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How to store nuts? I wanted to eat

nuts Recently. Got a sack with nuts from a kitchen case. Split one nut, two eight. And all of them are unusable: one grew mouldy, others dried up, the third became bitter! Here - that I also asked a question as it is necessary to store nuts and that it for " fruit;?

Though the homeland of a wild walnut is Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Afghanistan, Iran, Asia Minor where and today it perfectly grows, but to Russia it was delivered from Greece from where and the name of a plant went. Nut fruits - a highly nourishing product with valuable tastes. In nuts there are a lot of fats, proteins, vitamins and other useful substances therefore they are widely applied in cookery.

The walnut is high on the list among fruits - phytogenesis protein sources. Fats in nuts of 60%, there are also fatty acids which are not synthesized by a human body and play very important role in a fatty exchange.

Vitamin C in kernels of nuts of only about 2 mg of %. But green nuts in which about 300 mg of % happen its time are especially rich with vitamin C, that is, nuts are richer with ascorbic acid, than even currant and a dogrose. Kernels contain also other vitamins - A, B1, B2, B6, nicotinic and folic acids.

Besides, contains in a green cover of nuts many tannins possessing bactericidal action. Therefore green nuts are used for preparation of various medical vitaminized preparations, compotes and jam.

However in the raw the unripe walnut is a little edible. Another matter compotes and jam from it.

If you happen to deal with green fruits, protect hands since a peel (and leaves) paint skin substance, similar to henna dyes. The same property allows to use saturated broth or gruel from leaves and green fruits for hair-dyeing.

Nuts - very high-calorie product: in 100 g of kernels 712 kilocalories contain. This figure frightens off at once those who watch the weight. But not the food, but an overeating is dangerous! Healthy people for prevention of 5 - 6 nuts in day not only will not be prevented, but will be very useful, and will not influence increase of body weight in any way.

are Especially recommended nuts to the people weakened after the postponed illness or operation (not on a stomach and intestines), the TB patient, atherosclerosis, hepatitis. At tuberculosis it is useful to use nuts with honey.

As a dietary product nuts are recommended at hypo - and avitaminosis. If in your organism there are not enough salts of iron and cobalt, walnuts - your main food.

As a medical diet to hypertensive persons recommend to eat within 45 days on 100 gr. kernels of nuts with honey (it is possible also without it). Patients with the increased acidity of gastric juice are recommended to use daily 25 - 100 gr. kernels of nuts.

STORAGE of NUTS Buying by

nuts, inquire: from where sort, what grade, what year harvest. The most known grades - Gissar, the Ideal, the Homeland, Tonkoskorlupny, Uzbek early.

In nuts there are a lot of fats which at high temperature and free access of air impact to kernels pro-rancid relish. That is why it is necessary to be interested in year of a sjem of a harvest.

It is better to buy nuts not in the market, in bulk, and in shop, in industrial packing. The main criteria of freshness of nuts - golden or brown coloring of a fruit and pleasant aroma.

To store nuts long time is difficult. In packages, sacks, boxes they can remain only until the end of winter.

More long time is better to store them in tin, glass, clay capacities with very densely closed covers.

It is also recommended to store nuts in a deep freeze - it is desirable in the hermetic container. The week portion of nuts is taken as required from capacity. Such conditions allow to keep antioxidant properties of walnuts in the best way.

High humidity and heat - ideal conditions for reproduction of a mold. It is better not to stock for half a year, and to be in time sgryzt the bought nuts for few weeks. Experts claim that if you notice mold signs, do not try to wash or clean off it.

you Should not reach extremes: to wash the impaired a little nuts with soap, to boil, evaporate. Aflatoxins are very steady, collapse only after rigid heat treatment. But as a result of such processing the product becomes dead . And there is a sterile product - almost the same as to chew sawdust: there is nothing useful in it any more. Therefore throw out spoiled without any regret.

It is even more difficult to keep green nuts. Only production of compotes and jam can help here.