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As well as about what to start talking to the girl not to be sent?

In cafe near you the radiant girl to whom you wish " comfortably settled down; to drive culturally and, having driven, to competently spend the first minutes of communication. How? On this direction the mankind developed one thousand and one way of actions, and, unfortunately, any is not the absolute key to success. And, nevertheless

the Classical joke on a subject:

- the Lieutenant Rzhevsky, you have such success in ladies, you have so many mistresses. Tell how you meet women?

- Yes is very simple. I resemble and gallantly I ask: Madam, and whether you cannot stick? - Listen to

, the lieutenant, but and a slap in the face it is possible to obtain.

- Agrees, it is possible. But it is possible and to stick

the Courtois era when lived, the lieutenant Rzhevsky created and stuck, remained far back in the past, today it is harder and harder. But question how to come to the unfamiliar girl in lush, or not really lush, the place, remains actual. Let`s talk about it! you it is aware of

what the first impression which you made on the girl, very important? He agrees, the man`s logic against it rises. You are convinced that the impression about the person becomes adequate and reliable or after rather long communication, or after a short joint campaign in investigation, and it is correct. But THEY have all not in a human way, will take it for a reality and we will remember: the first impression made on them, essentially.

we Will remember one more thing. If us, boys, it is possible poorly - to characterize poorly on external signs, then with THEM this trick will not work. Eyes - a window to the soul psychophysis and so forth - all this about us, children. And you do not know anything about IT until she does not space out and will not utter something (as a rule, not strongly clever). Means, very, very difficult, looking at its external signs, to be defined in how it is correct to drive to it.

However, it is difficult - does not mean it is impossible. For example, if you see that she, sitting at the next little table with the girlfriend, loudly and infectiously laughs, then it definitely has sense of humour. If at the same time in her laughter obscene notes are heard, so she will estimate army humour, your darling, correctly? Only do not begin with jokes about a sodomy, reserve them on the second half an hour of acquaintance Ideal situation: she sits in cafe one and thumbs through the book. Consider - that for the book. Too far? Run to the nearest hunting shop, buy the field-glass and consider. If it is Shakespeare, you speak with it greedily about Shakespeare. The first minutes of acquaintance to initiate and keep up the conversation especially hard, and here you have an iron subject, discussing which with it, you save up minimum, but necessary " database; about object of your healthy interest.

The same in case she thumbs through Kam - to Sutr dare. In general, reading matter - an ideal source of information on unfamiliar object. If, for example, she reads Mayne Kampf and you, for example, the Black, do not climb to her in general - will not give also in a year. Or: the object interests you, of course, as the man, at the same time at object on harmonous knees lies Reference book of the lesbian - too time to spend is not necessary. You should not lose it and in case the object turns over reading matter of feminist sense - it is the right indicator of the fact that before you - the thorough bitch. Though there are perverts who only such and love

So, go further. Pay the bartender and ask it to bring to her to drink. It is rather elegant way to let it know about your healthy interest. Naturally, look narrowly that she already drinks. If sips champagne, having a snack on cake, and you present it with a glass of beer Red bull gallantry will not be estimated. In all other cases it will be apprehended as the invitation to share your loneliness. In case of a fiasco drink will be rejected. Not terribly, you will drink. Even more abruptly - approach it and tell: The Girl, I can ask you to treat me with a glass of wine? . It will be and is unexpected, and intriguingly. After that for certain without further efforts conversation will be struck up. However, apparently, it was already tied by

. Now attention: having learned her name, make so that she learned yours not at once. Well, in - the first, on anonymous the person some press of a riddle lies, intrigues is a psychology. In - the second, let itself will ask and, thereby, will show the interest in you. Anyway, when you know her name, and it yours - is not present, it puts you in relation to it in a strong position even if such stage of conversation lasts several minutes. These minutes - yours. Having learned her name, say it as often as possible! What for? Here again we plunge into the mysterious ocean of female logic To hear the name in lips of the unfamiliar person gives to women not smaller pleasure, than to look at itself in a mirror, they are so designed. And this irrational female property we, boys, have to, are simply obliged, it is rational to use! In our interests to use. And our interests known

you Invite the stranger to dance? Well, it is the most ancient way of courting, creation of the intimate atmosphere etc., we will not begin to repeat platitudes. Let`s think here of what: you still are not even familiar, and you already embrace her, and your bodies adjoin in the same way what they adjoin when Well, you understand when (though it is not the only position, he agrees, agrees). And so, all these corporal contacts in slow dance as a matter of fact imitate and rehearse something bigger, and therefore are some kind of in the advance payment and, at least, trust sign. And in general, you spent the first minutes of acquaintance each other in embraces - tell me that it is bad! It is desirable that music was loud: plainly do not talk though the situation of mutual embraces just obliges. Means - we will talk after dance. Forward!

One more basic council. Even it is more, than council. Already on the last meters to object, especially, in the first seconds and minutes of communication with object, you have to make the best impression on it, correctly? Even if you 55 - the summer lame gay with a glass eye, the dropped-out teeth, an incontience of urine and a cretinic snicker - having solved here and now to approach the unfamiliar girl, you necessarily have to though something to resemble DiCaprio It is logical

, but there is one big but . It consists in the following: attempts to show off, attempts to represent from itself something bigger, than you are, - only professional actors are successful attempts to show off. Like DiCaprio. Or to professional ladies` men and that no more than to every 100-th of them. And you - normal, and your attempts to seem someone to others are not simply useless, they can sharply push away object because bear approximately following information on you:

- does not like to be pleasant to you it what I am;

- communicating with women, I am lost and I cannot naturally behave; I have no

- experience of advances with girls;

- on life I feel inconveniently.

Well and, tell, be you a girl, you would like to coquet with such eagle and to spend time with it? Therefore, be oneself. Eventually, in each of men there is something that cannot but intrigue. Therefore - forward! Look: so far you for the third time re-read this listing from Yoki. Ru, she already missed - and now it can be taken almost barehanded. Go.