, peaches, a fig, apricots, apples, plum, a persimmon are rich with iron.

Fruit and vegetables are irreplaceable in food of patients with atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and hypertension from - for lack in them of the fats, cholesterol, table salt and availability of ascorbic acid, salts of potassium and cellular covers promoting removal from a cholesterol organism.

Pineapple Very valuable substance bromelayn does to

pineapple irreplaceable for food of people, watching the weight as it helps to split fat.


Possess the enveloping, sosudorasslablyayushchy and calming action. They are useful to digestion, protect stomach walls from harmful effects of spicy and salty food. Patients with stomach ulcer seldom occur among fans of bananas. From - for high content of sugar bananas are not recommended to those who suffers from excess weight, but they are necessary in food of the people having heart troubles.


Fine dietary product. It improves a metabolism, increases appetite, accelerates a mocheotdeleniye, normalizes a blood pressure, helps at heart diseases, promotes clarification of an organism from radionuclides. Grape juice reduces cholesterol level in blood, possesses the toning action.

Pomegranate Juice of sweet pomegranates is useful to

at diseases of kidneys, and juice sour - as means from stones in kidneys and a gall bladder. Juice of pomegranates well satisfies thirst at feverish states, works as febrifugal. Sour grenades are contraindicated at stomach diseases with the increased acidity, and also at enterokolita.

A fig the High content of potassium does to

it useful at diseases warmly - vascular system, but from - for high caloric contents a fig cannot be accepted at tendency to excess weight.

The cranberry

Makes active intellectual and physical working capacity, reduces arterial pressure, increases release of gastric juice. This berry at diseases of kidneys and a bladder is useful. Juice of a cranberry possesses febrifugal and bactericidal action (and influences even the bacteria which are difficult giving in to antibiotics). Juice of a cranberry and cranberry drink prevent formation of stones in kidneys, stimulate function of a pancreas. The cranberry and dishes from it is not recommended at diseases of a liver and ulcer processes in a stomach and intestines.

Vegetable marrows

of the Dish from vegetable marrows promote the best vermicular movement of intestines and depletion of a gall bladder, they are also useful to the patients receiving antibiotics. Especially recommend vegetable marrows, as well as pumpkin, to women for prevention of gynecologic diseases.


Very low caloric content of cabbage in combination with a rich set of vitamins and biologically active agents allows to use it in food of people with an excess weight, obesity, atherosclerosis. The cabbage creates feeling of satiety at very low caloric content. It is useful at colitis, a stomach atoniya, diseases of a liver and gall bladder, gastritises with the lowered acidity, but it is not recommended at a meteorizm and the increased acidity of a stomach.

In traditional medicine tangerines use tangerines for the general strengthening of an organism. From - for low caloric content can recommend them to the people keeping a figure. It is useful to eat tangerines for prevention of atherosclerosis.


Raise an organism tone, have the rejuvenating effect, slow down growth of cancer cells, suppress development of putrefactive processes in intestines, help at an anemia. Carrots surpass other vegetables in the content of carotene. In order that the organism acquired considerable part of the carotene which is contained in carrots it it is necessary to fill with oil or sour cream.


From - for the high content of vitamins P and C pepper well influences blood vessels - increases elasticity of capillaries and reduces their permeability. Pepper promotes removal of cholesterol from an organism and, thereby, prevents development of atherosclerosis. Among other things it is an effective remedy against cold, asthma and bronchitis.


Earlier the opinion that tomatoes promote adjournment of salts (gout) occurred. But it not so. Tomatoes increase appetite, improve work of a pancreas, have pernicious effect on intestinal bacteria. They possess anti-sclerous and anti-rheumatic action, are useful at blood circulation violation, senile deterioration in sight, prostate gland adenoma.


Root crops of turnip have expectorant, laxative and diuretic effect, and having yellow pulp, besides, possess property to prevent development of tumors.

A mountain ash Fruits of a red mountain ash are applied by

in medicine to prevention and treatment of avitaminosis as astringent. Syrup from juice of fresh fruits of a mountain ash is useful at rheumatic pains, a hypertensive illness, liver diseases, gastritis with the lowered acidity.

Fruits of a black-fruited mountain ash possess property to reduce a blood pressure, strengthen walls of blood vessels. It is enough to eat during a season on a handful of a black-fruited mountain ash in day.

Beet is Very useful to

to normalization of work of a gastrointestinal tract. It promotes removal from an organism of radioactive materials, improves a fatty exchange, reduces arterial pressure.


Possesses diuretic, zhelchegonny, easy laxative action. It promotes decrease in level of cholesterol in blood, is useful at obesity and atherosclerosis. Pumpkin dishes are recommended to be used at prostate gland diseases.

Dates Are useful to

at warmly - vascular diseases as they contain a lot of potassium. Dates are irreplaceable at physical overfatigue and exhaustion, but from - for high caloric contents to people with an excess weight their consumption need to be limited.

A persimmon

Quite often a persimmon is recommended for dietary food. Its jellylike pulp contains many pectins promoting removal from an organism of ballast substances. But the knitting pulp of a persimmon can provoke a laryngospasm at the people differing in hypersensibility of a throat.


Are rich with iron therefore they favorably affect blood system. It is useful to eat them at a metabolic disorder and loss of appetite. Apples promote removal from an organism of oxalic acid, cholesterol, radionuclides. Caloric content of apples low that does them by a valuable product of medical foods for people with an excess weight. Apple recommends to finish any meal: it is useful for teeth.

Eat fruit and vegetables - you will be healthy!