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In what phenomenon of pictures of V. Lyubarov?

... In 1992 the successful book schedule Vladimir Lyubarov unexpectedly for people around sharply changed the life. Having refused role of the prestigious capital artist, he bought the small house in the poluzabroshenny village of Peremilovo on the edge of the Vladimir region and steeped in simple country life.

Having been engaged in painting, he began to represent the new fellow countrymen, created the unique world full of busty women, the subwalking little men, the flying Jews, the shouting fishes and thievish cats. Lyubarov draws faces, not familiar since the childhood, and portraits of human souls, a rural flood for it - not a destructive natural phenomenon, but a condition of the Russian soul, not incidentally its works are so loved in the West.

In the years which passed since the capital schedule Lyubarov was closed up rural portrayer of ordinary life its picturesque country expanded both in breadth, and deep into, and up - even to heaven where tired angels hide from the terrestrial wards. Somehow unexpectedly even for the creator of a village Peremilovo - with her pyanenky little men on zavalinkas, cocky roosters and busty mermaids (the " series; Village of Peremilovo ) - went to walk beyond a village fence and came to be in the town soon. The town as the town, in Russia such thousands, - with the lop-sided churchlets, the ragged station and the same pyanenky little men, slowly from wives running in local Palace of culture to take a look at magnificent ballerinas (the " series; City Pinch ) .

Poverty of the earth and richness of human soul, scarcity of opportunities and mighty internal pressure of emotions It seems that in ability art means to reflect harmonious reunion, apparently, of unjoinable the phenomenon of painting of Lyubarov also consists.

Since the end of 1990 - x years Lyubarov unexpectedly begins the " series; Jewish happiness devoted to the grandmother Sonya. Side curls of Jews, fish Phish, binge on Purim, Jascha cooking challah for Saturday the rabbi, a kosher chicken, Adam and Eve lying in an embrace against the small river on Central Russian Upland is one more special and closed world of the artist Vladimir Lyubarov.

Vladimir Lyubarov was born on September 4, 1944 in Moscow.

Illustrated and issued more than 100 books among which authors: To Raspa, Hoffman, Voltaire, Jules Verne, Edgar Poe, Lem, Gogol, Strugatsky.

From 1973 to 1984 worked as the art director of the " magazine; Chemistry and life since 1985 - the member of the Union of artists of Russia.

In 1992 sharply changed the life, removed into the country and was engaged in painting. As a result there was a " series; Village of Peremilovo shown at exhibitions in Moscow, Brussels, Strasbourg, Berlin, Luxembourg.

In 1993 left the book Russian proverbs the illustrated Lyubarov`s the works (Appletree publishing house, Great Britain). In a year this book was republished in the USA and in the majority of countries of Western Europe.

of Work of Vladimir Lyubarov are in the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov gallery, and also in the museums and private collections of Russia, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, the USA, France, Austria, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, New Zealand.

- Vladimir Semenovich, tell how the successful capital artist becomes the rural portrayer of ordinary life?

- you know, everything bored! And I tremendous found the place: on a slope, below river, absolutely untouched nature. And some awfully kind village. I such people benevolent, sincere never saw in life. Paradise, appears, is achievable. After moving to the village - from a step absolutely irrational for me - in my life everything changed.

- Why so big peremilovsky women?

- If to speak seriously, then if from Peremilov and all neighboring villages to take out the woman, everything, the end, the village right there will die. Because on the woman the Russian village keeps. The man drinks, the man walks, seriously does not think of a family. And still I used reception of artists here - primitives: at them often one figure big, and around small. Artists of a popular print drew perfectly, without any knowledge of prospect and anatomy. They more considerable person did more, less considerable person was less, thus emphasized the relation. And I rural respect the woman more and I appreciate more. In it there is also a real truth because the man crushed not only is moral, but also physically.

(Conversation is given under the article Village of Peremilovo and its inhabitants .)

Following traditions of the Russian popular print, Lyubarov creates the world. A source of his inspiration - life of the Russian remote place. Women with string-bags, men about a floor - liters, krivenky log huts and fences, a sprat in a tomato, family, street and love scenes, the plain sensuality possessing at the same time epic scope and power. Mighty naked bodies of bathers and bathers. It is life, touching and ridiculous, it is infernal - horrible, and all magic world of Lyubarov something reminds so magic and mystical world of shagalovsky Vitebsk. And the Jewish subject, it appears, at all with an ulterior motive appears at the artist.

Lyubarov`s painting hardly keeps within a framework of any current or the direction: one call what he creates post-modernist popular print others - intellectual naivety . The artist claims that he draws just pictures on which people lead the simple life somewhere on border of the Vladimir and Yaroslavl areas, in the neighbourhood with the poluzabroshenny village of Peremilovo.

Poe primary art signs of Lyubarov can call the primitive. But hang up any his picture on a wall (for the lack of money for expensive painting it is possible to be limited to a calendar with reproductions of its works or to cut out a big illustration), and through short time at you in the house friends will be made. Silent, favourite, somewhat eccentric, not importunate people whom you will examine. At first gradually, casually and incidentally, then even more often and reflecting, finding everything new details lovely to heart and unexpected revelations.