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How to reach desirable weight without violence over itself? Unexpectedly early spring all of us pleased

with the sun. People began to walk more on streets, to smile to passersby, at many the mood improved. And, of course, women wanted to blossom too as to the first spring flowers. But... the kilograms gained during the winter, spoil mood, do not give the chance to put on the favourite clothes. Right there is a thought: “ Urgently I go on a diet! Here Ania / Lena / Sveta went on the Kremlin diet / inserted a gold needle / practices separate food and GREW THIN on 5/10 / 15 kg!!! I will make as it, and the problem is solved “.

Actually, from this point also begin problems.

In - the first, you not Ania / Lena / Sveta. Would not advise you to be guided by stories of girlfriends real or virtual at various forums. Your organism - only and unique, can react to these diets absolutely differently.

In - the second, the diet is a stress. The spring is already a stress for an organism. Our body adapts by new light day, avitaminosis, at many the allergy, a lack of a dream begins, and it is not all list of various factors influencing an organism in the spring. Thus, trying to go on a diet in the spring, you get a stress in a square.

A as at many women an organism influences a stress? All of us perfectly know the answer - there is a wish sweet, tasty, peppered, salty - to jam all these unpleasant feelings. What as a result we can receive? Bigger increase in weight. The vicious circle turns out - the more we want to grow thin, the more we gain weight.

I as it is sad, fluctuations of weight cause cellulitis. And soon summer, and so

wants to look effectively in a bathing suit … So to do?

Should apply an integrated approach to a solution. To solve a problem of excess weight in various planes.

1. Psychological plane. Try to understand when pulls you on all those products about which any woman knows that they provoke increase in excess weight. You do not sit down to a table if you are excited, upset. You do not watch TV at meal, do not read. Listen to yourself. Eat only when you are really hungry.

You estimate yourself really. Do not compare yourself to models from pages of glossy magazines. Believe before getting on these pages, models knew how it is correct to rise that in the photo to look thinner, than in life. Then these photos are edited in special programs where at them clean up superfluous, according to the editor, rotundity. So, consider all these facts when you look at yourself in a mirror.

Now even in the world of fashion occur changes in standards. From - for death of those models forced to keep to the most severe diets ceased to invite the exhausted girls to a podium.

Believe in yourself. You can overcome any standards in society. As an example, I can bring Jenifer Lopez. Nobody could present earlier that the girl with such non-standard figure will be able to reach the status of the superstar.

I do not urge you to stay idle if you have extra kilos. I would like that you understood a difference between really excess weight, and the imposed image of very thin girl.

2. Healthy nutrition. knows to All of us what products are useful to an organism and what lead to increase in weight. Increase a share of fruit and vegetables in the diet. Eat less meat. Do not abuse fats. Choose the fresh products having high nutritional value. Give preference to complex carbohydrates: to vegetables, fruit, grain and bean.

Drink more simple water. Buy (if at you yet is not present) the juice extractor. Drink freshly squeezed juice. Especially actually to drink juice on spring, in the period of avitaminosis. Of course, it is common truths, but if you adhere to them, your weight gradually will begin to be lost. Subsequently this truth will help you to avoid fluctuations of weight. Consider

that this image of food - not for a month, not for a season. You have to adhere to it constantly if you want to keep your figure, not to subject itself fluctuation of weight, and also to avoid problems with health.

And how to be with all of us favourite tea drinking at work? I can suggest to try to buy fruit and to add pieces to tea. Tea develops a fruit taste and such tea makes the good stimulating impact on all organism. It is also possible to buy jam or jam without sugar. It is sure if to become thoughtful over this problem, many women can offer interesting and tasty replacements to our favourite chocolates and cookies.

3. Physical exercises. While food deliver to a body construction material, physical exercises form it and introduce necessary amendments. Think what sports you would like to play. The important condition of a postoyannost of your sports activities is a pleasure which you derive in the course of occupation.

Remember, than you wanted to be engaged in the childhood. What were engaged in, but already for one reason or another for a long time you are not engaged. Wanted to be engaged in oriental martial arts? Go and be engaged! Do not think that here you will spend less calories, than, say, on an akvaerobika. How many you will be enough to go to classes to an akvaerobika without interest, without hobby? Two, three times... Therefore it is necessary to choose occupation which will capture you, will carry away in which you will be engaged constantly for years.

4. Complex care for. by Psychologists noted one very interesting fact - the more at the woman of creams, complexes of care of skin, the better it looks. It is desirable to have the minimum set of care of face skin, bodies, and also nutritious cream, a mask. The campaign in a sauna or in a bath is also very effective (if you have no contraindications). And of course, massage - it helps you to restore health, to improve a type of your body and to resist to a spring stress.

Following all these rules, have patience. Gradually you will reach desirable weight, without stress and failures, without painful consequences for your organism. Besides a good figure, as a bonus you also receive good health, and with pleasure and pride will look at yourself in a mirror!