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You eat green nuts?

are known to All that walnuts are very useful product. But, it appears, green, that is, unripe walnuts - are even more useful!

However to taste they are very bitter and almost inedible. But from them it is possible to make compote or jam. And only then they become both tasty and useful at the same time.

It is hard to prepare these dishes, but if to put efforts, you receive in the house a well of vitamins and useful substances in combination with the most tasty dishes.

For removal of bitter taste some cooks soak green walnuts before cooking in weak solution of a copper vitriol, but there are recipes which do without such extreme measures.

COMPOTE from green nuts

Green immature walnuts, a cinnamon stick, a vanilla pod, 1 carnation

Filling: on 1 l of water of 2 kg of sugar, 1 teaspoon of lemon acid.

densely pierce the Rinsed nuts a strong needle, fill in with cold water and leave for 14 days to be leached. Water is daily changed. By the end of leaching the peel of nuts has to become brown or black.

ottsezhivat Nuts, leave to dry and cook in water until they do not slide off a needle. Then they are cooled in cold water, and water is decanted.

In 1 l of hot water dissolve 750 g of sugar, pour out on nuts and leave for 24 hours to be sweetened. Nuts can be flavored the rinsed spices.

At the following sweetening merge filling, add to it the rest of sugar and lemon acid and warm up.

display the Nuts cut on halves, circles or left whole on banks and fill in with hot filling. Banks quickly close, establish in a sterilizing tank with hot water and will sterilize.

Sterilization time: having warmed

to 90 gr. With - 20 minutes,

sterilization at 90 gr. : banks of 0,7 - 0,9 l - 40 minutes, banks of 0,5 l - 35 minutes.

Upon termination of jar sterilization immediately cool

(The recipe from Tatyana, foodfind. ru)

JAM from green walnuts

On 100 pieces of small walnuts - 250 gr. sugar, 1 l. waters (for the first syrup);

of 1 kg. sugar, 1 l. waters, 1 h a spoon of solution of lemon acid (for the second syrup).

cook Jam from walnuts during that time when they reach dairy ripeness: their cover is soft, and zheleobrazna kernels. Such nuts are very bitter therefore we presoak them in cold water approximately for a month, periodically adding water. Then we clear of a crust, we wash and we keep in the diluted lime water (1 tablespoon of extinguished lime on 1 l.) one night.

But that the bitterness finally disappeared, we boil down them in two - three waters, cooling after each cooking, and then we cut on halves. After that we cook jam in the first syrup 2 - 3 - hour and syrup is merged. Then we place nuts in the second syrup and we cook to readiness. Several minutes prior to the end of cooking we add solution of lemon acid. Jam from green walnuts which is considered by right king of " jam; we maintain still a couple of hours that it cooled down, and we spill on banks.

(The recipe is provided to maok) here RIPE walnuts I use

A, generally for preparation of house confectionery.

I Will provide very tasty recipe of home-made cake which I always do with invariable success.


for a biscuit

of egg - 5 pieces,

sugar - 1 glass,

flour - 1 glass,

of cocoa - 2 St. l,

syrup for impregnation of the

biscuit cake layers for cream

butter - 200 g,

condensed milk - 0,5 jars (~ 8 tablespoons)

for a stuffing

raisin - 50 - 100 g,

walnuts - 50 - 100 g

for ornament

fruit jelly,

of cocoa or grated chocolate.



to Bake a biscuit (to mix flour with cocoa) and to cool it. To cut a biscuit on 2 or 3 cake layers. To impregnate cake layers with syrup. to Prepare for

oil main cream on condensed milk. For what to shake up the softened butter a nimbus or the mixer, and then, gradually, on a tablespoon to enter condensed milk. To shake up cream to magnificent homogeneous mass. Raisin quickly to steam out

in hot water, water to merge and dry berries, having laid out on a towel.

On a big plate or a dish to lay out the first cake layer and to miss the mark it with cream.

From above on cream to lay out raisin and walnuts. to Cover with

with the second cake layer.

to miss the mark a cake layer with cream Again and to lay out raisin and walnuts. to Cover with

with the last cake layer. Cake to cover

a little with cream from all directions. to strew

of the Side and a top of cake through a cocoa strainer (to take cocoa with sugar) or chocolate, grated on a small grater.

Fruit jelly to cut jewelry with stripes.

From above on cake to lay out from fruit jelly some floret, a pattern etc. of

At desire, from oil cream, around it is possible to put a bordyurchik by means of a kornetik; drawing can be applied on cake with oil cream. For this purpose oil cream needs to be cooled in the refrigerator (since warm cream spreads and figures turn out not relief), to fill with cream kornetik and to put drawing.

Bon appetit!