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The self-control of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion

in - important

d - for children, banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Self-control possession the person owning capable to own to operate itself promotes helps to seize to show to be able depends value definition property signs advantage is necessary to form to bring up to impart to develop to reach trains will learn

and Self-control - ability to be self-controlled.

of C of People - the owner of the world, but not the owner -.

of C is easier to seize enemy fortress - than itself.

zpv to Education of self-control is promoted by spirituality,

morality, philanthrophy, patriotism, benevolence,

positive outlook to

to Self-control - a wreath itself of perfection. d If the person is not capable to be

self-controlled - he will not be able to own anything.

of C At the people who are not self-controlled views one - life another.

z Self-control allows the person to arrive as it is necessary - but not as there is a wish.

to the Person without self-control - that the car without brakes.

p Self-control begins from possession of mood.

kp The one who is not able to be self-controlled - yet not people.

pv Self-control - one of the main qualities without which the person cannot take place as the personality, to reach due position in society and to be dear. p the Person who is not self-controlled - himself does not belong to


and For being self-controlled desire - the recommendation, the impetuous fool - team to action

and Self-control - top of human opportunities and achievements. d If the person does not do to

what considers necessary - means, he is not self-controlled.

and is easier to Win against others - than itself.

pz Self-control should train as muscles, since trifles.

pv Views without self-control - anything.

and Koshmarna life of they are who did not learn to operate itself.

and Self-control is necessary for the person as air in any life situation, and especially in fear and anger.

and is difficult to allocate something more important in the person, than self-control.

and Self-control brings acts of the person into accord with his words and outlook.

zp having Only subordinated heart mind, the person is capable to be self-controlled.

kzp Self-control - a courage support.

kp Self-control - a wellbeing support.

p Self-control the chief assistant to reason - in restraint of obstinate soul.

p Without self-control - grow dim any advantages.

zp Without self-control cannot reach the correct behavior.

p the Self-control promotes education.

p Self-control - is better than mind.

p Self-control - greatness of the person.

p Self-control - the soil for independence.

p help to Regain self-control knowledge.

p Self-control - the road fortunately.

pv Having cultivated self-control, the person can get rid of defects and addictions.

z to the Fool from self-control is not enough use, and here clever without it - is similar to the fool.

and the Clever and being self-controlled people live by the principle: lawfully - it is illegal, decent - dishonourably, harmfully - it is useful, it is favorable -

is unprofitable. Silly and violent by the principle: pleasantly - not - to

it is pleasant, I want - I do not want.

and Freedom being self-controlled - on advantage,

impetuous - to the detriment, they fall to permissiveness.

and Being self-controlled - wine on advantage.

z Self-control - takes away the person from others control.

to not being self-controlled - is similar to an animal.

to Self-control - the guarantor of success.

and Self-control - ability will obey to reason.

and Self-control - is many-sided, beginning from thinking and finishing with abstention from addictions.

and If the person resists desires which are not approved by reason, so it is self-controlled.

pz To the power over itself it is possible to come only through knowledge of.

zd Self-discipline, as well as is reached through self-control -

and promotes its formation.

zd Self-control - to an order help.

p in many respects depends On self-control adequacy.

p depends On self-control formation of discipline.

d the People who are self-controlled - are quiet.

d a self-control Sign - steadiness.

p Self-control basis of restraint of instincts.

z Self-control cannot win alone against floggings - it is only capable to constrain it - heals his morality and spirituality.

z Self-control not bad develop diseases.

and Self-control promotes prosperity.

zp Without self-control cannot reach the correct attitude towards the health.

p Self-control should be brought up, it seldom is given from the birth.

and Self-control - protection against irritability.

p Self-control - advantage.

p Before dominating over others - learn to operate yourself. d If the person is

self-controlled and understands life, he does everything to

in due time, without hint and pressing and does not wait when his life

puts in intolerable conditions when it is forced to do what it had to do earlier.

d That to achieve something, the person has to be able to be self-controlled.

p Not that so does not help to regain self-control - as character.

p Self-control allows the person to live as it is necessary - but not as there is a wish.

p Self-control - the soil for a solvency.

and Self-control keeps and prolongs life.

p The one who is not able to keep thoughts - should be responsible for words and acts.

p rescues Self-control from diseases and bondage.

and Without self-control not to show even uncommon abilities.

p to the person who is self-controlled - passions serve, weak-willed - belongs to them. there is no

of C self-control - and it is not worth a pin for mind.

and the Person is capable to say no to others - but not itself.

and Self-control - is more valuable than wealth.

p Self-control is more important than the power over others.

and Top of self-control - opposition to love feelings.

and Self-control does not allow shortcomings to be shown, and gives to the person an opportunity them not to eradicate.

zd Self-control rescues the person from excesses.

and Self-control does pleasures still big.

z Self-control - ability to keep calm in any situation.

and Self-control causes respect.

to Self-control - a bridle for passions.

p Self-control - a board from temptations.

and Being self-controlled - is more difficult to seize.

and each person has time for thinking before he loses the head with happiness, love, hatred

p to Self-control a grief not, how much.

and Self-control despair treats.

and Self-control does not allow anger.

z Being self-controlled can afford a lot of things because it is capable, will in due time stop.

and Being self-controlled and poverty at all.

z Self-control - suppresses nervousness.

and Self-control and love - are not compatible.

and Self-control is capable to bring to reason sexual concern.

and Self-control - protection against depravity.

and Self-control allows to have sex with those who are pleasant, but not with those who at the moment of desire appear near at hand.

and Being self-controlled - is reserved.

and Being self-controlled - is tactful.

zd does not allow Self-control of quarrels.

and Self-control keeps secrets.

and Being self-controlled - money is necessary less.

zd Self-control does not give desire to rule over the person.

to Being self-controlled in happiness is reserved, in misfortune - is firm.

p Self-control in the speech is necessary - as anywhere.

z At being self-controlled - appliances on life extend more evenly.

and Self-control - diseases grazes.

and Self-control help to preservation of health and to treatment of diseases.

p The is higher self-control - the life is safer.

and Being self-controlled availability of pleasures - is not dangerous.

z Self-control does not allow to go into extremes.

p Self-control - the friend of economy and thrift.

and Self-control without reason - is empty.

z Self-control and will - a character basis.

dp being self-controlled - does not visit Irascibility.

zp Self-control, armed with knowledge of an organism and how to them to handle

- can make the person with poor health the long-liver.

and Self-control - a barrier from harmful pleasures.

z Self-control relies on will.

z Self-control are tempered by need and pain.

and Being self-controlled - is capable to do accumulation.

zd Being self-controlled - is easier to organize the life.

and Self-control one of the main reasons of the correct expenditure of means.

and Self-control promotes healthy nutrition, maintenance of normal weight.

helps to keep from bad acts and crimes.

z Being self-controlled directs not only the nature - but also common sense and will.

and Self-control is brought up by severity in behavior.

p Self-control reduces vital risk and probability of ridiculous premature death.

to Self-control - the child of wisdom.

z to Self-control is promoted by shame.

z to Self-control is promoted by gravity.

z Being self-controlled the person less depends on a case and destiny.

p At being self-controlled - losses is less.

p the people who are self-controlled - as a rule, are more law-abiding.

p Self-control becomes a habit. zd to Self-control promotes

- the high level of requirements.

and Self-control is warmed up by consciousness.

Self-control causes respect of people, improves the relations with them.

p Self-control does the person serious. pz it is easier for

to impart Self-control creation of conditions at

of which it will be able to be shown - than re-education.

pz the Self-control promotes development and perfection.

and The is more important activity of the person - the self-control is more necessary.

p Self-control - help in formation of the personality.

and Self-control - is especially necessary in military structures.

p Self-control - preserved against troubles.

zd Self-control becomes tempered in the course of achievement of the objectives.

z to Idea of one in power to cultivate self-control in the person.

z to Education of self-control - is promoted by a debt.

and Self-control is loosened - irresponsibility.

z Self-control - is practical.

and Self-control leads to udacha.

p Self-control has to rely on benefit - but not fear.

p prefers Self-control put to pleasant.

z Self-control is supported by understanding.

zd Self-control - is in many respects obliged to self-checking.

and Self-control are promoted by high consciousness.

p Self-control should train constantly - and not occasionally.

p Self-control depends on the correct education.

p Self-control is put in the childhood. yu The the person is

self-controlled better - the it can sustain more truth.

yu Self-control is when the person smiles even if its cats at heart scrape.

yu the Human nature self-control does not indulge - that he bred better.

yu is easier to cultivate self-control at others.

yu Self-control - is dissolved in vodka.

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